Novel Name : Beware of the Red Thread

Beware of the Red Thread - Chapter 25

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“Oh my, is the cold wind blowing?”
On the way to the Black Castle, I ran into someone. A few days ago, she was the woman next to Abel. Naturally, I turned my head, pretending not to see her approaching Abel’s side, but I heard all her whispers.
“You still haven’t reconciled?”
“Shut up.”
“It’s stupid and pathetic. She’s going to get snatched?”
“…… If you say one more word, I will put you to death immediately.”
“Dear, what a personality…… Hi. Saintess?”
Ahh. As I shook my bruised shoulder, trying to figure out what their conversation meant, the woman smirked and called out her name.
“I am Kali.”
Kali? My eyes widened at the familiar name. At that time, I was so angry that I didn’t know, but now I see that the woman is the goddess Kali, who appears as a supporting role in the original. Her dark red hair and dark red eyes. She is the only female of the Apocalypse and the God of the Moon.
“I am Lian. But I’m not the saintess… ”
“Hmm, whatever. I wanted to say hello last time, but I was sad that you ran away.”
Grit, I wanted to grind my teeth, but I pretended to focus on Kali. Although she is female, she was bigger than me. I lowered my eyes involuntarily from the open chest bone, and she fixed her dark red eyes again.
I look forward to your kind cooperation. When our eyes met, Kali gave a wink. Befitting the description of irresistible temptation, regardless of age or gender, her dark red eyes are full of color even when she was the same woman as me.
I can’t believe I don’t recognize that huge presence. I guess I got really angry back then. Feeling that something that had been piling up on Abel was breaking down a bit, I involuntarily turned my head away. As our eyes met, as if he had been watching me since, the sunken pupils trembled slightly.
“……… ”
As he looked at me with longing eyes for something, I hesitated to say what to say, and then I bit my mouth tightly.
The reason why I was so angry to see him standing side by side with a woman, the reason I had not been able to let go of Abel with a clear mind until now. Even though I knew it all, I was hypocritical until the end.
It’s Abel’s fault that I couldn’t go back. You don’t have to be sorry because you’re self-employed. If I hadn’t been involved with Abel, I wouldn’t have come this far. The moment I averted my eyes first, strong stinging spread to my skin, but I did not look back at Abel till the end.
I can’t live with the brutality, and brutality on my left side, and we soon entered the dark, black castle in the distance.
“Lian needs to follow Kali! / Abel, you follow me. Dark Lord is looking for you./…… ”
“……… ”
Abel, who normally should have insisted on not going and watching over me, silently moved on his steps. Eh? Maybe Asura didn’t expect him to follow along, so all three of them widened their eyes.
Abel passed me indifferently at a slow, fast pace. In an indescribable feeling for a moment, I was frozen in place. Because I saw a decision that didn’t make any sense on the slightly bowed face. I stood there blankly until the silver hair that did not match the dark Dark Age completely disappeared.
“Saintess, won’t you come?”
“…… Ah, let’s go!”
Kali led me to a ward lined with black beds. Sheets and blankets, all black, looked more like coffins than beds.
If I stay here, even a healthy person will get sick. I made a bitter expression, and when my eyes met the large eagle sitting on the window sill next to the coffin-like but firm bed, I was terrified.
At the same time, there was a gust of whirlwind. As the gust of wind disappeared, a man with sharp eyes like an eagle appeared in the place.
“Are you the saintess? It is an honor to meet you!”
“Yes, eh?”
He shook my hand with a thrilled expression on his face, groaned and grabbed his shoulder. The ends of the brow twitch in pain.
“Ugh, sorry. Because the wings are broken.”
“I will treat you. Would you like to sit here for now?”
“Still, I have to be courteous to the saint… ack!”
You’re freaking her out! Kali mercilessly kicked him in the back shin, causing him to sit limply. Only then could I see his face up close.
Golden eyes like grains of sand in the desert, and dark blonde hair tied up high in contrast to the copper-colored skin. Transforming into an eagle. Needless to say, he was Silverwing. The tanned skin like the guardian deity of the desert country did not go well with this gloomy Dark Age.
“I’ll take a look.”
What day is today? I’ll meet all the supporting characters. Thinking of useless thoughts, I hurriedly lifted up his thin, scratchy robes with a painful moan. Beneath the disgusting red thread, a severely torn forearm and an abnormally pushed back shoulder blade are visible.
I forgot to bring a pain reliever because I was rushing out. I took a deep breath to heal the wound and patted his shoulder. Ugh, the pain of the wing bones twisting makes my teeth clench. When I let go of my arm while trying to manage my facial expression, he swings his arm, which has become healthy, rejoicing like a child.
“Oh, the pain is gone! Thank you so much, saintess!”
“Ah yes. But I’m not the saintess… ”
“Damian! The saintess is still here, what are you doing!”
I was nervous that the red thread would get entangled like Laytan’s again, but the red thread fluttering around his heart was a little thinner than before and there was no movement. I turned to the next patient with a long sigh.
“You didn’t say that the saint is a human being. I am not getting treatment.”
