Novel Name : Beware of the Red Thread

Beware of the Red Thread - Chapter 6

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I was thinking of staying by the bedside until he fell asleep because I told him I wasn’t going to go, but this fool seemed to have a different idea.
Hey you! I screamed while being pulled to my bed, but I was blocked by the cold arms that encircled me. Don’t go, you’re warm. I thought as I listened to some murmur.
Did he have a lack of affection? I tried to force myself to think of his character narrative, but it was a long time ago, so I couldn’t remember it properly. It wasn’t just that he became a reaper because he wanted it, and I only remembered that all the characters he loved had died.
However, the female lead, Saintess Lucia, is the only one who does not die even though Abel has a crush on her, so he falls in love with her. That would be the case but also because the female lead was an immortal without a red thread connected to [Solar], the sun of life, because she came from a different world.
So maybe I am immortal here too?  As soon as such thoughts passed, I came to my senses to a low voice.
Human, human. I put my hand on his forehead because it was strange to say something like he had a fever.
The heat boils.  As Abel, who usually had a very low body temperature, it was very serious.
But the invisible inner wound. Therefore, it cannot be cured if the red thread has penetrated to the inside. Anxiously using the classic technique of placing my cold hand on his head, Abel murmured again. In the meantime, he held my wrist tightly.
“……Don’t disappear.”
I looked absurdly at the unexpected words, but even in his unstable breath, his red-eyed red eyes were looking straight at me.
Why, because you and I are connected?
Abel didn’t respond to my joking questions. I guess so. I convinced him roughly and continued to sweep his back. Then Abel said vaguely.
“Don’t leave me. I won’t get hurt……”
“Don’t worry.”
I suddenly felt sorry for him, who muttered with his red eyes dimly open in gibberish and fever, so I answered without realizing.
“Just hang in there……Yes, there will be someone who will save you.”
“Yeah. So, if you meet her, be good to her. Don’t take the bed and be honest as you do to me right now.”
Understand? All right?
He kept holding me like a lifeline. As he looked up at my urging words, he slowly nodded. Silver hair, shining pale like his skin texture, flowed down my eyes.
I thought he was asleep and tried to get out of him, but his tight grip didn’t show any signs of releasing.
Oh, really! He is just ignorant! It seems that I was struggling and gave up without knowing and fell asleep.
“Oh, Abel? Miss Lian?”
The next day, seeing us sleeping tightly, Karein was in horror to wake us up. Abel can’t remember yesterday, why am I in bed with this woman? I thought he would growl, but he wasn’t surprised or unpleasant.
He laughed languidly, and said,
“Ah, I’ve had a hot night after a while, and I’m feeling relaxed.”
You crazy!
In front of the people who ran in horror, there was a scene where a ‘human woman’ shut the reaper’s mouth shut.
After that day, Abel’s attitude changed strangely.
“Lord Abel is looking for you.”
“Lord Abel is.”
“Lord Abel.”
“Ah why do you keep calling me! Are you not busy?”
When I couldn’t stand it, I shouted and protested, raising my eyebrows as if asking him why.
After that day, whatever wind blew, Abel didn’t go outside and sat in his office and started working for papers on something.
“Do you have a temple job?”
“Of course. Interaction with other temples is important.”
I asked suspiciously, and Karein gave an answer, like explaining to a child.
Anyway, I liked the fact that he was stuck in the office, refusing to soul hunt. He didn’t get hurt, so I didn’t have to act as his first aid kit, and I was happy he was relieved of suffering. But,
“Why on earth should I be here?”
I couldn’t even figure out why I had to be locked up in this office. What strange wind blows, and he calls me into the office and feeds all kinds of delicious food. They are cakes and macaroons, and they also serve the hard-to-find cacagu juice.
He even feeds coffee, which is said to have been hardly brought from the middle world.
Give me food, give me rest, and sleep when I get drowsy. The problem is, I sleep with him each time. If you are fed until your stomach is full and then read a book, it is natural for a person to doze.
In the warm sunlight, if my eyes are closed even a little, the documents are thrown away and he pulled by the sofa on the side. The saying is a sofa, but it is no different from a bed.
“Go somewhere else to sleep!”
“Oops, I can’t because there is only one bed here.”
“Then I’ll go out.”
“……I said no.”
If you put your voice down like that, I can’t help but lose all the time.
It may be unfair, but when I want to sleep, he doesn’t let me go out, when I try to sleep he buries his face in my hair with his arms wrapped around my waist.
When until a few days ago, he said ‘the smell of humans is annoying‘, and he sleeps comfortably, wondering if he is the same reaper.
Have you changed your plan to eat me when I was fat? I protested, asking him to let me go out, but the answer that came back was the same all the time.
“If you want anything, tell me. I’ll bring you everything.”
You can’t leave me instead. As you said, you and I are connected to the ‘thread of fate.
With that brazenly handsome face, he replied and looked at the papers.
I wish that the red thread hanging from your chest breaks. I sighed while swallowing the surging words.
When Abel, who was always in the temple, was stuck in the office, and he was crazy about the new human woman, it spread throughout the temple. Naturally, the eyes that looked at me changed strangely.
The woman he sleeps with. Mistress. Human toy. A delicious woman that the reaper will covet. And so on.
I ignored the vulgar and colorful gazes, and went my way. When I got used to this mindset, I encountered goddesses in the hallway.
They weren’t the occasional high-ranking goddesses who looked like skinny branches, but those who had gray skin and a full-fledged voluptuous female body that looked like a succubus with horns. They had very good eyesight, found me from a distance, twinkling a diamond-like pupil, and ran to me and stood in front of me. And said,
“Human! How did you seduce him?”
The intention of saying, “I’m here to confess,” seemed clear. Even so, it was the first time I got out to enjoy the outside air, just once! It was right to put on a cute act to go. Nevertheless I felt uncomfortable.
“Are there any pheromones that humans have, huh?”
“Because you’re like this poor girl, you’re bewitching Abel with that vulgar expression!”
Was my expression vulgar? Do you want to have my face right now?  Please take it. I would give it to you, no doubt.
I looked at the red thread hanging from my wrist. It would be nice if you can bring this red thread as well.
The succubuses laughed at me, glancing at my wrists, then felt embarrassed. It would have looked weird because they couldn’t see the red thread in their eyes.
Uh, is the human out of her mind?
If she was given Lord Abel’s favor, it must be.
They were seen exchanging glances.
They said that if I was favored by Abel, I wouldn’t even be able to come out in fear of dying. In that sense, I’m brave. Feeling pride in my own way, I quickly make my way to the end of the corridor.
That woman!  Where are you running away!
I heard a bangung sound, but ignored it and quickly ran away.
It was a peaceful afternoon. I was drinking milk made from cacagu fruit, and with a serious expression, I was contemplating.
At this point, isn’t it time for the story in the original to start? At this point, I think it’s time where he get kicked out.
Abel doesn’t go out and they can’t think of rebelling? I suddenly spit out without thinking.
“Abel, there were a lot of goddesses who said they liked you earlier. If you’re bored, why don’t you go to them.”
Abel, who was fiddling on my hair while I was reading a medical book with a deep expression, stiffened his hand.
Which woman? His bright red eyes seemed to ask.
“Just, there were a lot of them.”
My shoulders shrugged roughly.
Anyway, the gist of what I said was that there are many fanatics saying that they like you, but why are you sticking to my side and doing this exhausting thing?
Instead, he was contemplating, as if thinking differently. It was quiet for a while and then he spoke.
“……Are you not jealous?”
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