Novel Name : Beware of the Red Thread

Beware of the Red Thread - Chapter 21

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The house the Dark Lord gave me was very nice. It was a very pleasant house with a wide yard where Sleipnir could run around, except for the fact that there were only mushrooms and poisonous weeds instead of grass. Except for living with Abel.
“…Good night. Abel.”
“I have something to tell you. Come here.”
“I, I’m so tired! I’m a human, so I’m losing my vitality. Then bye.”
From the first day, I went to bed, fiercely resisting Abel, who demanded a conversation. It was clear that there was only one reason Abel was asking for a conversation. He must have wanted to put an end to what I was saying right before Apocalypse appeared.
‘Don’t test me. You are not looking at me, so what else can I put up with?’
‘…… Don’t you feel the same way as me?”
And he straightened his lips…… Aaackk! I kicked the duvet. I had to thank Caesar and Asura. If he had even kissed me, it might have been really irreversible. No. No Abel, never with that idiot. So I kicked the duvet and fell asleep exhausted.
Dark Age was as dark as a foggy day even in the middle of the day. I remember that even the sweet and kind female lead didn’t last a few hours here. I didn’t feel too bad about not being able to sympathize because I had already acclimatized to the Temple of Immortality. In particular, perhaps because of my connection with Abel, I didn’t even feel that the energy of living life was quickening or dampening. The sun doesn’t rise so it’s just dim lighting. It was something unusual and nice.
When Abel entered the Dark Age, his red eyes grew more lively, perhaps because he was a reaper. His energy was also fuller, and within two days, the demons and spirits who followed him gathered in the empty home and formed a force. It was very nice to have people to cook and clean for me.
Come to think of it, I’m glad I joined the Apocalypse. I sided with the worst kids in the world, so no one could touch me. It’s protective.
Although I was stuck with a villain and felt a little guilty about riding on the original story unlike my original plan, I have no choice but to live. Abel cared for me, which was useless, so even during battles he was unable to exert his powers. If Caesar had decided to fight alongside Asura, we would have been stuck.
Since I entered Apocalypse anyway, I had to live up to the name. As a newcomer has to raise their reputation first, I have to go out to the field and roll-, said Asura, who has been coming since dawn the next day.
“What? You didn’t say that.”
“If you don’t want to be treated badly, you better roll. If you are a reaper, it is also beneficial to you to collect souls to expand your power./…”
“…Shall I go with you?”
Even if Igo anyway, it won’t help. Swallowing the words, I asked, but Abel shook his head, thinking the same thing.
“Stay here. I don’t want to see you get hurt.”
…… Is it not that you don’t want me to be seen? I looked into Abel’s eyes. He has always been under pressure. It’s been the second day since we settled in the Dark Age. The only conversations we’ve had all day since yesterday are Abel’s ‘I have something to say, come here x99’ and ‘I’m tired! Toilet! Let’s eat!’ was just my unilateral avoidance.
Fortunately, Abel prepared to go to the ground without saying a word. He had nothing to prepare, he set up a barrier in the mansion—a popular menu item even in the Dark Ages—and gave only a few orders to his subordinates. According to Asura, the concept of time between the earth and here is different, so it will take at least a few days.
Really? In the meantime, I should have just watched the Dark Age. I groaned, and I followed him. As Abel waved his hand as he walked, the black armor was draped over his robe that fluttered through the air.
Then he suddenly stopped and looked back at me. Indifferent pigeon blood eyes. It is an eye that is immersed in deep agony from experience. What else are you going to say? What else? I was thinking of excuses to run away, but Abel looked at me and asked.
“You’re going to wander around without me again.”
“N, no?”
It’s been awhile since I’d met Abel, and he knew me better than I thought. I took my hands of my dazeness, opened my eyes and looked up. Abel, who was suddenly coughing, bit his finger. Your finger!
“What are you doing!”
Watching the index finger dripping with blood, I was terrified. Abel pressed his finger, which was dripping with blood.
“Lick it.”
“Are, are you crazy? Evil! Sleipnir!”
“I’m nervous about you, so I’m just giving you some power, so just take it!”
Oh really? You should have told me earlier. I desperately wanted to grab Abel’s finger and stick out my tongue. The wound heals when my skin touches it. Because of this, like a person who eats rain, I stick my tongue out in the air and catch the dripping drops of blood.
Abel screamed. Surprised. I looked at him, gazing at the bitter taste of blood. Abel, who had turned red to the face, grunted.
“You really! I told you not to test my patience!”
“No! It’s not because it’s dirty. The wound heals when I touch it…”
“Damn it! You bearish girl!”
