Novel Name : Beware of the Red Thread

Beware of the Red Thread - Chapter 19

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My response to the second original character in my life was as follows.
“Uh, uh. I suddenly remembered something to do. Abel. Let’s go.”
I hurriedly grabbed Abel and stretched out my hand, but it was canceled because Caesar, who appeared in front of me as if teleporting in a flash, grabbed my arm and pulled me away. Oh no. Caesar took my arm and spoke slowly.
“Where are you going?”
“How dare this bastard!”
The black energy that spread like grains of sand attacked me, but Caesar quickly retreated and tossed a bunch of cards from his hands. The bundles of cards that block the energy are blazing black and disappear into the air. Even in the midst of it, he has the composure to throw a dice made of pure gold.
A black suit, a yellow shirt, and a light blue tie. Golden, dark blonde hair rolled back with mousse. The man who has the feeling of a young dandy man is Caesar. A descendant of Sisyphus. A man who is protected by the god of probability and the god of gambling. A scammer pretending to be a gambler! Whether the shock therapy worked or not, a few years of memories came to mind.
Dangerous. It’s dangerous. I don’t know anything else, but getting entangled with Caesar is dangerous. He is smart and well-planned. He’s a person who is unknown in his head. He was a pain in the ass to deal with. He was personally the most shunned of the Apocalypse.
Sleipnir. Can you hear me? Where are you? I gulped dry saliva and stepped back. Then suddenly, six arms grabbed me by the shoulder.
“Oh my God, this smell! I just want to take one bite! / Don’t say that rudely. Left./…”
This time it was Asura. A ghastly looking monster with one body, three heads, and six arms. Besides, all three of them had different personalities, tastes, and dreams, so they were like a poor Siamese who fought every day.
He was a villain with a realistic goal, believing that he was born like this because of tying a single red thread to his heart and that if he destroyed Solar, they would be freed.
“I’m sorry if I was rude! I just said it because it looked delicious! Call me Left!/We are Asura. We’ve heard a lot of rumors. Nice to meet you, human./……”
“Yeah, yeah. I’m Lian.”
Due to the creepy affinity, he even shook hands and gave a name. Left, center, and with arms crossed with eyes closed as if he didn’t want to – I don’t know who it was, but it seemed like it was – right.
There was a description that even the monsters were terrified when they saw Asura, but seeing it with my own eyes, it was understandable. At first glance, they looked even worse than the Siamese twins we saw in horror movies. The face is very handsome. All three of them had a red dot on their forehead. But what to do even if they’re handsome? It’s like a horror movie.
“Demigod. Do you know Asura’s abilities? I’ve heard of you being stupid, but think carefully.”
Abel wrinkled his brow and looked at my arm caught by Asura. Caesar sighed and said.
“If I wiggle it, I can send her flying beyond your knowledge.”
Asura is a monster who controls space. Not like some Bartholomew Kuma. I was very scared, but I calmly opened my mouth without showing any expression.
“Well, yes. Let’s hear what you have to say. Say it.”
“Let’s just listen. Just listen!”
“It’s wise. Well, it hurts my mouth to explain it at length, so I’ll keep it simple. Human. I need you.”
Huh? For a moment, doubting my hearing, I pointed to my chest and asked, confused.
“Are there any other humans here besides you? I heard it has something to do with whether you’re the goddess of fate. The thing we’re trying to fix is ​​related to it.”
To be more precise, he’s trying to take care of Solar, who pulls out the thread of fate. As I pondered, I was startled by the sound of the rattling dice coming from close to me.
“So, you should go with us.”
“Me? Me? Wait. Not Abel, really me?”
“Ah yes. Demigod. You were there too. You don’t seem very useless, but you should go with me.”
“…this bastard.”
“Ack, Abel!”
Hold on! Please be patient! In a rush to pull his scythe out of anger, I hugged him with my whole body, and he flinched and calmly lowered the scythe. I looked up at him, hugged him confusedly, and Abel looked down at me. How can he look good from below?
“Oh. This is an unexpected situation.”
Caesar, who was taking turns looking at our faces, touched his chin with a strange expression. Then he beckons me with a sly smile like a fox planning to pick grapes.
“If I took that person alone, would it be killing two birds with one stone?”
Damn it. The direction seemed a little wrong, but Caesar was quick to notice. He stared at me, his eyes gleaming as if inlaid with gold, and then rolled the dice he was holding. The dice fell into the air with a golden afterimage. 1 and 1. This time, he rolled while looking at Abel. Again 1 and 1. “Hoo.” Caesar admired it a second time.
“I tried to take only one because I was bothered, but no matter how much I tried, it was 2. Strangely. Hmm, demigod must come with me as well.”
I looked at the red thread on Caesar’s chest. It is so thin that it cannot be seen with the naked eye, like silk. This means that the chance of dying is almost zero.
“You cheeky bastard.”
Abel growled as if he was about to rush, but I grabbed him tightly. It’s not that I don’t believe in Abel’s abilities, Abel is strong. However, one of Caesar’s settings took a hit. Caesar is the luckiest man in the world. Besides, he has too many cunning tricks. I know that it is a difficult style to deal with with simple force, so I calmly tried to negotiate.
“What’s the benefit if I go there?”
“I’m sure you can get the information you want. I heard you’ve been digging for Asand’s information.”
“Yes, but that’s enough for me alone.”
Abel intervened sharply. I feel sorry for the delay. Abel is the one who was exiled from Luce, and Asand is the guardian of Luce. He couldn’t help but come along, so I kept it a secret from him and went around collecting information.
