Novel Name : Beware of the Red Thread

Beware of the Red Thread - Chapter 3

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“I’m sorry, but I can’t do that. I’m a priest here.”
The red thread on Abel’s chest, fluttered as the hand at the dagger waved, but I turned behind pretending not to know.
I ran into the temple in fear of him catching up, but Abel was fortunately unwilling to follow.
I gasped, shut the temple door, locked it up, and slumped on the floor. I then buried my face on my knees.
It’s a nightmare. It’s a dream, wake up!
I slapped my face and it only hurt like five years ago when I fell here, this place was a reality.
The reason I’ve been stuck in this village for a while is that I didn’t want to meet the original characters, and I will try to go back after living a long life until the female lead finished everything!
I cried out and clenched my hair.
It was the moment when the perfect plan was in vain. After this, I will just die along with the stupid villain who was killed by the main characters.
Why, why is Abel here? Doesn’t he have to go around saying he’ll be immortal?  Before the original, why would a person who has to wander around in search of a strong soul wandering around in a country village stuck in such a corner?
No matter how much I thought about it, the conclusion was one.
In order to live, I must not get close to Abel. Never.
“It doesn’t make sense to have my nose hooked on a guy that’s about to get killed. It’s impossible.”
How have I been doing so far!
Nervously rubbing the red thread,it was still fluttering on my wrist.
Now I can’t see the pretense of it being erased at all.
Why would I get caught by that guy?
My blood pressure was rising again, so I tried to calm down.
It’s a red thread, still, let’s ignore it and go my way. There hasn’t been anything much so far, so nothing’s going to happen.
But I was able to realize after about an hour that it was a big mistake and my arrogance.
After that, bad luck continued to bite my tail. No, it was too bad to say that it was bad luck. Because today I almost died for the 17th time!
The medical supplies that had been piled up nicely poured out to me, a hallucinated monster rushed to me and almost broke my head, and I was almost struck by a running cloud while I was going to buy medicinal herbs.
What was even more upsetting was that Abel saved me every time.
“How on earth do you save me? Are you playing me?”
Please tell me it is. Please. I said, looking mournfully at the red thread on his chest, but Abel pulled me out of the way, avoiding the three-story cloud running, shrugs his shoulder and gives the same answer for the 17th time.
“I don’t know. Look at this by the way.”
Look, your abs are great, but please wear some clothes.
However, he points to his exposed chest and says. The well-knitted chest was so smooth that the serious wound from yesterday was unimaginable.
“Because I was completely split here yesterday? But it got fine. What do you think?”
“Well, that’s because I’m a healer…”
“Yeah. That’s what interests me. Even so, I’m a god. No priest could heal me so quickly and completely. I’m sure. Because when you caress me— Oops.”
“How can that be!”
Why is the word choice like that? My face turned red, hurriedly shutting his mouth shut with my hand, but Abel grabbed his stomach and laughed, as if he didn’t mean it.
“You’re much cuter than you look? Human. Anyway, I remember what happened yesterday. I remember what you said about the red thread. I need you. If you go with me, I’ll let you play and eat without worrying about living.”
“I don’t like it though.”
“……Let’s go when we say good words.”
The back of my mouth was gloomy, so honestly, I was scared at the moment.
The bright red eyes staring at me standing still were definitely extraordinary.
Even though he could kidnap me with just one finger if he liked it, there must be a reason why he followed me along and encouraged me with good words.
I felt a sense of crisis and made excuses quickly.
“Well, that’s it! I actually have a life contract, so I can’t leave the temple.”
Of course, it was a lie, but it is true that I cannot go outside the temple. Because I was planning to live here until the original was finished.
However, Abel’s face brightened up. Rolling up the tail of his mouth, he smiled.
Why, why are you doing this. I’m uneasy.
“Ah, is that what it was? You should’ve told me earlier.”
Abel, who had gone ahead with his strides without saying anything, swayed around his flamboyant clothes and entered the temple proudly. And when he muttered something with his bright red eyes shining, two black wings sprung out of his wing bones.
It was the image of Abel’s body, the reaper. Abel’s silver hair, a fallen being from the celestial spirits, turns black and bent horns sprout. As an additional option, he pulls out a huge death sickle, Death Scythe, the priests tremble and lie on the floor.
Oh no. You can’t. In a different sense, horrified, I was looking at the priest’s mouth.
“Hey, can I take this human?”
“Yes, yes! Reaper! I don’t know if there’s no way.”
Priest! How can you be easy!
I stared at the Cherkopia priest full of resentment, almost shedding bloody tears, but he looked at me crying with the eyes of a farmer who was hit with a natural disaster in front of a good harvest. He then put his hands together and bowed his head deeply.
It’s just an act of offering, that’s it!
“Is that all?”
Even though I had been here for 5 years, my things were simple. When I left the temple slowly, like a cow being dragged to the slaughterhouse, the priests who couldn’t shed tears properly because of the reaper’s notice cried out and sent me off.
I guess I hadn’t lived in vain for five years -Abel humming ahead. His robe-like clothes, like those worn in Greek and Roman mythology, hung flying.
Trapped, I walked aimlessly.
“What are you doing? Human, are you crawling?”
“It’s heavy, what should I do!
As expected, you don’t even care. Plus, you’re a demigod and I’m a human!
As I grumbled, he looked back at the increasingly growing distance, grabbed my luggage and held it on his shoulder. It would be heavy- I don’t think much about it as if I was stupid even when I slowly noticed it.
My favorability for Abel rose by 1. It is currently -545.
I wonder if we walked for about an hour. When the deep and deep forest ended, a desolate field emerged. The crow cried as they flew over the black field.
At the end of an empty black field, I saw a staircase that seemed to rise out of the air. It did not look cloudy from above, but as I got closer, I saw signs standing on both sides.
It is written in red letters “The place to death.”
The temple of Abel, which is mentioned briefly in the original.
Abel, who was originally here, went around to find the power of immortality, and went around debauchery without taking care of the temple, and was exiled by fanatics. And he joins Apocalypse, a collection of villains. And then they fly away together……
If it’s like this, I’ll be together…… The red thread on my wrist shines extraordinarily red.
It’s gloomy. I didn’t want to go up the stairs with dark clouds spreading out, but Abel climbed the stairs without hesitation.
As I hesitantly followed, at the end, I saw a large courtyard that would only be seen in a large temple. I was scared to step on the black grass whether it was burned black or dead, and suddenly bones were looking at me.
It was both horror and fear that the wide open eyes looked at me.
What is that?
Despite being frozen in terror, I tried to recall the memories of the original. Five years later, I couldn’t remember in detail, but I remembered the setting that Abel was a reaper and was a necromancer.
The ability to control a dead body.
Zombies and bones sometimes had less rotten limbs and were viciously distorted. Instead of having no red thread in their heart, they had red threads all over their body like parasites.
Unknowingly, I became creeped and stuck close to Abel’s back, walking slowly. Even Abel had an indescribable cold scent, but I was better than the rotten corpses.
‘It’s human!’
‘It’s a human woman!’
As I quickly clung to Abel’s movements with my mumbling, I could feel him looking back. Why? I didn’t stick with you because I liked you.
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