Novel Name : Beware of the Red Thread

Beware of the Red Thread - Chapter 10

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Today Abel avoided me all day. If it were normal, he would have called me from early morning, but I didn’t even get stuck in the office doing what he was doing.
I was embarrassed at the time-he was very much a man-and I felt like I will feel guilty when I saw his face. I also spent my own time.
It was a peaceful day. After a while, I was able to make a plan quietly while drinking a glass of kakagu juice in a place where no one was watching.
I took out the parchment notebook, which I used as a diary, and put the nib. The dizzyingly drawn character relationship and progress were already completely twisted in red lines from the moment I met Abel. I didn’t expect that damn villain to be so quick. If I knew it would be like this, I would have treated him like a dog from the beginning.
Regret came belatedly, but it was water that had already spilled over and evaporated.
It was obvious that I had a problem with all of this because I had healed Abel. In the original, Saintess Lucia was pretty, but I remember that he started obsessing over her after treating him. However, if I let him meet Saintess Lucia, wouldn’t it be a good idea? I wish so, and I underlined on Saintess Lucia.
I will hit Abel with an iron wall until he meets the female lead. It’s better to confess. If I kick it up and clean the relationship, it’s killing two birds with one stone.
Anyway, if the two are intertwined together and then cajole the female lead so that she does not kill Abel, the route of being cut off is blocked.  That’s how I survive, perfect.
But the real problem remained. How to prevent Abel from kidnapping Saintess Lucia……  If he’ll do what he’s doing to me now, he’ll kidnap Lucia. If that happens, Assand will kill him. That said, it seemed like he is too odd to modify his personality.
Yesterday I remembered Abel, who had cut down the souls. He didn’t even listen to me in the back of his ear. Even the same gods regard him as stupid and avoid him because he behaves like a tyrant. Because of this, Asand, the guardian of light and reason, hated Abel very much.  That was also why he died early.
After all, people live long when they live quietly and not behave. But when I look at those obsessed young eyes that gazed at me on such a stupid subject………  No, what are you saying. Dumb yandere is not my taste.
I shook my head and covered the parchment. If I thought about it more, it seemed that my head would only hurt. I thought that if I had studied so passionately, I would have gone to Seoul National University, and I took the parchment paper and put it in a drawer.
The Temple of Death is always covered with dark clouds and fog, and to see the sunlight was like picking stars in the sky. After a while, I went outside in the sun.
Going to the central temple and trying to take care of the injured, I were kicked out by the skeleton captain.
Wandering free of charge after teatime with the monster maid-she drank her tea by stuffing a straw into an empty space presumed as her mouth-I met Karin in the backyard. As soon as he saw me, Karein, who had stroked the mane of some giant creature, greeted me with a soft smile.
“Hello, Lian.”
“Are you having a good afternoon? What are you doing there?”
“It’s a mud floor, so there’s a high risk of slipping. Stay there. I’ll go.”
When I was curious about what he was doing, he approached with anxious eyes and even escorted me directly. After all, he’s my favorite.  I glanced at him. I didn’t get tired of looking at Karein’s handsome side profile, who I had only touched on text and now saw it in real life.
“But what is this?”
After looking at his side for a while, I looked at the creature that Karin was petting. It was a black horse with six legs of a gigantic figure that seemed like where three adults had easily escaped from in a nightmare, or a graffiti-like bizarre figure drawn by a seven-year-old kid.
“It’s a monster called Sleipnir. It’s a little different from the middle world, but he’s a decent guy.”
Karin was worried that I would be surprised, but I wasn’t even impressed.  Sadly, six months after I came here, I had a steel heart that wasn’t surprised by seeing creatures after I shook hands with Jinen, who had thirty legs.
Compared to arthropods, this one looked very nice. The black mane that continues from the head flutters like a firework, and it has a CG-like shape that will not be inferior to appearing in a fantasy movie right now.
“That’s cool. The mane looks like a flame.”
