Novel Name : Beware of the Red Thread

Beware of the Red Thread - Chapter 1

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The red thread suddenly appeared one day. I was on my way out after being diagnosed with a severe eye disease that I had suffered for a week.
“Now you can live a normal life.”
At the doctor’s words, I excitedly exited the eye clinic. I had several library books on my side.
When doctors told me to stay away from electronic devices to avoid eye strain, I was stuck in the house and read only paper books that my sister lent me.
Now we’re free to do this analog sensibility!
By far the most interesting novel I read was [Red Thread].
I was looking down at the novels I had read, and I suddenly saw something long on my wrist. A red thread that is bright and red, but emits a dull glow, not as polished as wool.
Did I read the book too impressively?
For the time being, I rubbed my eyes, forgetting what the doctor told me to watch out for my eyes, but the bright red thread on my wrist remained.
What is this?
While walking, I reached out into the air without even knowing.
Tsk, it’s useless. It passes through like a laser light from a beam projector, so it cannot be caught.
Momentarily, there was a chill, and my hand was struggling and eagerly followed the red thread.
The red thread ran across the pedestrian crossing, through the alleys, and to the boulevard. If it had been cut off in the air, I would not have followed so hard.
And as soon as I turned the corner of an alley.
“I got you-”
Daah ahhh! I fell under the manhole cover without seeing the sign that it was under construction, and I lost my mind.
When I woke up, I had been rescued by a Cherkopia priest with a “minor” injury in which only my leg was broken.
And the moment I saw the red thread running all over his body, I realized.
A world where red threads are all over, regardless of age or sex, and beasts.
I did. I fell into the [Red Thread] book I was reading.
Red thread. In this harem novel, also known as the flag of death, only the female lead, Saintess Lucia can see this ‘red thread’.
But, whether it’s unfortunate or fortunate, I didn’t possess the heroine.
“Next -”
At the sound of this, a huge half-horse monster strode into the temple.
I can see a fairly thick red thread embedded in the heart. In addition, the entire left arm is embedded like a hedgehog. It couldn’t be this far as bruises or abrasions, so it was obvious that they were poisoned or cursed.
“I was hit by a poison frog monster. If I leave it, I have to cut off my left arm, but I came here because the priest said that it was useful.”
Not surprisingly, the Centaur monster, whose lower body was a horse, said, drooping his ears. It’s a half-resigned look.
They take pride in their strong arms and mainly use bows and spears, had no difference in their arms as their life. Probably, cutting off an arm would result in death.
“Lie down here.”
The patient, who sat down with all four legs neatly gathered, gave up his rotting black arm, as if he had given up.
“Take a deep breath.”
I raised his hand and swept the red thread stuck in it. As soon as the tightly embedded threads touch my hand, they fall off like noodles and disappear.
Of course, it will only look like that to my own eyes, and to the Centaur’s eyes, the rotting arms will appear to be regenerating.
The same pain has been transmitted to my left arm, throbbing, terrifyingly for the red thread to be absorbed into my body. The treatment is over.
“Oh my god! The rumor was true! Human Priest!”
Thank you very much! As I looked at the Centaur, who were bowing its heads over and over again with great joy, I wiped off the sweat with pride.
It has been 5 years since I fell here. As you can see, I was adjusting very well.
As I sighed in half of pride and half of dismay, the Cherkopia priest, who was cleaning up medical equipment behind me, asked anxiously.
“What’s going on, Lian?”
The countless eyes on the forehead blink anxiously. The Cherkopia priest is a spider monster.
When I first realized I had fallen here, it was one of the things that surprised me. I forgot to say that the main characters were a good man and woman, but this was a world of monsters and demons.
Humans live separately in what is called the ‘middle world’ of the lower world.
Because of this, when the female lead, Saintess Lucia, first fell here, there was a scene where she was almost eaten as a human and then rescued by the male lead, Asand.
Of course I didn’t have anything like that. When I arrived at the temple, led by the Cherkopia priest, he said, “It’s a human woman!”. He said that and I almost got cut into pieces. Fortunately, I quickly grasp the situation,
“I can! I can heal the priest!”
After removing the red thread attached to the dying Cherkopia priest, I gained confidence and saved his life, and became the first human healing priest here.
Of course, I didn’t say that I could see the red thread, but I only know that contact will heal the wound.
Again, the red thread here is the death flag. At least one red thread is embedded in the heart of all living things.
The thread of fate derived from the sun of life ‘Solar’ in the center of the world.
The more this red thread is tied, the heavier the body, the pain, and the more it penetrates like a root, damaging the body’s functions, and spreading to the whole body, including the heart, leading to death.
In the original, the female lead, Saintess Lucia, could also remove this red thread or see it.
Just like me.
So at first, am I not the female lead?
I thought about it again, but when I heard that Asand had not yet woken up from the seal, I realized that it was six years earlier than the original, and I was very devastated.
Anyway, rumors about my tremendous ability spread steadily throughout the continent for five years, and the temple of Lemda, which was only one of the numerous monster temples, was able to enjoy a golden age with a myriad of believers as it is now.
It’s pretty good, but it’s also this red thread that bothers me.
When I first fell here, the red thread that led me to the manhole cover, disappeared as soon as I woke up. And for the next five years, the red thread did not connect to my body even once. Until today comes!
Today was just the 5th year since I fell here. The day that means more than my birthday. The very day my life twisted was today.
It’s the evening when the sun is setting. I was on my way back after celebrating my anniversary that I had not told anyone about.
When I was walking around taking food from the priests who took care of me, knowing that I was living alone, though I could not eat dried frogs or blood-flavored jelly, I found a man dying wrapped in red thread at the entrance of the village.
His two arms, two legs, and two eyes looked at me, so he must be the rare humanoid monster.
In fact, his words seemed to be dying, almost dead. He is alive from the sound of his whistling flute-like breath, but he is a man who will just die if left alone.
I met a human-like person after a while, so can I help you? Suddenly, I looked around him, lowered my things, and looked closely at him, groaning.
“How can there be so many red threads? He’s almost dead, he’s dead.”
His head to toes are covered with blood, and his chest is almost pierced. I looked at such a hole, and it was obvious that he got it pierced with something like a spear. The red thread ruthlessly penetrated through the gap, so the wounds were gradually widening.
He’s almost like a hedgehog. Clicking my tongue, I leaned over the fluttering priest’s uniform, carefully smoothing the red thread in his pale chest.
The threads gradually thin as if ice cream melts as I touch. At the same time, my chest hurts and throbs.
There are no external wounds, but the pain of absorbing red threads is something I cannot adapt to even after 5 years.
It is said that after three years of serving as a healing priest, you will feel a sense of responsibility that did not exist in me. I’m scared to die. Oh really.
I groaned in pain and removed almost all of the man’s red thread.
“Uhhhh, I’ll die.”
When I released my hand, his body throbbed as if he had been beaten.
Ah, I stood up, rubbing my arm, throbbing with pain, carrying my things back.
I’ll go ahead and eat chocolate or dip the bread in. Versezu, the healing priest, who knew I liked sweet things, gave me a bunch of cacagu fruits.
It looks like a cacao fruit, but when I break it, the thick sweet chocolate that flows out is my favorite. With the thought of eating some sweet chocolate, I hummed in a better mood and stood up.
And my eyes wide open at the red thread that came out.
The red thread stuck in the man’s heart wriggled like a living snake, and was entangled to my wrist.
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