Novel Name : Beware of the Red Thread

Beware of the Red Thread - Chapter 9

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The behavior of the reaper was terrifying. Unlike the usual pompous appearance, wielding a sickle with red eyes was really like a god of death. It was like a sulky little boy.
Even though he would normally giggle when I call his name, he doesn’t even give a glance at all with his bright arrogant red eyes, as if proving that he was very upset because of me.
Blood light eyes shining brightly. His eyes were distracted for a while on the side like a tightly closed sculpture, but he shook his head soon.
Even so, I didn’t mean to ignore what I said yesterday. It’s not what I can do, and I don’t intend to. Even at that moment, red threads were growing on Abel’s body. It’s a forest of thorns, so every time he spreads his wings, his body gets more scratched. Somehow, I was more worried about him than the pieces of souls that were transmitted, because I had to take over the pain intact, I thought so and cried out.
“Stop it right now!”
Instead of replying, he kept raging. His hair fluttered in a frenzy. I saw the priests lying flat around him. What are you doing?
When I looked back, I saw an image of the place that used to be a forest five seconds ago became desolate. If continued to be left alone, he would destroy the entire forest.
He’s not even a real brat. The faces of the believers are getting worse and worse, and I tried to steal the sword of the skeleton captain standing next to me.
“It’s not a sword that humans can hold!”
After hearing the nagging, I whispered to one of the Nefer tribes, a cat monster next to me.
“Shoot that and drop it!”
“Ho, how dare I…!”
“Give me!”
I gleefully snatched the bow. I tried to pull the bow with the attitude that I had seen at the great drama and Archery Olympics, but in the first place, there was no way a monster’s bow would move in my hand.
What, what’s so tight?
With pain as if my finger was being cut off, I moaned and forcibly pulled the bow, but my finger rubbed against the tip of the bow, which make a small cut.
“It smells like blood!”
Someone whispered like a moan. I quickly put my finger in my mouth, but the monsters who already smelled human blood flashed their eyes.
I was hiding behind the skeleton captain sadly, because he had no nose, and I realized that the raging frenzy has stopped.
Abel snatched me like an eagle’s prey, and started flying straight to the temple.
I’m scared! It’s scary! I didn’t have a fear of heights, but the feeling of flying in the air without a seat belt was terrible. A sharp wind struck my face, causing my cheeks to tingle.
Fragments of the window splatter all over the place, but Abel melted it in the air. Abel entered the temple and dropped me roughly into the room. There was no shock because it was a fluffy carpet, but I couldn’t come to my senses after suddenly sitting at a low altitude. Several round pills were pushed into my mouth.
“Swallow, idiot!”
Who does this stupid calls an idiot. I doubted my ear, but gulped it over. An indescribable bitter taste circulated in my mouth, so I looked for water in a hurry. Probably not poison. As Abel rolled his eyes as I drank water, he moved back and forth in her room, and roared.
“The Nefer guys have poison frog blood on their weapons! How do you carelessly touch it without fear?”
Abel, terribly distorting his face, groaned. Somehow, the taste of my blood was bitter, so it must have been poisoned. However, it was not surprising to know that my body can withstand poison after several trials and curses did not work. No red thread has ever affected me. Except for Abel, who is in front of me.
Seeing that injury because of his raging, I was sad when I thought I have to treat it again. When I was heartbroken, Abel grabbed my chin.
Abel grabbed my chin and looked around my eyes to make sure that I was fine by the poison frog, and none of my veins burst, he roared again like a week-long hungry lion.
“You stupid! You’re weak! Damn, everything is a mess since I met you…”
Abel, who had blurred his words, suddenly became quiet. Looking down at the red thread hanging on my wrist, more shiny than before, chills travel my back, raising my gaze, and the bright red eyes are looking down at me.
His gaze shining deeply as if he was craving for something. His pale neck under his chin moves greatly.
It’s dangerous, it’s dangerous. I felt a sense of crisis, and I quickly turned my head and let go of his touch.
“Let’s start with treatment.”
I laughed out loud at Abel as he stepped back and cleared up the clutter on the bed and said.
“……Are you kidding me?”
“Don’t be like a child, come and sit down. Because of you, you almost killed the believers.”
“Are you really not aware? Or know-”
“I know, come and sit down.”
“I thought so………what?”