“Why did you go around collecting Assand’s information?”
“…Abel. We’ll talk about that later.”
Abel snapped, but in a rush, I clasped his hand and grabbed it instead. Abel was quiet.
“Well, anyway, I don’t want to go to the villain group to get information. It’s dangerous.”
“Then the negotiations are broken. Then you have to die.”
“I know you can’t kill me. If you wanted to kill me, you would have killed me earlier.”
Caesar is a master of push-and-pull. I know for sure that he was trying to create a sense of fear. Female lead also has a history of obtaining information from several threats like this. You can’t kill me. Even if you try to kill me, I have Abel who is among the top 3 combat powers. Let’s believe in that and do some nonsense again, hmmm. Caesar’s eyes narrowed.
“You’re a pretty smart human. Hmm, demigod. Better than you? Are you carrying her as a head replacement? Or- the other way?”
“This bastard, let’s see!”
Abel, who staggered over Caesar’s smirk while tapping his temple, fired a slash. It was because I was negligent in the blink of an eye and was caught off guard.
“Abel! No!”
Abel attacked Caesar without hesitation, and Caesar with an unpleasant smile said, “It’s as planned.” Instead of avoiding the slash, Caesar flipped the coin. Clink, the coin rolled in the air and stopped at the side where the knife was drawn. Bang! The slash was offset by the coin.
“I received your duel request. Come on, say your greetings.”
Caesar bowed his head politely, placing a hand on his chest, summoned an hourglass, with golden sand fluttering in his palm, ignoring Abel who growled ‘what nonsense!’. Styx’s Hourglass. Knowing what that was, I groaned as I clenched my forehead.
“Come on. Let’s start the bet. Listen closely, you demigod. If you collect my soul until this hourglass runs out, it’s your win, otherwise it’s my win.”
Caesar is the luckiest man in the world. A descendant of Sisyphus, the first man who deceived the gods, and a man who received the protection of Babylon, the god of probability and gambling. Most of what he wanted to do will be successful, as did gambling and betting.
“That’s what I wished for. I’ll cut you into pieces and throw it into the bottom of hell!”
Abel, who had been boiling for a while, immediately swung the Death Scythe with his red eyes. His energy was raging, and the dense forest turned to ashes in an instant. But Caesar was fine.
“Damn, what!”
Fluttering leaves obscured my eyes, vain, and I suddenly stumbled upon my feet. I had all the bad luck I could have in 10 minutes and it was a long time. Eventually, the hourglass flashed golden, signaling the end. At the first ‘defeat’ since becoming a reaper, Abel growled with bright red eyes.
“You bastard, how dare you!”
“But it’s already too late, isn’t it? A bet once accepted by a god cannot be defeated. This hourglass was made from the sand at the bottom of the Styx River.”
Styx River. It is a river, the Mecca of promises that even the gods cannot ignore. If you put the name of Styx, even the Gods can’t stop you. If it was an hourglass made by scooping up sand from the floor, it would hurt your mouth.
Assand, who was skeptical at the beginning, at first believed that the female lead was not an enemy when she said, ‘I swear by the River Styx’. To say the least, it was like a famous landmark for appointments. However, Abel had an unusual accident.
“Then I will wipe out the entire Styx River.”
“Hahaha, you’ll die before that. And that person you don’t know will die too.”
Abel, who seemed to be running at any moment, flinched. I felt the red thread on my wrist thickening. The more Abel reacts negatively, the thicker the red thread that was entangled in Caesar’s hourglass.
“So, what’s the answer?”
Caesar, who was staring at my expression, smiled round and round as our eyes met. He is a man who even deceived the grim reaper who came to pick me up. It meant there was no way out, and it wasn’t nonsense. Knowing this, I was going to try to run away.
“Okay. I’ll accept it for now. But Caesar. I don’t think you’re the real commander, so we can negotiate in detail later, right?”
When referring to the lesser-known Commander of Apocalypse, I observed a slightly interesting change in Caesar’s expression. Okay, I drew attention. I was relieved to see the face changed mysteriously. He is quick at calculating. You probably know how useful I am and how much information I need. Caesar is interested first and never touches anyone who might be of help to him.
“Well, alright.”
At the same time as the words seemed to have been calculated, our red thread that was connected to the hourglass was cut off.
“You’re a smart human being. You’re better than him, right?”
Caesar turned around, tossing the dice, and Asura, who was waiting quietly, fumbled through the air with the six arms, tearing the space apart.
Zwooop. The background was torn like a tent, and a space as black as space appeared. I was expecting it, but when I saw it in reality, I was stunned by the absurdity. Asura gestured with one arm except for the five arms that grabbed the space.
“Ugh, it’s hard, what are you doing not coming in?/Hurry up./…”
“…let’s go for now?”
I said awkwardly. Abel’s expression hardened and there were no words. If I just said no, I thought I’d turn around and run with the sand of Styx right away, but unfortunately, it was scary for me, who knew the power of the Styx River well. If I do, I’m afraid Abel will have problems.
“I’m worried about you. The River Styx isn’t something that even a god can ignore.”
Abel, who seemed to think for a moment, moved his steps slowly. Just before he entered the black space, he grabbed my hand. I grabbed it so tightly that his cold hand that touched mine felt lukewarm. In an instant, the sky and the earth change and become tangled. As we took one step, the space grew darker and we came out to a place where the black star twinkled.
“It’s the Dark Age.”
The Dark Land. It was the place where Apocalypse stayed.
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