Novel Name : Beware of the Red Thread

Beware of the Red Thread - Chapter 11

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“You thought of a boy?”
With the papers thrown out, Abel’s eyes, who were suddenly open wide, were burning sizzlingly. It made a ridiculous tingling sound ahead of my irritation, disturbed by my recollections.
“Are they that Neffers? Damn it, I should have known since he was playing around  yesterday!”
I’ll kill that guy. He twisted his bright red lips fiercely and crushed his swear words.
I don’t understand where the hell such a violent reaction is coming from, and whether this is a joke or a new concept, I blanked out for a moment. Only then, when Abel who was trying to leave the office wearing the robe, I got scared and grabbed his robe.
“No! No! It’s not like that! It’s a cat, it’s just our cat!”
“Wh – What? Let me go, where’s that guy!”
“It’s not here! Oh, it’s not in this world!”
Abel, who opened the door with a terrifying momentum, turned his back to a stop. He then turned his head and looked down at me as I grabbed the hem of his robe.
“……Did you mean a spirit?”
“I don’t know, that’s! It’s not here anyway. It’s not.”
In the gap, I quickly closed the office door and put my back on it. And as I push him back to the desk. Abel who was thinking for a moment, sits in front of the desk and pulls out a quill.
Uh, what else is that? Even though it’s a simple quill, it looks like a weapon when he holds it. While I was on the lookout, Abel unfolded some parchment, and said bluntly.
“Describe the baby’s name and appearance.”
“… Bert. Full name is Camembert Cheese.”
It was unpleasant to dare to refer to my cutie as a baby, but I started explaining it quietly because baby was right.
“The whole body is black, but the tip of the tail and four feet are white as if wearing shoes. The eyes are yellow and-”
As I said that, I started to think that I was a cat butler without realizing it.
“It’s usually very arrogant, but when I’m tired, he knows how to be cute.”
“You don’t have to say anything like that!”
Abel groaned. He squeezed his handsome eyebrows as if he hated to hear the pet bragging, and he spread the parchment and over it, he drew and erased a few lines, and the graffiti drawing was similar to a cat.
Wow, is that power? It doesn’t seem to be mentioned in the original story, but as he was a reaper, I wondered if he could know the life or death of a specific creature, and waited quietly, and soon black smoke flowed out of the parchment and created a shape. Then, as Abel’s pale face turned red even to his ears, out of the smoke, the black cat hopped.
“……Tsk, was it a real cat?”
Either that or not, I hugged Bert who was made of smoke. Ah, Bert! It’s nice to see you, you’ve been well, and your eyes are sparkly. The belly fat, which used to be a little plump, has fallen sideways, and the length of his body has grown, so it looks considerably slimmer. Ah, Bert!
Abel, who had returned to his face color, hesitated for a moment.
“I can’t bring it because it’s not dead.”
“Then it means it’s alive, right?”
It was two years old at the time, so now it is 7 years old. That’s pretty old for a cat.  Although the cat’s lifespan is quite long, I was worried about whether it would get hurt or injured, but I was very happy with the healthy appearance, but Abel, who noticed me, gave me a grotesque answer.
“……Should I kill it and bring it back?”
“What? Are you crazy!”
As soon as I got angry, he looked at me with an expression that he doesn’t understand why I am angry. I don’t understand more about you. Why are you killing my cat, who is living well!
As I hugged the dreamy fake Bert, Abel made an indescribable look.
He might have thought that I could express such feelings all over again, and he asked with a confused expression as a colorful expression passed over his pale, sculptural face.
“Are you sad because you wanted to see that?”
“Yes. But I saw it so healthy. It has a lot it wants to do. It have to live for a long time.”
“You can’t see it right now instead.”
“I’ve seen it like this. It’s okay because it’s living well. But……can I see human beings with this?”
Although it was an illusion, it seemed to be projecting the current image, so maybe I could see my family and friends as well, so I looked at him and asked, but Abel shook his head with a somewhat expressionless face.
“When humans die, they go to the underworld. They can’t come up to Valhalla.”
“Because there is a lot of karma and the soul is heavy.”
Are you saying they are sinful? This is the first time I knew. Perhaps that is the reason why there are no humans. He said that although I saw the case where the ghosts and the gods go down to the middle world, it is rare for humans to come up.
