Novel Name : Beware of the Red Thread

Beware of the Red Thread - Chapter 5

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“This is Karein.”
After confirming that our life depended on each other, Abel introduced me to his aide. As soon as I saw him,I grabbed my heart without knowing.
He is a handsome man with an impressive atmosphere with slightly long black hair.
Lucia’s male interest No.2.  At first glance, he was Abel’s faithful companion and close friend, but he was a celestial deity from Luce, the hometown of Solar, and was currently attached to him as a spy to rescue Assand who was sealed.
He steadily sends information to Luce and when Abel joins Apocalypse and fails to attempt to get rid of the leader, Dark Lord. He was branded as a traitor and barely ran away, but was barely saved by the female lead and fell in love with her.
As if announcing his unstable future, Karein’s red thread that was connected to his heart was quite thick.
“Why do you look at me like that?”
No. Never mind. I laughed awkwardly. At the first meeting, it seemed strange to stare at his chest without looking at his eyes.
Karein was the first to die among the male leads. Even if he’s not a villain. He was guilty of looking at the woman of his master, Asand, with such eyes, and was a submissive man who gave his life to protect the female lead in danger.
‘Please be my first and last.’
Kya, it may be a cheesy line, but he was a pure hearted man, who was sorrowful for being a guard soldier. If there was a favorite, he was my favorite. I don’t know if it’s because he died first, but it was even better than the male lead Asand.
While I was thinking about Karein, who had no idea what I was thinking about, faithfully introducing me to the temple at Abel’s command.
“This is the room where Lian will be staying. If you have any inconvenience, please feel free to let me know.”
How good-looking is the black hair that has been slightly messy. He’s hiding it now, but how cool would it be if he spread the white wings unique to a heavenly god?
I was gazing at him unknowingly, but I turned back in a flash at a touch. It was Abel dressed in black armor with no reflected light.
“Oh, damn. It’s annoying when you smell humans any time.”
What does it mean, the human smell? Is that racial discrimination remark?  As I frowned my eyes, Abel, who I had seen after half a day, looked at me strangely and pointed out where his wings are. I couldn’t see well because of the blackness, but it was clear that the messy entanglement of the red thread was a serious wound.
“Follow me.”
He breathed a sigh and hurriedly went into his room.
He thinks I’m his first aid kit! If you take off this red thread, I will kill you!
I tried to place my middle finger on his back but I folded my fingers, frightened at the fact that there was Karein behind me. As our eyes met, Karein smiled softly, pretending not to know, and said.
“He is not a bad person if you look at him.”
It was a line a vassal would say a hundred times over, but there was no light in his glanced eyes. Suddenly I was saddened by his dark eyes sinking dimly.
Abel will not know until the time he dies, but Karein lost his family because of what Abel did when he left Luce. Even because of that, it would be difficult to stick to his side. He was watching him for Asand.  Abel, who believes in him, or Karein, who must be attached to the person who killed his family. I felt sorry.
“Come on, touch me. Hurry up.”
No, maybe I was the sorriest thing. Being stuck next to a vicious villain and acting as his first aid kit. I was called out in the middle of the night and went over to the next room, nervous.
Abel, half naked, closed his eyes and sat down. His clearly exposed chest was severely wounded with scars.
Even after that, Abel often came back late at night with scars of what he was doing. Each time he called me into the room, he made me grope him.  Like now.
No, it’s weird to grope him, but that was true. To drop the red thread, I had to come in direct contact with the body, and I unintentionally let him do that.
Of course, because it was that kind of thing I’ve been doing for five years-maybe even worse than that-I didn’t have much impression, but it wasn’t bad except for those bright red eyes looking through me while I was treating him.
If you keep getting the eyes of a bright red reaper that you don’t know if he’s strangely madness or what it is, you will feel strange with fear.
“………it hurts.”
Sometimes on days when he was really seriously injured, he even closed his eyes and gave up his body, but in the process, I secretly touched the red thread connected to his heart.
Please cut off, disappear!
I tried rubbing it hard with a wish, but unlike other red threads that melt away when touched, they don’t. I tried many times, but every time it failed.
Even that day, I was constantly touching the thread on his heart, and Abel called me.
Have you noticed? Are you upset? Are you angry?
My feet are numb, blinking my eyes awkwardly, pretending to be calm, but he stares at me and asks.
“At the time, why did you do that?”
“I know you’re bothered to heal me. But when I think about it, it’s weird……you said that after you healed me, there was a red thread. So, if you pretended not to know me in the first place, would this have happened?”
When I inhaled, I crumpled my forehead to see what he meant. I was simply amazed that Abel, who was known for his bad brain, thought so complicated.
Wasn’t he stupid? This is surprisingly complicated? I rolled my eyes in embarrassment and replied honestly.
“Responsibility came first. You were injured a lot then.”
It was true. There was a seriously injured patient in front of me, and I just couldn’t get past it. It was because after five years of caring for patients, there was something like a sense of responsibility. That’s what I’m trying to do with my life right now!
But Abel began to pry into something strange.
“What if I would have killed you?”
“Well, you didn’t kill me.”
“……Are you afraid of me?”
No, there are some people in the world who are not afraid of death. Plus, you’re an official villain. I shook my head, remembering when I first met Abel. If I had known that he was Abel, then I wouldn’t have healed and would have run away immediately.
Now, because of the red thread, I’m stuck. But if I said I was afraid, he would treat me more insignificantly and ignore me, so I brazenly raised my head and said.
