Novel Name : Beware of the Red Thread

Beware of the Red Thread - Chapter 7

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I doubted my ears and asked if it was a joke, but Abel was very serious.
“Usually, women should be jealous at times like this?”
After making two silly sounds, Abel glared at me, crumpling his brow to see if I had recognized the meaning.
Oh my God, if you’re Assand or Karin, why would I be jealous of the Dark Lord.
People, whether you are a monster or a god, are not all about appearance. A person has to have his head on a certain extent to be attractive. Haven’t you ever heard of a sexy brain? Tsk Tsk Tsk.
I pushed Abel with a crumpled look and got up from my seat.
I need to study medicine. Of course, there is no such book in the Temple of Death, but I asked the skeletons who often wander outside to bring them.
Of course, why would they!
‘Why should I listen to humans?’
He said it’s a lot of stuff, but he listened to me when I repaired his corroded and cracking joints. Every day is exciting and new.
Anyway, as you can see, you have to learn something to live. If you live only with the abilities, you don’t know what will happen later. Recalling an example of having to revise the whole future plan since meeting Abel, I circled many times in the paragraph of joining Apocalypse.
If possible, I should avoid him from entering the villain’s den-but if he does, he has a 99% chance of dying according to the original story-even if you enter Apocalypse under the circumstances, isn’t a healer position more useful there?
Because of this, I looked into the medical book with a serious expression. I was studying how to relieve pain, pain relievers and how to make them. This is because the pain received from removing the red thread has been getting worse in recent years.
But externally, it wasn’t something that was hurt or bleeding, so Abel and others certainly didn’t know that there was a risk, and I also thought that if I endure the pain, it will disappear soon.
It was sudden that something went wrong on my body. Most people who know my ability think that there is no risk of healing, but in fact, when absorbing red thread, the accumulated pain is also absorbed. Of course, the pain disappears quickly over time, but the pain of that moment was indescribable. Although I’ve gotten used to it a lot now.
Anyway, Abel wasn’t sure about that, but from some time he was not letting me heal anyone else other than him. To be precise, people tend to avoid it because he growls that he will kill them if they touch my hand even though I want to heal it.
So Abel believed that I was his own ‘first aid kit’ and had no doubts, but the reality was different. I used to secretly help the Skeleton Captain who had become close due to our transaction.
Even today, I was called to the central temple because I was told to look after an injured person who was suddenly pushed in.
But, all of a sudden, I’m glad I couldn’t feel the pain because the neck was half amputated from the body. If it were a human, he would have died from shock, I healed the patient the moment it was in front of me.
“Cough, cough!”
I was so dizzy that I stumbled and sat down, and after coughing a few times, there is a hot feeling on my chest, and there is red blood on my palms! Me and the people around me were amazed.
Why am I bleeding?
The moment I raised the question, my eyes were spinning and I fainted.
“……How many hours have passed, but she’s not waking up?”
And when I came to my senses, a voice that was so low that it was creepy and chilling was reverberating in the room. It was a low and icy voice like monsters declaring death.
“If you don’t save her, I’ll kill you!”
Cough cough!
I pulled something out of my mouth. Then I coughed out loud, and Abel, who was showing his back, turned around.
Whether he had left or not, as he was in black armor, he tried to approach me with strides. Then he dropped his armor and it disappeared with a sound.
Abel growled, grabbing my shoulder, half-raising my body.
I suddenly felt a sense of alienness in his clear eyes mixed with fear and deep relief.  He was always arrogant or cold, and he was the god of death who only gave me a glamorous expression or a tempting smile if needed. I didn’t even think he’d even make a look like this?
As I blink my eyes at that feeling, he turned his head around and growled as if he had taken it in a different meaning.
“What are you looking at? Get me the medicine I brought right now!”
When I heard the doctor moving away, Abel opened his eyes and he grabbed my shoulder and shook it. I couldn’t be shaken hard, but he held tight.
“I thought you were dead! You weren’t moving.”
“……I couldn’t move because I was sick.”
