Novel Name : Beware of the Red Thread

Beware of the Red Thread - Chapter 27

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“You’re up.”
Pfffsss, as soon as I opened my eyes, the first thing I saw was the handsome features with his chin slanted at an angle. When our eyes met, he bent his red eyes finely and, then lowered his head and pressed his lips to my exposed shoulder and asked.
“… did you sleep well?”
I haven’t slept, so put on some clothes, you shameless bastard! I desperately pushed his lips away, but even though he was thrown away, he smiled and walked over to the window and pulled the curtains. His strong upper body was exposed.
“Ah, the weather is really nice.”
…… what the hell? I looked up with cold eyes at the gloomy sky that looked like a storm was about to come. The curtains are drawn, but the brightness is the same. Obviously, Dark Age is the same as yesterday, but the reason why it looks particularly bright today is probably because of this stupid reaper by my side.
Abel seemed to have become a flower god instead of a reaper overnight. It seemed as if spring would come at any moment when a flower smile was floating in the morning. Somebody’s going to have a hard time. Abel was so crazy that I wasn’t sure who he was. He’s the one I saw in the temple and I didn’t see it wrong. If he was honest twice, I’m not going to stay.
Anyway, Abel, who became a gentle puppy overnight, listened to me very well. Because he said his back hurts, I rubbed his back–I slapped him on the back with a hand that went down harshly-, gave him everything he asked for–he asked for a kiss every day in return-, I smiled softly and I’ll help him in the shower. It was as if the savage dog had become a puppy in one day.
The morning was normal as usual. I woke up late, ate kakagu juice and a couple of prune-flavored berries for breakfast, hugged Wazowski as a cushion, and read the books the demons thoughtfully brought me…
“……… ”
Anyone who sees me would think that I have four arms. I looked at the arms wrapped around my waist with cold eyes. From the moment I woke up in the morning, this grim reaper, who had been clinging to me, never thought of letting go.
Yeah, it’s like that now, and I’ve acknowledged it, so I was able to get past the fact that we were so close that it was hard to turn the pages and kissing the cheeks and the nape of my neck so much that it was annoying. But that.
“Why, what do you need?”
Snack? coffee? Or me? Striking a strange and absurd line, when our eyes met, he sharply curled his and folded the ends of his eyes. That smile! I can’t turn over the pages because of that smile, which has been constantly leaking since before. The human field of vision is wider than you think. Even though I was looking at the book, I could see it all with a squint.
“…… Stop smiling.”
The red corners of his mouth and eyebrows didn’t show any signs of coming down, so I tried hard not to pay attention to it, so I looked at the sheet of paper and said impatiently.
“I can’t concentrate because of you. Go away.”
Stop touching my hair! it will be oily. He frowns in dissatisfaction when I take the hair that has been abused for hours in Abel’s hand. It’s like, his face was saying why did you take mine? It’s an unfortunate expression. It’s obviously my hair, but I feel weird because it seems like it’s interfering with my legitimate actions.
I can’t quite see the text. Yes, that smile makes my daily life impossible. But I wasn’t the sweetest person to say that face-to-face.
“You, because of that face.”
Abel’s eyebrows wrinkled as he frowned and pretended to wipe his face down, unable to speak in detail. How can an impression change so drastically with one facial expression?
“You don’t want to see it? Huh, now you’ve seen it all, right?”
Why, are you tired of it? Huh? You don’t even want to look at it anymore? Not knowing where that hot temper went, Abel growled, pushing his face in my face, and I broke out in a cold sweat.
“No, not that.”
“Then what!”
“You’re so handsome that I can’t concentrate!”
When he threatened me without giving me a chance to explain anything, my true feelings came out without me knowing. As I screamed, his wild eyes widened in surprise. Wha what what, Abel’s face started to heat up late, and then it suddenly turned red as if it was about to explode.
“You, what do you say-!”
“You told me to tell you!”
Oh, damn it! Embarrassed belatedly, I quickly left my seat, when Abel grabbed my wrist.
“……So do I.”
“I can’t do anything because of you.”
It was a line that could have my hands and feet curled up, but my heart was pounding because of his serious gaze. As I was rolling my eyes in embarrassment, something cool touched the back of my hand.