Abel, exasperated, swung his finger away. What’s wrong with him? Again? My eyes widened in embarrassment, and something floated above the front door. They were demons with large eyeballs in a round sphere. Oh my. Really cute.
“Some of my powers have been replaced. It’s only possible in the Dark Age.”
Oh, is that Abel’s power? I was touching the round things one by one, and Abel hurriedly left, so I followed him involuntarily.
I was a bit stuck at home alone, so I was going to see him off to the front door. Among the black people, I hugged Wazowski- a name I gave because it resembles the one-eyed monster from Monsters Inc. – and followed me around, and Abel, who was staring blankly at me, met my eyes.
“Good luck, Abel.”
Don’t worry, I’ll take good care of your heart! I pats his chest as I speak, but his ears are too red. As soon as I was about to take a closer look, Abel suddenly turned his head away.
“Let’s go!”
Then he spread out the black wings and disappeared. I coughed absurdly after being hit by a sudden gust of air. Why are you doing that again?
As expected, without Abel, I was very bored. Sleipnir said it was suffocating and went out at dawn, running around the mountains and fields, and I went out into the street to take a look, as Abel had expected.
I hugged Wazowski and wandered around the Dark Age. Behind me, Wazowski’s friends followed me.
On the way, I ran into countless ghosts and monsters, but slowly avoided me even though their mouth was salivating. Even if there are many, there is no reason for the low-ranking monsters to do so because of Wazowski and friends, and I pulled up a piece of memory yesterday.
On the first day I came here, on the way to the appointed house with Abel, a demon from the middle of the city attacked me without knowing anything. At that time, Abel was filled with his wrath against the Dark Lord and Caesar, so he turned the demon into hot chocolate powder – that’s how that demon body was really broken – and a law has been established since then.
If you want to be killed by the god of death, you can touch the human girl.
In one day, the rumors spread to all directions, and the monsters who seemed a little bit energetic went away like a plague patient when I saw them. It seemed that they did not want to test the violence of the reaper.
It’s good that they didn’t touch me. I feel like I’m being bullied. Every time I walked, I saw the street where Moses’ miracles* took place, and I felt somewhat depressed.
(T/N: Like a sea parted.)
The only monster that didn’t run away after seeing me was Mr. Pingping. First day here. There was no fire in the house, so I met Magcargo, a fire snail that lived in a volcano in the Dark Ages. He works by lighting a brazier from house to house, but in fact, it’s so slow that monsters would just scoop the brazier directly from his back. Mr. Pingping, who started to open his mouth as soon as he saw me, finally began to speak.
He always greeted me with his antennae upright like an antenna when he saw me. He was also slowly advancing with a large lava furnace on his way to delivery.
“Where are you going?”
With his antennae, he pointed to a house that looked like a small volcano in the distance. At my own pace, it seemed like a one-minute drive, but for Mr. Pingping, an hour’s distance seemed easy enough. Feeling sorry for him, I put down Wazowski and tried to pull down the lava furnace.
“I’ll help! Please deliver somewhere else.”
“Thaaaannkkkk yooooouuuu.
In fact, I was bored. As I whimpered and lifted the brazier, the gathered Wazowski friends lifted the brazier. Oh, thank you. While praising the black things, Mr. Pingping said from behind.
The house that looked like a volcano looked even more like a volcano up close. Occasionally, red flames were spit out from the chimney hanging from the top.
“Excuse me.”
Kangkang! I couldn’t hear it because of the loud noise. Red lava barrels, hammers and pieces of iron scattered here and there. Is it a blacksmith? I tilted my head and poked my head.
Inside the dark and occasional sparkling flames, one-legged rock monsters were diligently carrying black iron. Wow, they’re cute too… …
A flash of light went to my forehead.
“Who are you?”
“Why are you hitting me?!”
“Yes! If you are asked a question, you have to give an answer. Why are you standing there? The smell of humans that seemed to be a saintess with a reaper. There’s no place to play here, so get the hell out!”
A dwarf with a voice mingled with a raging iron was poking at me. In his hand he holds a long cane. He blinks his eyes, whose pupils have been bleached white, and acts in an angry way. Wait a minute. Blind? Plus a dwarf. In a blacksmith’s shop.
Balkan Dverd. The best blacksmith who makes the basic and complete staff of a healer for the female lead! Yes, you were an Apocalypse too. Although not a fighter, he was very useful! I was about to grab his hand with joy! Again, a light flashed at the top of my head.
“How dare you call an adult by name? This sassy brat!”
Whoops, I thought to myself as I rubbed the top of my head with a second bump. Do you want me to tell Abel about that?
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