“And now you can’t kill me anyway. The thread of fate, have you forgotten?”
Abel crumpled his forehead, but he didn’t whine or say anything like before. Instead, he made a fumbling expression like a child lost in an argument, then jumped up and went out.
I’m not done with his treatment yet.
Here, I was an unemployed person to play and eat. Still, I felt much more comfortable than when I was in the temple, but the absorbed pain was more and more, but never less for Abel.
Since he gets seriously injured once he is injured, I wish Abel would not go out.
Even today, he went out and I healed his body, but the high-ranking executives of the temple rumbled and began to plead.
“These days, the number of soldiers has been significantly reduced. Master.”
“Their morale is unstable and falling.”
What does that mean? I frowned and frowned and quickly noticed the meaning in my memory.
Like the god of death, his strength is strengthened only when a certain number of souls are bound. The Temple of Death demanded a stronger soul from him for a greater revival, and Abel had to constantly go outside.
Even so, he went to find a way for immortality, so is there any rebellion in the temple?
Had Abel been a little smart, he would have noticed it and thoroughly politicized it externally but sadly, he had a bad brain. I knew just by looking at him picking up souls as foolishly as he is now.
He is the boss, so if he decides he doesn’t want to, just say no. He was a stupid reaper who was cruel and trusted his close aides indefinitely. That’s why you’re used.
“I think you should gather more souls outside the temple.”
I knew just by looking at those who persuaded him so persistently. When I glanced back, my eyes were overflowing. I’m trying to keep Abel out of the way of some backstabbing. If you do this, you will be faced with a coup.
“Then, will you bring more souls?”
“Hah! Hahaha! I’m sorry, but the treatment is not done, so can you talk to me about the rest later?”
He’s in the middle of treatment. As expected, when I made the excuse for his injury, his aides closed the door and went out with a bitter expression.
“Abel. I don’t want you to go out.”
Tak, as soon as I saw the door shut and the sound of footsteps went away, I grabbed Abel and begged him sincerely. He crumpled his eyebrows.
“Why? Wouldn’t you have liked it more without me?”
…… Have you caught it? No. That’s not the problem. If you get hurt and come back, I’m sick of healing you!
But I couldn’t say that and stuttered, and Abel looked at me with a strange expression. That’s it. I squeezed my head and barely came up with the appropriate word.
“If you leave, you will get hurt again.”
“I hate that you are hurt. Even if you are a god, you feel pain. You get hurt.”
In other words, because you’re a demigod, you can stand it even if you get hurt, but you’re not the one who absorbs it. How do you always get hurt in the most painful part, please take it easy!
Pressing my anger and expressing my desperate wishes, Abel looked at me with confused eyes as if he was thinking.
Then, he let go of my arm, stumbled back as if he had seen something unfamiliar in his life, and then went outside.
What’s wrong with him?
Abel couldn’t be seen for days after that day. Yes, I was pissed at the topic of being the first aid kit.
Instead, there were some good things. While Abel was away, I could ponder why the red thread didn’t break. Of the many speculations, one was the most promising.
Abel is a half-immortal, so his real heart is stored elsewhere. What’s in his body now is a fake heart. Maybe that’s why.
If I touch the red thread that connects to the heart, it will come off, so I didn’t know if it would be solved if I found the real heart. So I thought that when Abel returned, I would find the location of his heart at any cost.
That night. Abel had come back late at night, he came to my room covered in blood. At one o’clock in the morning, the maids also come and go. The room right next to Abel’s room, in the center of the temple, was my room, so I could hear everything coming and going.
Above all, it was an old-style tatami room, and the sound of the sliding door opening to the side was unusually loud.
“Oh, the smell of blood. What the hell did you do now?”
You did go out. The resentment sprang up, but there was the smell of mixed blood that I didn’t know who it was, so I couldn’t even argue about it.
Silently supporting Abel, I couldn’t afford to move him all the way to his room and laid him on my bed. He said he was a god but he was so weak.  I clicked my tongue and peeled off his armor.
When the armor without the usual reflected light falls on the floor without a sound, a fluttering white garment is revealed. After seeing it, I peeled it off his chest, which I was used to, and I was about to reach for my hand, but he mumbled.
His dry lips were covered with blood. A barely stretched finger grabbed my collar.
“……I’m sorry I got hurt……”
“Yeah, yes. All right, so stay still.”
What to do with the touch, I was able to touch the ugly torn skin after I barely removed his hand that was tightly clamped like a lifeline. A familiar pain is felt and the red thread is absorbed. I couldn’t heal them all at once, so I groaned, and healed only the arms, legs, back, shoulders, and exposed areas were treated thoroughly.
Oh my, I’m going to die.
As the pain disappears, a throbbing pain wraps around my body. I wanted to lie down right away, but the bed was used, so I had to sleep in another bed downstairs.
As I tried to stand up with a bloody towel, but his cold hand grabbed my wrist. Abel, half-opening his bright red eyes, barely spit out a few words as he scratched his cold hands like a corpse.
“……don’t go.”
Were you conscious? As I looked down at the beautiful face that seemed gruesome with astonishment, I suddenly thought of the words rising to the tip of my chin.
I was thinking of asking where his heart is. The strength of the hand that was incredibly strong for a patient disappeared.
“Okay. I won’t go, so calm down.”
I’ll be here. Even though he was a villain, I wasn’t cruel enough to go away from those who begged so pitifully. Besides, he’s a patient. I reached out my hesitant hand and began to gently sweep his back.
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