“Ah, it’s a flame. But it doesn’t burn living things. Would you like to touch it?”
Fireworks! Since I have been living here for 5 years, I have seen a creature similar to a horse even though I have been riding the clouds-even in this world, the means of transportation were still expensive, and I patted its mane with flashing eyes. It’s not really hot and it feels like you’re touching a fluffy silk fabric. I exclaimed purely.
“It’s really cool.”
“Right? You’re a human with a good aesthetic sense. I like it.”
I turned my head in embarrassment, and Karein shook his head with an embarrassing smile. At the moment of confusion, Sleipnir, chewing on something, turned his head and ‘talked’.
“Why, what’s wrong, what did the monster say?”
“Ah. I’m sorry. I can’t speak the middle world. Excuse me.”
I apologized quickly and politely based on my experience. In this world, plants have intelligence and it’s no surprise that horses speak.
When I think about it, it would be funny to talk about companion animals.
Like a hammer so spun the wheel so hard and said ‘I’m so tired, I’m going to stop’ or a cat who’s mad and said ‘give me the food now, butler’.
All of a sudden, I remembered Bert, who I had left at home. My cat is an all-black short-nosed mixed race that resembles Camembert cheese. It’s been 5 years since I haven’t seen it, but I don’t know if it’s living well.
Shortly before coming here at the time, my mother, who thought my eye disease was due to Bell’s molt, left Bell at my aunt’s house. As I thought of Bell, I missed my house fiercely. Suddenly he looked at me wonderingly with a somber expression, comforting me silently with the tip of his nose-even though he could speak-and seeing Sleipnir became even more sad.
Why are you like this, human!  As I hugged his head and cried out for Bell, the embarrassed Sleipnir swung his six legs, and Karin was restless because he didn’t know what to do. I remembered the memories for a long time and remembered why I had to go back.
It was a day with many things to be thought of. As a later remark, Slepnir, who I dared to hug and grunted, said that it had almost kicked my body, and I brought a box of sugar cubes, which was the best snack for horses, in the sense of an apology.
“You’re a human who knows something! If you need this body anytime, please call me!”
Then Sleipnir , the world’s best monster, simply liked it very much, and he suggested to me to be a friend. So I became the first human to befriend a six-legged horse.
Abel didn’t find me until dinner time was up. But his demeanor was cold, his eyes still didn’t make contact, and he’s certainly in a cold war state.
Are you mad at that? What’s going on? I hated being so embarrassed but I had to remain silent as well. It was frustrating at first, but it became a more stuffy meal time.
With only the sound of the dishes hitting, I ate dinner in silence, grabbed my cup of coffee, and looked out of the window.  Dark clouds gather in the dark gray sky. For some reason, I didn’t even read a medical book to get sentimental and I felt strange, staring, but I was so depressed that I couldn’t care about it.
Oh, thank you.
As I sat blankly, the flirtatious monster maid brought a dessert plate.  However, what was on top of it was a cake with chocolate chips on top of it. Camembert cheesecake. So, I was able to feel how lonely it was when it was on top of the fork and the good mood of safety was plummeting for a while.
“What are you thinking about with your expression?”
Abel spoke to me for the first time today. However, in a very uneven tone, with his eyes glued to the papers, I was so sad I couldn’t fight. I mumbled powerlessly, sweeping the cake down with a fork.
“Cat. My adorable cat. How cute and arrogant he is, even though he is a male……I remember him after seeing Sleipnir earlier……”
I gnawed at the table in a sullen mood. I am sure that if Bell had spoken, it would have been an intelligent, arrogant, and hard to get cat. Like wearing shoes on a black body, I’m often fascinated by how adorable the four white feet are, and imagining the fluffy jelly soles, banged the desk! I was amazed by the sound of the blow.
“You thought of a boy.”
With the papers thrown out, Abel’s eyes, standing up suddenly, were burning sizzlingly.
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