A brief kiss on the tips of the fingers, the back of the hand, the bones of the fingers, and the knuckles of the fingers, and then he put his lips to the wrist where the artery is located. With his long eyelashes down, his lips went to the pounding, wildly beating wrist for a while.
Chu! Both of our faces turn red at the unexpected and embarrassing sound. I was startled by the sound of coughing from the side of the window.
“That’s a good time. Huft huft huft!”
The master has good skills too! Sleipnir, who had been standing next to the window and stomping at the air, no matter when he came, smiled warmly and disappeared slowly. Where did you go, why did you show up now?!
Abel was pissed off by Sleipnir’s recent intrusion, and ran out boldly claiming to secure the barrier so that no one could peek or enter without his permission.
“Hi guys.”
As I was going up to my room on the second floor, the demons I encountered all looked bright. It’s strange to say that it’s a complexion color to demons or ghosts, but it’s clear that their expressions and actions are actively changing.
As Abel’s mind calmed down, it seemed that his power naturally became noticeably more stable. It was a bonus for me that he was noticeably polite.
I was fiddling with the parchment, which had no meaning anymore, and I suddenly remembered it and rummaged under the bed. A shiny box is caught.
I carefully open the box from which black energy flowed, revealing a pulsating, resonant, crimson heart. Abel’s heart, tangled with red thread. I couldn’t touch it, but when I put my hand close to it, it starts running more wildly.
“What are you doing.”
I couldn’t even hear his footsteps, but Abel approached me and hugged me by my waist. Because of Abel hugging me from behind, Abel, me and the heart were in a state of embracing each other in that order. My heart was beating like crazy. I wondered if the tangled thread would break like that. Abel raised the corner of his lips as if he had read my expression.
“My heart is honest. Always.”
“…… I see.”
On the other hand, the hard chest that touches my back doesn’t move at all. The lack of a beating sound that life should have made it a bit bittersweet. Abel, who was resting his lips on the nape of my pounding neck, suddenly opened his mouth.
“What does it feel like to have a heart?”
I was a little embarrassed because I had never thought about what it would be like if the heart was not in the body, as it would naturally die when the heart was removed. Well. To have a heart,
“…… I feel, alive?”
When I ran wild, when I was happy, when I was sad, when I was angry, when I was nervous. According to all kinds of emotional changes, the heart beats faster or slower. I see. Abel laughed lowly.
“I haven’t had a heart in my body since I was born.”
“…… ”
“Even when I was happy, sad or angry, my body was always still. Like the body of the dead. In fact, I sometimes wondered if I was still alive.”
Abel spoke bluntly, but I felt a piercing pain in my chest. Abel seemed to have a vague idea of ​​why he was so clumsy in expressing his emotions. Human beings are afraid, angry, in any situation, the heart beats. But Abel’s body must have been quiet since he was born.
“Once I realized that the heart was in the body, I was envious and curious about the heartbeat. It was like proof that I was alive. I wanted to break this curse as soon as possible and feel that heartbeat in my body. … But it doesn’t matter now.”
Strength enters his arms that hold me. Abel let out a breath on the nape of my neck like a sigh.
“Now, for the first time in my life, I feel that I am alive.”
Abel’s heart raced like crazy, so that the box in my arms shook. He smiled as he slowly grabbed my chin and lifted it up. A cold breath hit me, but as before, I felt relief rather than fear. Contrary to what I expected him to kiss, Abel just made eye contact with me and stared straight at me.
“I thought I had to have a heart to have these feelings.”
I peered into the clear, blood-red eyes. Deep possessiveness. longing, obsession. Unrest. It’s like looking at a piece of glass that looks like it’s going to break if you put your hand on it.
“…… you.”
I didn’t like his anxious expression, so I impulsively kissed that lip. Abel’s eyes widened.
“Be, because you didn’t. I did it first.”
It’s very awkward. When I added it with embarrassment, the vague expression changed in an instant. Uh huh? I feel like I’ve hit the nail wrong on him, and I try to pull my back, Abel wraps his hand around my waist.
“Where are you going?”
“Let’s, let’s eat. I’m hungry.”
“I’ll eat you first.”
Uwaa! Ack! Ack! Ack! Where the heck did you learn such a phrase? Where do you go to school? After a brief moment of panic, his cold lips swallowed me in one bite. A kiss that started with a cute fluttering kiss turns into a deep kiss in an instant.
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