A voice that had not gone through a transformation period cut in sharply. A young man with purple eyes, who had just taken off his hoodie, was looking at me with wary eyes.
Then he must be Damian. I looked at him calmly. Pale skin and purple eyes with depressing features, but as described, he is a handsome young man.
The only ill-fated love interest number 4, who died without revealing the proper past until just before his death, leaving only a word of apology to his father. But, was he younger than I think? I guess I was staring intently at the young-looking appearance that had just turned 20.
“…… What are you looking at?”
Damian frowned in displeasure, hesitating and backing away. I looked at his heart and the red thread tangled in his purple hair. Asura said he was seriously injured. It would be dangerous to leave it alone if it was a head injury.
Whether my prediction is correct, the eyes staring at me with blood stains on the cheeks are somewhat unstable. It looked like he was getting anemia. It wasn’t time to have a staring competition. Hey, Kali? I whispered to her as she was leaning against the door, getting nervous.
“I’m sorry, can you go out with Silverwing for a moment? I’ll try to convince him.”
“Hmm, good.”
Kali agreed, dragging Silverwing and disappearing into the next room. Suddenly, the door that had grown black was closed, and only Damian and I were left in the treatment room.
“Let’s start with treatment.”
“…… I don’t know what the intention is, but it won’t work. Human. Get out.”
“That’s my job. I don’t want anything else.”
“I will scream and run away like a monster. Or did you want me to bring a fire-breathing machine?!”
He growls like a wounded lynx, and backs away as far as I come. Damian hates humans terribly. Being a hybrid of a human and a spider monster, being treated as a monster in middle-earth was a major trauma. But that was what, and this is this. I grabbed his arm.
“No such thing. And I also treated Mr. Jinen, who has more legs than you. You’re nothing?”
“I’m not a centipede, I’m a spider, let go of me!”
“The first thing I treated was a spider monster, you bastard!”
As soon as he started to rebel, Damian flinched and stopped rebelling. I’ve been hanging out with the Cherkopian priest for 5 years, who seems to be advertising ‘I’m a spider monster’ just by looking at him. Other illusions are free. He grunted and took off his pressed hood. And without realizing it, I was surprised.
“You’re surprised too!”
Damian blinked with betrayed eyes and covered his forehead.
“I’m surprised that you’ve been hurt so much! Come and sit down.”
Look, if you leave it alone, it can even make your eyesight worse. As he slowly removed his hand and I calm him down, his blood-stained forehead was revealed. The third eye, embedded in the center of the forehead, looked up at me anxiously, blinking and half-opened, but the red thread wriggling like a tentacle was more disgusting than that.
When you go to the emergency room, it would take ten needles to sew that deep wound. Was it smashed into a stone, or was it crushed? Where the hell did he get so hurt? I touched his blood-soaked forehead with my trembling hands.
“…… Ugh.”
My forehead felt like it was going to break. As soon as the tingling pain of smashing my head into the stone floor did not go away, the sensation of the burning eyes came. How could you go through this and endure it like that? I groaned and rubbed my eyes. It’s a pain that makes you want to pluck out your eyes if you can. Damian glanced at me as he rubbed his forehead with an unbelievable look.
“…… Are you okay?”
“Huh. I’m sorry, but let’s fix the little things with medicine.”
I searched through the wards so I could treat the shallow wounds with medicine if possible. It was because I wanted to reduce the pain as much as possible. It’s called a ward, so even if it doesn’t, there are some herbs. Since I’ve been in the temple for a long time, I’ve learned something, so I can tell the difference between uses. I opened the drawer and rummaged through the pile of dried herbs.
Because of the pain or my blurred vision, I couldn’t see well, and as I lowered my head a little more, something rattled on my chest with a popping sound. What? When I heard it, it was a picture of a little boy smiling broadly. It was a pendant that the Cherkopian priest told me that it was her son.
Oh, I totally forgot. When I heard about his son, I was supposed to deliver a letter. It looked like the line was getting old and about to break. But what was his son’s name? Heh… Heh… What did he say? It was when I was struggling while tying the ends of the dangling rope as if it were about to break.
“What are you doing to treat me?”
The moment I turned around in amazement, the line dropped and completely cut. Tung, the pendant, which fell to the floor, rolled over and spread out at Damian’s feet with his mouth wide open like a seashell. Gasp, without a second thought, long, white fingers picked it up.
“…… Where did you get this?”
After a moment of silence, Damian asked, looking at me with shaky purple eyes. A total of three pupils, including the eye on the forehead, shook anxiously with shock and joy. So was my mood.
“I’m asking where you got it!”
I couldn’t say anything in shock. The red thread that was connected to the pendant was transferred to Damian’s heart. And then I was able to recall the full name of the son, which the priest had told me.
“Hermann Hesse….. Widoo Cherkopia II..”
Suddenly, one of the masterpieces that my sister had borrowed from the library along with the ‘Red Thread’ came to mind.
Damian. That Hermann Hesse.
…… that’s hell of a name. I buried my face in the palm of my hand. The red thread on my wrist fluttered pitifully.
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