Novel Name : Beware of the Red Thread

Beware of the Red Thread - Chapter 26

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“My father’s your benefactor. I didn’t know.”
After hearing the whole story, Damian became noticeably more relaxed. He was pleased when he heard that I had healed the Cherkopian priest from an incurable disease, and that I had revived the village of Lemda while staying there.
“Is father okay? Thinking about it now, it was an immature act.”
“Sure. He’s been well.”
He missed you very much. Due to my habit of looking at people’s eyes and talking, I unconsciously glanced at the eyes of his forehead, he frowns and covers his forehead with his hands. Then, surprised to find out that the back of his hand also had an eye, he shows his palm.
“I don’t care, so there’s no need to hide it.”
“… it’s useless eyes Even if there were… ”
“Why is it useless? It will be very advantageous in a staring contest.”
Even if you lost one, there are two left. It’s a bit difficult to fit the glasses. Well, I’m just trying to change the gloomy mood, Damian lowered his head. Was it too much? He was silent with embarrassment.
…… It’s my first time someone said that. The pretty boy with red ears and wiggling his fingers made a great contribution to purifying my eyes, but I smiled awkwardly and then quickly erased my smile. Damian was the son of the Cherkopian priest. This is the best plot twist since the Sixth Sense.
Let me know if you need any help, Lian. I’ll help you with anything. If you…… Damian seemed to be talking more, but nothing came into my half-functioning ears.
“Damian. I’m not feeling well, can I talk to you next time if it’s okay?”
Seeing my pale complexion, Damian nodded his head. I refused when he asked if I wanted to let him take me and left the room. My stomach was churning and I wanted to get some wind.
Just at the end of the hallway, on the balcony with the window open, I saw two rocking chairs swaying in the wind. I staggered and sat down on any chair. It overlooks a black lake that roars wildly as if it was a complex heart.
Something stumbled in my hand, and when I opened it, I found the pendant that Damian had fixed the string with cobwebs. It’s his , so even if I asked him to take it, he refused to keep it instead asked me to keep it for him. After the red thread disappeared it became nothing more than an ordinary pendant, I shoved it into my pocket, spinning around like a compass that had lost its destination.
Damian is the fourth male interest of the female lead, Lucia. Of course, one-sided, Lucia treats him like a cute little brother, but is completely engrossed in the female lead, who is not surprised by the look of his ugly eyes, and is willing to sacrifice himself for her.
His end is tragic. He rescues the female lead from falling off a cliff, but he himself falls down the cliff and dies when he runs out of cobwebs. The very father to whom he said right before the end, ‘Please tell my father that I am sorry for being a bad son’ was the priest!
‘Human! How did you come here!’
As I followed the red thread, I fell into a manhole and lost consciousness. And as soon as I opened my eyes, I met the Cherkopian priest for the first time, who pointed his finger at me in anger. I was able to live there safely for five years.
The name of the village of Lemda where I stayed is not even mentioned in the story, and the same is true of the Cherkopian priests. Because of this, I firmly believed that I was not involved in the original story at all.
But anyhow. I’ve been entangled with the original story since I first fell here. From the moment I met the Cherkopian priest! Looking back, my head was pounding again.
I blamed myself for getting to this point because I met Abel, for being dead flagged, and for messing up my life. So let’s push him to death so as not to disturb the story I saw any longer, and not to intervene as if he had never been there before. Obsessed with the original story, possessed by the thought of killing Abel in front of me, the moments that had been thrown away passed like a lantern.
And just a few minutes ago, I remembered Abel, who passed me by without thinking as if he had made a decision. I did not have the courage to go straight into the house and see Abel’s face. So what am I supposed to do now?
“Oh dear, you’re distracted.”
My eyes were dazzled as I turned around at the whirling voice.
“Long time no see?”
A man smiling while rattling a dice made of pure gold. It was Caesar. Caesar was still perfect, with dark blonde hair tucked back and a perfectly-fitting purple suit.
“He, hello.”
“You look weak. I can’t even see the reaper that was always attached to you.”
As I flinched, Caesar raised the corners of his mouth and smiled, pulled out the checkered handkerchief from his chest and spread it out in front of me. The handkerchief was spread out in empty air and was fixed like a round table. Magic, no, is it magic? There is no trick, even if you check the tightness and firmness, and spread your hand down and press.
