Novel Name : Beware of the Red Thread

Beware of the Red Thread - Chapter 2

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What, what, what’s going on?
I quickly brushed off my wrists, but the red thread, which had been knotted, was tightly tied. This is the first time that a red thread that has not responded for 5 years has appeared on my body.
And that too, I’m tied up with a man I’ve never seen before!
“No way my life is going on like this……it’s ridiculous.”
I blinked my eyes in absurdity, and soon I decided to think quietly.  Sometimes, when I was too tired, my absorption power would decrease.
I was tired today, so I wondered if I could not use my ability properly.
It will fall tomorrow.
A drooping red thread followed rippling behind the humming steps, but moved without a doubt. Without knowing that a ferocious bright red gaze was coming through behind me.
The next day, I was almost late to the temple.
As soon as I came in the middle of the night, I said I would eat the cacagu fruit and gain weight-even though since I came to this place and there was no aging or physical change-I read a book for a while and tossed until I was digested by habitual guilt, then fell asleep at dawn.
There was something strangely tiring. I had never been so tired even when I stayed up all night because urgent patients swarmed in the day before.
Anyway, I rushed to the temple in a hurry and managed to avoid being late. I gasped for breath and changed into a priest’s uniform. My physique was smaller than other monster Priests, so my priest’s uniform was custom-made.
Looking in the mirror, I fastened the button, and I felt a strange sense of difference.
What? What? Is it because I dry my hair less? Or did I fasten the button incorrectly?
While looking at the mirror seriously, I inadvertently raised my hand and scratched my hair, and was surprised to find a red thread fluttering on my wrist.
What is it, this hasn’t dropped yet?
In embarrassment, I rubbed my wrist. The thing that gradually disappeared, like scribbled with a red pen, becomes darker and more distinct for a while, like steam standing in a bathroom mirror.
What is this? I was very embarrassed by the red thread that tangled my wrists clearly. Not pierced, but tied. This means that fate or life is connected.
Obviously this happened in the original.
As soon as the female lead becomes possessed in the body of Saintess Lucia, she follows the red thread to her heart and enters the forbidden room, where she discovers Asand, the guardian deity of [Solar], the male lead and the source of the red thread.
He was almost eaten on the red thread by the seal of the demons and was on the verge of being destroyed. Saintess Lucia touched him to free him from the red thread, and the wrist of Asand who awakened from the seal, and the owner of the red thread of the heart of Saintess Lucia.
In a word, the fact that the red thread is attributed to the heart means that when the owner of the heart dies, the person attached also dies. While reading the book, I often thought ‘dead flag?’.
…… Is that the man?
Suddenly, I remembered the day before yesterday. If it were the original characters, I would have noticed it by looking at the rough description, but it seems that there was no original character who had fallen down in such a corner of the monster Village.
It would be extra character if there was one. I eagerly thought of the man’s appearance, but when I gulped over the sweet fruit wine, I only remembered that he was covered with blood.
Soon the patients crowded in, and I forgot about the red thread.
What I recalled about the red thread, I was just having lunch and chatting with female priests. Having a tea time with monster of an ordinary human woman with one leg or eight arms, took quite a bit of courage, but after five years it was fine. It could be okay with constant training.
While I was listening to a speech about ‘perseverance not to eat my husband’ by Arachne, the widow spider, somebody touched my shoulder.
Finn, a dolphin priest with an impressive round eyes. He said, scratching his slim head with his short fins.
“Lian, who’s out there looking for you?”
“Well. He didn’t say who he was, but he wants to meet you. Go out to the backyard.”
There’s no one out there to look for me. I put down the teacup, wondering. I’ve been living in the temple-house, and I haven’t seen or thought about going out of the village, because as soon as I stepped into the village’s estates, it was infested with demons and monsters.
Who the hell is that? I tilted my head toward the backyard, and I wanted to turn around and run away.
The man, leaning under the 3,000-year-old Daphne tree, seemed to have taken off a picture. A silver-haired man standing with his mouth open and stroking the sleeping Daphne tree.
Greek and Roman mythology characters’ clothing were fluttering around his body, but there was no problem in revealing his solid body clearly due to the bare chest or the half-illuminated cloth. He was an outstanding handsome man in the world who could be brought to an art museum and installed as a statue. I stuttered without knowing.
“Uhh, were you looking for me?”
“Huh? Ah. Are you Lian?”
The man and I made eye contact.
His bright red eyes glow slowly under the slightly curly hair. When I met those dangerous eyes, I stumbled back without knowing.
Normally, I would have admired that great appearance, but I was more terrified than when I had to shake hands when I was first introduced to Jinen, an arthropod monster, with thirty white legs. Blood eyes with curly silver hair. That prodigal outfit. Very handsome.
There is only one character in the book that matches the description.
“Good to see you. I’m Abel.”
Abel. Who looks fine, but who can change when he is mad. The third male interest of the female leafd and one of the worst villains after the Dark Lord, a handsome man who is dumb and took a blow to his heart and dies by Asand!
But that wasn’t all the problem.
‘Why is that thing stuck there!’
The red thread that was trapped and tied to my wrist slipped into Abel’s sturdy chest.
…… no. I don’t think so. I’m seeing nothing. Maybe because of lack of sleep yesterday.
He lives without his heart anyway, right? Yeah, that’s a fake heart, so it won’t work. I barely opened my mouth, denying the reality, trying to calm down my trembling voice like a vibrato.
“I’m sorry, but I don’t accept personal requests, for what purpose…”
“We’ve met haven’t we?”
“Yesterday. You saved me.”
He was beautiful like a statue, but I stiffened like a stone statue.
No way, was Abel that half-corpse yesterday? Oh my God! I barely swallowed a scream, feeling the urge to break my fingertips.
No matter how bloody it is, why didn’t you recognize that extraordinary face? And yesterday, I was clearly wandering around. No, how did I find him? Abel, who had been watching me shaking my pupils anxiously, suddenly approached.
Then suddenly pulled out a dagger and poked it in his chest.
A perfectly muscular chest was pierced in front of my eyes. I wasn’t surprised because it wasn’t that shocking for me to see so many things worse than that in a day, although blood spouted with the sound of the piercing.
Until that lunatic pulls my hand and rubs it on his chest!  The palm of the hand turned into a bloody color, and the thin red thread that was trying to stick to the chest fell off.
Of course, in his eyes the wound will appear to heal. At the same time, I frowned at the throbbing of his chest, but Abel, who did not know it, smiled brightly.
“Wow! That’s true. I didn’t see anything wrong.”
Abel (N-year-old, Villain), who took out his handkerchief from his pocket and wiped my hand, said, holding my hand tightly and said.
“You have to come with me.”
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