Abel looked at me with a dazed look. Although he asked for an explanation with bright red eyes, I calmly motioned to the bed, demonstrating the facial expression management skills I had polished for five years, an essential skill that must be learned to avoid being rude while living with warm-hearted monster friends.
“Let’s start with treatment. My head hurts because of the smell of your blood.”
“You know? You……did you just say you know?”
“Yes. So come here.”
He replied as if he had resigned, as Abel lied on the bed. I know. I know what Abel thinks about me.
Abel is stupid. He’s stupid, and he’s easily lied to. Though it feels a little strange, it can be said that he is a character who beats the neck of a crook who talks in front of me. So even though he’s half-headed and his brain is bad, he’s also a god and even the monsters fear him.
Nevertheless, just by sticking to a human girl, and spending time without end, then at the end, he asked, ‘don’t you have any feelings for me.’’. It was the final blow when showing the real heart in front of me.
Abel cares about me. He has feelings for me. It’s so full that I can’t even handle it. From some point on, I couldn’t tell the obsession from possessiveness of those dimly sunken eyes.
In the meantime, I thought that it was his greed for his ‘personal first aid kit’, but since yesterday I was unable to gamble. Somehow it got to this point!
I didn’t even know how many times I couldn’t fall asleep last night and tried to pluck my hair. However, no matter how much I thought about it, my position was one.
Regardless of whatever feelings, Abel must meet Saintess Lucia so he must be saved in her hand, and he must fall for her anyway. It was an inevitable process, as it became the opportunity for the male lead, Asand, to recognize his feelings for the female lead.
That’s the original story. I didn’t want to open up a path I didn’t know, and I didn’t have the confidence to deal with it. Until then, it was. So I replied with a voice that was twice as cold as yesterday.
“But let’s stop talking about that. Remember what I said yesterday?”
I felt Abel’s body stiff on my fingertips. As his body stiffens, the red thread wriggles through the gap and digs into his wound. His wounds would open up, so it would have been quite painful, but it seemed that he couldn’t feel it.  As if he had lost his words, my conscience and guilt were stabbed in the face, but I struggled to turn away.
As I put down the blood-soaked uniform, I sees the red threads eroding here and there. After my fall, I asked the medical clinic to give me pills, which was made as a pain reliever, and waited for the medicine to spread.
A little nervous because it was my first use, I slowly put my palms on his shoulder. A hot, hot pain hit the same area, but it didn’t hurt as badly as before. I felt Abel’s gaze, which I was familiar with, and do the treatment effortlessly. Compared to before, it was more at an itchy pain, so I never frowned at the pain.
Well, this is effective. I have to ask them to make more.
However, because of the spread of medicine, I was a little drowsy.  As if taking a cold medicine, a sudden drowsiness poured out and I was about to endure my eyes closing, slowly sweeping his shoulders down, past the nape of his neck, and down to his chest. Suddenly Abel groaned.
“………Damn, wait a second. Wait… Just wait.”
He is flinching and trying to raise his body. He keeps bending his body like a shrimp. As he wants to start rebelling again, I press his chest down and try to resume the treatment.
“Get out!”
He tried to avoid my hand as if it had been on fire, and try to raise his body like a freshly caught fish. Eventually, he frowns at his handsome brow and makes a stride.
“Get out! Ugh, hurry up!”
“Absolutely no. It gets worse as time passes.”
It’s harder to treat when it’s old. Do you know my hardships?
“This, this, this dull girl! Get out!”
Unsuccessfully, I failed to control my power, and unfortunately, I fell on top of Abel’s naked body. Fortunately, my wit did not crush his wound, but touched the ambiguous part of his thigh.
And I had to feel his masculinity clearly revealed.
Ah-ah you’re very solid.
My eyes were fluttering quickly in embarrassment, and Abel, who was looking at me, met my eyes.
Ruby-like eyes were burning. In a fierce glance that seemed to be infested with something, I coughed off my palm from his chest.
Hmm, hmm. I rolled my eyes to push the embarrassment and regret, and opened my mouth awkwardly.
“……do you want to show it?”
“Get out! Get out now!”
Abel’s terrifying momentum suddenly kicked me out of the room, and I stayed out of the room for a long time. Then the priests, including the believers, roasted me sweetly.
“What happened to the Master? Is it serious? Go ahead and tell me!”
“I don’t know. I don’t know. Oh, I don’t know!”
The next day, Abel did not appear before me all day.
It was the first time since I came to the temple.
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