Then Caesar pulled out a square thing from his arms. It thought it was a deck of cards, but when he opened the cap on the top of him, a strong alcohol scent came out. Two glasses of wine came out as I put my hand under the table.
Where the hell do you keep getting it from? In the midst of absurdity, a squeaky, refreshing sound rang through the glass. Gulp, it must have been the same, but when I took a sip, it was grape juice. You gave me the losing wine! I glared at Caesar, who gently fluttered the glass.
“I can drink too.”
“Do you want to get drunk? Hmmm, I guess you have something to worry about.”
“……… ”
“By the way, I heard this by accident, you and Damian know each other well?”
You overheard me? I flinched and looked at him, but he only looked at me with a vaguely smiling face. What were you talking about? I hastily chewed through the conversation with Damian.
“It’s great enough to know the complex name and even his real name. Damian isn’t a well-known guy from the outside. That’s interesting.”
“I just found out by chance. Because you know Damian’s father.”
“I know that he left home when he was young and had very little interaction with his father. Did he even know that his son hates humans and that he has a complex with a certain body part?”
“…… I, too, have been looking for something on my own. The temple is fast in information.”
“Hmm. Yes?”
That’s right. Caesar raised an ambiguous corner of his mouth and didn’t ask any more. Normally, I would have started a psychological warfare to find out what he had noticed or what was his intention, but now I can’t afford to do that. Abel. Abel. Why do I keep coming back to the face I didn’t want to see for days? I bit my lips.
“Do you know what the king’s role is in chess?”
Caesar, who was watching me, suddenly asked. Huh? When he asks the question, he smiles with a full cat smile and rattles the dice in his hand.
“The most important thing in chess is the king. It’s like the owner of the board. At least one pawn can die. It doesn’t matter if it’s a knight or a queen. After all, they are beings sacrificed for the King.”
Why are you talking about chess all of a sudden? As my eyes widened at the sudden flow of conversation, Caesar swung the die and drove it into the corner of the chessboard. As I looked at the table made of handkerchief, I realized later. I thought it was a checkered pattern, but upon closer inspection, the black and white are chessboard patterns.
“But, what if the King dies?”
At the same time, Caesar got up from his chair and pulled the handkerchief. Then, what was on the table magically disappeared. And then, looking down at me sitting blankly, he asserts.
“Then the whole board will be over.”
Caesar folded the handkerchief neatly and put it back into my chest. The golden afterimage of the dice played on his hand cut through the air. Caesar gracefully extended his hand to me. Unexpectedly, I grabbed his hand, and in a flash, my body was grabbed and dragged away. A soft voice rings in my ears.
“So, think carefully. Are you a pawn or a king?”
Caesar sheds a characteristic soft smile and walks away. I stared blankly at his back. His back was pounding. Maybe it was because I heard something I couldn’t understand, or because I realized something.
I’m a pawn. I never doubted that it was just a pawn. No, I thought I was a horse that hadn’t even been on the chessboard from the beginning. By the way, as I stumbled out of the castle entrance, pressing my complicated head, my footsteps stopped.
Abel, who had been standing with his back on a pillar, stepped out of the shadows. It looked like he was waiting for me. When our eyes met, a half happy and half hesitant expression crossed over. Suddenly, I remembered the first time I met Abel.
You’re Lian, aren’t you? Abel was leaning under the Daphne tree, smiling brightly.
From that moment on, I have never doubted that my life began to falter. I thought everything was wrong after meeting him, and unconsciously resented Abel a lot. If I hadn’t met you, I would have been able to live peacefully without getting caught up in complicated matters. I was able to get home safely.
But now that I think about it, I have doubts. Even if I see the end of this original work, is it true that I can go back? Where the hell is that certainty or guarantee? That was purely the driving force that allowed me to survive in this terrifying ghost world for 5 years, and it was only my wish.
“I have something to say….… Why are you crying?”
The moment I realized that, my eyes got hot and something ran down my cheeks.
“I’m sorry. I’ll do it later.”
I don’t know why I suddenly became so sad. Even if I took a step back, the tears that I had been holding back poured out when I saw Abel who took one step closer as if it was natural and held out his hand steadfastly. It was the result of facing a reality that had been so hard to ignore.
“Why are you crying?”
“I’m not crying.”