That’s why in the original, Saintess Lucia, got that much attention. I thought it was a mindless setting, but there was such a detailed background. I think there are too many hidden settings than I thought. Somehow I felt anxious, but Abel said something.
“Human life is too short. So, if I become a complete reaper……do you want me to make you immortal?”
It was a sudden word, but Abel’s eyes were sincere. Abel seeks immortality. Because he is a demigod, he has always been ignored, feared by humans, and ridiculed by the gods. And when the curse of the red thread tangled in his heart is released, he becomes immortal.
“I’m not interested in living long.”
I’m interested in going back. I don’t want to live eternal life in a world like this. I saw a red thread running through his heart. Suddenly, the real heart in the box came to mind. I know the location roughly. At the time, Abel said something too embarrassing, and I was so surprised that I didn’t even think to touch it, but when I heard the word immortal, I thought belatedly.
Even if he doesn’t have to meet Lucia, can I release the curse? If I absorb the red thread that was wrapped around and connected to his heart, he becomes immortal. Then I’ll be free……
“Where the hell are you looking at!”
I’m surprised. As I came to my senses, Abel was holding my chin and snarling. I look up at him with amazed eyes, and he looks down at me with a ferocious glance. Without knowing, I was staring at his chest with a red thread attached to it. As I blinked my eyes, he said.
“What? Anyway, you have to live long. I’ll make it that way!”
“I don’t want to live long, so why?”
No, I don’t need eternal life. Why? Responding to his absurdity, to my surprise, Abel began stuttering his words.
“You, you… yes! Because you and I are connected to the thread of fate. If you die, I die too. It must be!”
“No. If I die, you won’t die even if I die.”
Abel murmured as if he was speechless. As expected, you’re an idiot. He didn’t think of that, did he. I somehow felt his ignorance, and I patted his back. And he slammed with a blank look on his face. Just give up.
“Don’t worry. When you become immortal, you are you and I am me.”
Abel looked like he was going to die from upsetness!  He didn’t put the word ‘i like you’ in his mouth. I don’t know if it’s his pride or what, but the moment he said that, it was a pity for me, thinking of settling the relationship.
Wherever Abel went that night, he did not return to the temple. I couldn’t sleep even though I was lying down, looking at the ceiling blankly, and his real heart came to mind again.
Since Abel is not here, let’s touch it once. Luckily, if you succeed, it’s good, and if you fail, I can give up early and find another route. In this case, my determination was unnecessary fast. When I woke up, I was already in my thin pajamas, sneaking behind and heading for the abandoned temple.
It was dark and there was no moonlight, so it seemed like a background that would appear in a hazy horror movie, but I only walked forward.  Even in the middle of the day, there was nothing more scary about the place where the ghost and the skeleton were spinning, so I walked with only one slightly whitish lamp hanging.
Kiikk, with a unique creepy sound of iron gates, I entered the temple. It was a place I had been to before, so I was able to head towards the altar where the heart was hidden without getting lost. The half-broken demon statues standing on both sides groaned grotesquely every time a candle was lit.
People are more scary than ghosts. It’s even more scary to find out that Abel’s heart is here. I came to make sure that no one was catching up, but my heart was twitching.
“Cough-cough- Oh, it’s dirt.”
Stumbling in the dark, I managed to find the box, and carefully opened the clasp. I thought there would be a barrier, but it opens up surprisingly easily.
Thump thump thump, the bright red heart that was softly fluttering started beating wildly as soon as the box was opened. It looked like a heart that was entangled with red threads, as if blood had been cut off.
I’ll get it right away. Then, both Abel and I will be happy. It was a moment when I was about to slowly touch my hand while swallowing gulp in an unknown tension.
“It’s somewhere here, scour it! We don’t have much time!”
There is a buzzing voice and a dizzying sound of footsteps. Believers wandering around in the abandoned temple where no one comes to look while the owner of the temple is away.  Unless you were going for a treasure hunt race on a moonlit night, the answer was one.
…… Shoot. I quietly recited the swear words at a wonderful timing, and I closed the box with the product ‘treasure’, hid it in my arms, and began to escape to the corner. No one can have my lifeline.
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