Novel Name : Beware of the Red Thread

Beware of the Red Thread - Chapter 14

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Every time the red thread came, my mouth dried up. The noticeably palpating heart also felt stinging.
“Let’s go through the back door.”
Sleipnir-he looked terribly excited-went around the temple. Structurally, when you enter the front door, the front yard opens out. There was no place to hide because it was in the middle of nowhere. You can run into them and get attention and attack at a glance.
I’m not supposed to be here anyway, but here I am, destroying everything! Crash! As I asked, six strong hoofs smashed the door. And while I was there, I searched the drawers and grabbed the parchment and the medicines I had made. Money is the best everywhere, so I took the jewels and gold coins. When I carried the heavy bag, it felt like I was playing GTA, in which I stole a horse and committed crimes.
Then, in excitement, I didn’t forget my duty and jumped out of the window. Whoosh! At the same time, all attention was to the loud cracking sound. This isn’t what I wanted. But whoop~, we drifted nonchalantly and stood in front of Abel.
“Hop in!”
Abel, who was just about to swing the Death Scythe, looked at me with an absurd expression. He didn’t say a word. His pale cheeks are a mess with blood splatter. I couldn’t see it because of the black armor, but the red thread was entangled in him, suggesting that he was seriously injured. My chest tingles. Abel, who took a breath, gasping for a moment, got angry.
“Why come back, you stupid girl!”
“Well, I’ve left something behind, so I’m going to take it while I’m at it.”
Actually, this was a side of the truth. I playfully showed off the gold necklace and the bag that was hanging around, but Abel clenched his teeth and snatched my arm. It is very unfamiliar because of his sharp horns and black hair.
“You don’t want to be around me, are you going to commit suicide? Do you think they’ll let you leave like that again? Damn! If I die, I’ll bring you to death by my side.
“Again again and again!”
Abel’s red eyes widened as his focus shifted and his lips were blocked. I said, energetically.
“I’m here because of you! You’ve been arguing to me not to run away until a while ago, but why are you telling me to run away this time? This is really…”
“If you get hurt, I’ll go crazy.”
… … What? My eyes widened. Suddenly, his eyes and voice were suddenly lowered, embarrassed for a moment, and Abel let go of my hand like a push.
“Go away you stupid woman! You’re more likely to get hurt!”
“I’m not leaving you, you idiot!”
… … What? This time, Abel’s eyes widened. Even in the midst of the tumult, monsters gathered from all sides. Since Sleipnir was also a fairly advanced monster, they could not recklessly approach Abel’s energy he emitted, but that was only for a short time. Their numbers are much higher.
“The girl is useful! Kill the reaper and capture the girl!”
He was still alive. It was Yuuda, who was screaming from the back as if he didn’t want to die. One leg has already been covered with blood.
As soon as he said, “Charge!” the green head was pierced by something. It was a bone sword with a deep energy. “Kuwok!” The traitor’s head fell and rolled in vain.
“Reaper! We’ll take care of this!”
Degur was the skeleton captain who rolled Yuuda’s head off. He had already lost one of his arms, but raised his bone sword with his valiantly left arm. The remaining skeletons pierce through the sound of the weapons being crushed in unison, and a low voice pierces their ears. The courageous warrior who looked up at me with open eyes said to me.
“Forgive me, Lord Abel. Lian.”
He was the skeleton captain who never even called my name, more like a woman, a human girl, a healer and others. He was just a demon with a cold bone, but with a warmer heart than living creatures with flesh and heart. Even though he was hated- he was annoying Abel – in fact, the closest monster he was to was the Skeleton Captain. The red thread wrapped around his whole body was thick as if it would swallow him any moment. Enduring the strangulation, he barely spoke.
“Do not worry.”
At the same time, Abel, who was climbing behind me as if hugging me, pulled the reins. Neigh! Sleipnir, who struck his front legs, ran fiercely, and Abel’s Death Scythe took care of the monsters in the way. Arrows full of magic flew in all directions, but Abel spread his wings, and I didn’t get hit.
How long have we been running, and bang! A roar was heard along with the sound. When I turned around, the temple was blazing with the fire of death. The fire of death that even burns the soul. Abel is gone and the immortal temple maintained by his power is destroyed. There was only one line in the story, but it was so terrible to see it with my own eyes.
“Look ahead.”
When I gasped quietly, Abel grabbed my head with his bloody hand and turned it back. Abel didn’t look behind him in the end, but his hand, holding the reins, had veins all over. Shoot alas, it started to rain belatedly.
The red thread on my wrist was getting thicker. The breathing that touches my ear is irregular. Looking back instinctively, Sleipnir stopped urgently. His bright red eyes were dim, they were losing light.
I supported him as he toppled and laid him under a tree. “I’ll keep an eye.” Sleipnir went on a patrol to prevent the approaching monster.
The red thread was too short on his chest, so it was in a state of wrapping his whole body around him. I panicked and brought my ear to his lips, and his breath was narrow.
“Abel, Abel! Wake up. Huh? Please!”
I hurriedly waved my arm, but he muttered something that didn’t make sense to me and closed his eyes. His heart was beating faintly. The wheezing sound of breathing is harsh, perhaps his lung was injured. I wasn’t sure because I wasn’t a doctor, but I knew when I saw a red thread that was split into several branches like roots digging through his chest.