“It hurts? Where!”
I was tired of saying that I was sick, and he was restless…… He was ironically cute. No, my eyes are sprained.
Anyway, after being diagnosed with overwork by the medical unit, who returned with a medicine, I was able to sleep well.
As expected, Abel was clinging to my side, but he occasionally disappeared when I opened my eyes.
According to later stories from the Skeleton Captain, he came to him and gave them all kinds of harsh corporal punishment in exchange for using ‘his own first aid kit’. He said with a depressed expression.
Abel sticks to me for 24 hours and cares for me. He feeds the medicine, checks the heat, and changes the towel. Even if the priests clamor, he shouted for them to get out! And locked the door. I was clumsy and had no energy to scream at the cold wet towel dripping. After just 3 days, I came to the first question.
“……You are not working?”
“I can do it later. I’m the God.”
…… You’re half god.  Raising his chin up, he replied with a crooked smile on that handsome face, and I crumpled my eyebrows on my face. Even that appearance was like another expression of a pale statue.
“This. You thought of something weird again?”
“Oh, no?”
On top of that, this fool was getting strangely smart, so I felt a sense of crisis. As a result of his awareness and reasoning power that seemed to have increased little by little, I was somewhat anxious and relieved. Better than an idiot holding my life.
I was sipping the drink, thinking, and Abel, staring at me, asked.
“Why are you sick? You said that your ability doesn’t affect your body.”
“……Well, actually there is pain.”
It seemed to be useless if I tried to hide it more, and if I left it even more, it would only make my body difficult.
As he rolled his eyes and spoke, it was more intense than I had expected.
“When the wound is healed, the pain is absorbed. It doesn’t hurt me externally. I only feel the pain.”
“Why are you saying that now!”
Abel burst into a rage.
He sweeps up his messy and bungled hair. Hey, it’s because it won’t be solved by talking about it. You are the one who said that if I became useless, you’d throw me away.
“……Damn, I don’t even know that!”
As he gulps up his words, which has reached the end of his neck, he leaves the room with sunken eyes. He didn’t even tell me to sleep well and you just left.
It was somehow bittersweet, but I can finally sleep. I pulled the blanket all the way to my neck and closed my eyes.
After all, it’s best to sleep soundly when you’re sick. The overwork had washed away and healed. At the same time, I couldn’t see where Abel had gone.
So I wandered the temple freely, and struck by Karein. The first time I’ve seen him in a while, he looked very emaciated.
“Karein, are you hurt?”
I looked at him with surprised eyes and  he smiles, saying it’s okay. It’s  okay.
Even his ankles were wet with blood. I grabbed him, put him on the stairs, and pulled up his pants. As expected, the cut is clear as if a blade or something has brushed several times.
I rolled up my sleeves, then swept the thick red thread as I touched it, but my head was not spinning like before. Then Karein said, anxious.
“It’s okay. If you just leave it, it will be healed in a few days. If Lian suffers…”
“Okay. Let’s see it……Oh my God, your face looks like that!”
I looked up at his face casually, and I was frightened to see a long scar on his cheek.
What the hell have you been doing?
I melted the red thread that was sticking to his face in a breeze. My heart hurts even more to leave a scar on that handsome face. Thanks to this, my cheeks became tingly for a while, but the scratches disappeared from the face of the handsome young man, and my chest became even warmer.
“That’s great. The Drooling Skeleton Captain… Well, there’s no saliva already.  Anyway, now I know why it praises you.”
While talking, we climbed the stairs of the temple. Just in time, Karein said that he had something to report for Abel, and we were in the same direction as Abel’s next room was my room.
I haven’t seen him in a while, but the conversation continued smoothly.  My eyes were warmed by Karein, who gave a flower-like smile that made people happy, but the atmosphere was warm anyway.
“He always teased me for help because I wasn’t good enough.
“Hahaha. No. You’ve been praising me so much -”
“……What are you doing with sticking to him?”
An uncomfortable voice split between the promiscuous voices. Red eyes that sank coldly.
It was Abel.
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