“You’re crying! Damian, what did that bastard do? Damn, what’s wrong with you? Huh?”
Abel, who was not sure what to do with me, grabbed me as I stepped backwards and hugged me tightly. In an instant, my body floated up, and a sharp wind blew past my cheeks. I pushed him away as soon as I felt the familiar air of the house.
Put me down. It was when he went straight into the room, speaking in a strained voice, with my head bowed so as not to let him catch my swollen eyes.
“Wait, listen to this.”
At the rebuttal, Abel grabbed my wrist. Even as he grabs me, he shudders and releases the powers in his hands. Had he been conscious of what I said the last time that it hurt, it was better to say that he just put me on rather than caught me.
“…… I was wrong.”
I bowed my head and couldn’t see his expression, but there was a clear sign of hesitation. Abel stuttered.
“I think it was too harsh on me to lock yourself up. At that time, I was so angry…… ”
Suddenly, something tumbled from my pocket. The pendant. It looked like it had fallen off because of the soft material of the clothes. With a familiar déjà vu, I reached out my hand hastily, but Abel’s was faster. I then found a pendant string carefully wound with cobwebs.
“You said it was an amulet.”
It was only at this time that Abel was needlessly fast in his memory and intelligence. Purple hair. Spider web. Damian. Abel was silent for a moment.
“Is the reason you cried, Damian, because of that bastard?”
“I… ”
“It’s okay. I do not care.”
The voice that cuts the words sank low. It seemed that the trembling of his neck was from holding back his anger.
“Whoever you love, no matter where you come from, whether you are the saint the Dark Lord is talking about, it doesn’t matter.”
“I lost everything. I will never let you go this time. I will definitely have what I want! Damn, even if I kill that bastard… !”
I couldn’t stand it and hugged Abel tightly. Abel, with his red eyes wide open, looked at me stiffly. Enduring the strangulation, I barely opened my mouth.
“Listen well.”
I know I’m doing something bad to Abel. However, still. I looked up at Abel as he stiffly looked down at me as I grabbed his cheek. Full of chaotic swaying eyes, the selfish image of me is captured in it.
“At that time, my cat, Bert. I remember?”
Camembert. My cat that Abel was jealous of when he thought it was a human. It’s my cat that was alive and couldn’t be brought by his power.
“I’m going to go back to where the cat is one day. I have to go back. But, are you okay?”
“…… you.”
I continued speaking while looking at his red eyes shimmering with hope and anxiety.
“If that happens, you will have to be alone again.”
“I do not care.”
“You may regret it.”
“It doesn’t matter.”
“And when that time comes, you have to let me go without catching me.”
“……… ”
“Can you promise me?”
The mouth which was always answering was closed. The muscles of the tightly closed mouth stiffen. I waited quietly for him.
“Then you.”
After a while, Abel painstakingly opened her mouth.
“Until then, you’ll be honest with me, you won’t leave me…… Can you promise me?”
Abel’s eyes widened. He stared at me for a while, staring blankly in disbelief, then he grabbed my cheek.
…… Ha, when I tilted my head and looked at the handsome face without blinking as he approached, Abel, who stopped in front of me, smirked as if it were nonsense.
“This bearish girl.”
You should close your eyes. Abel, who covered my eyes with his large hand, put his lips together and kissed my lips. I can’t see anything under her cold palms, and that feeling of contact is even more unfamiliar.
Abel gripped my head tightly and devoured my lips as if to eat it. The cool tongue sweeps up the roof of my mouth, the tongue curls back and forth, and swallows mine whole as if it were his. The red thread entangled wildly with the rough movement of the head.
I felt like I was going to be eaten like this, and as I panted and pushed him away, Abel quietly backed away and removed his hand. His red eyes were full of unparalleled pleasure.
Without realizing it, I hesitated and stood back, and his strong arms wrapped around my waist. I rub my ears, which are heated by the heat, and he pulls my waist to make it close to his body. Lian. The red lips that gently call my name are curved like a sculpture.
“You’re supposed to be honest.”
His body, which I was tired of touching, was honest without a single lie. It’s always been like that. I’m always busy hiding, Abel is busy showing everything to me. I grabbed Abel’s neck and licked his lower lip with my tongue.
…… to be honest. As I watched his red eyes grow to their fullest, he smiled sadly. My eyes were dark again, and the cold lips penetrated urgently.
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