I hastily pulled out the box in my arms and flipped it open. The red thread is getting constricted, and black stuff is oozing out. It was just like blood.
I was terrified. Without time to think about the female lead, I took a deep breath and, with a trembling hand, pressed my finger to Abel’s blood-stained heart.
At the same time, I was choked by a pain that seemed to squeeze my heart tight. There was a beeping sound from my ears, and the front of my eyes turned black and then dark, and my vision was cut off for a while. Breathing in sounds like a flute.
I looked inside the box with blurred vision. The heart in the box is still wrapped in red thread. Only the part I touched, the line was slightly blurred, but it was still in good shape. I couldn’t even imagine how much pain it would take to get rid of it all. What am I supposed to do?
“Heuk, cough! Heuk……!”
However, as I was about to reach out my hand again, I coughed heavily. Blood spurted out. The stomach-churning pain barely subsided, and I crawled over to Abel, crawling on the floor. His face was still pale and sullen.
Here, it didn’t say he died here. But why? The back of my head tingles. It seems that I was too blind to the original book without knowing it. What was the difference between those fanatics and me? Abel was dying. Gradually, his breathing thinned, and the sound of his heart fades.
“Please please!”
Knowing it was a fake heart, I pressed his chest like crazy with my brittle arms. It was when I covered his nose and breathed into his mouth, as I had seen somewhere.
The moment our lips touched, I could see a few strands of the red thread scattered around Abel’s chest were falling apart. My mouth. My lips. A thought flashed through my mind. I cannot directly touch the internal wound.
Immediately I pulled Abel’s neck and hit his lips. What he couldn’t swallow, ran out of his chin, but I kissed him without hesitation. The saliva and the breath of the living are overflowing, healing his internal wounds.
The red thread that had dug into his heart like a root began to thin. The red thread stuck in the body also breaks without strength. I swallowed something unknown whether it was tears or rain, and I madly kissed him.
The rain stopped at some point. It wasn’t until I saw that the red thread on his heart had thinned, I fell down next to Abel.
I feel like I’m really going to die. Thinking blankly, I gasped for breath. The belated pain was squeezing my whole body. I lost my mind as if fainting.
When I opened my eyes, the surroundings were bright. As I rolled my eyes at the rustling sound, I saw pale silver hair in the distance. Why are you making a bonfire in the morning? Unaware, I groaned as I tried to get my upper body up. The whole body seemed to be beaten.
He turned his head at the thin groan. The wide open eyes returned to the vivid blood color.
“Damn, if you’re awake, tell me”
Abel approached me and hugged me tightly. While I was in his arms, I watched him closely. The red thread on his wrist was tapering back. The red thread that pierced his body like a hedgehog was barely visible. Except for a few scratches visible to the naked eye, his condition appeared to be quite good. Sleipnir, who watched the thrilling reunion while chewing oats, said delightfully.
“It’s very fortunate that you woke up. He was so upset throughout the morning
“Won’t you shut up?”
“Master. If your temper is so dirty, you can’t have a relationship.”
I’m going to have to throw you away. Abel’s face was full of smiles while reciting the harsh words. I was dazzled for a moment at the statue smiling in the bright sunlight, and then shook my head.
Suddenly Abel looks great. Are my eyes twisted? When I let go of my gaze, he lifted my chin to bring my eyes back. Abel asked with serious eyes.
“How do you feel?”
“I’m  a lot better.”
“I’m sorry …because of me, me.”
Why are you stuttering? Abel murmured as his bright red eyes fluttered. Why are your ears so red? I rolled my head in the throbbing pain. Do you remember what happened yesterday? As I frowned, I saw black feathers falling all over. The forgotten Karein suddenly came to mind.
“What about Karein?”
The flower smile of the reaper disappeared. “Hey!” He crumpled his eyebrows and groaned.
“Are you worried about that bastard now? The guy who said to protect you and ran away-”
“He didn’t run away. He went alone to protect me. I don’t know where the hell he went. He said he would follow the trail… ”
“Are you on that bastard’s side right now?!”
Your language? I looked up at him as absurd as I was after the Camembert incident. As usual, Abel was incredibly serious and furious. Eventually I sighed and explained.
“In conclusion, I didn’t listen to Karein and went to rescue you. Have you already forgotten?”
“Is that so?”
He rolled his bright red eyes with that expression. Fool. After all, he’s an idiot. I tried to stand up, looking pathetic at the situation, but fell back down with a groan of pain. My body was like a piece of wood had battered it.
“What’s wrong? Huh? Does it hurt?”
It’s because of you! Throwing away the restless Abel, I struggled to stand on my own two feet. Gravity is pressing on me. He said, holding his messy forehead.
“Let’s go to the village. You too need a safe place to rest.”
I can’t go around in this way anyway. I needed a break. As he spoke firmly, Abel tilted his head. It is the expression of asking whether there is such a place. Of course, a safe and reliable resting place. There’s only one place I know.
“Do you remember the temple last time? The place that you brought me from. Let’s go there.”
“Why go there!”
“Oh, are you going to the village with the temple?”
There was Abel’s slight rebellion, but considering my determined will and being seriously ill, he resigned and agreed, and Sleipnir started running, humming his hum. The sound of cracking his six hoofs was loud.
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