Novel Name : Beware of the Red Thread

Beware of the Red Thread - Chapter 28

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[I met your son. Damian is doing well……]
Yes, I was going to write it down but I stopped. It was a letter to the Cherkopian Priest. Is it true that the son who left home is doing well as a villain?
He’s not going to fall over again in shock, right. After biting the tip of the quill, I decided to put it on hold and folded the parchment in half.
Wazowski flew away and brought a box full of parchment paper. I folded the letter and put it in an envelope, and a bundle of parchment papers on which I wrote all the original contents in order not to forget for the past five years, stood out. It’s no longer meaningful.
I let out a short groan and called for him, who was sitting leaning on his back with his eyes closed with a sullen expression.
“……… ”
He opens his eyes for a moment, then closes his eyes again and turns his head in a flash. I thought that if I left it alone, he would slap me all day long, so I took it off a bit firmly, but he’s been like that since before. He’s not even an elementary student. I sighed and waved my hand, pretending I can’t win, and approached the seat next to him.
“Where will we go if the Dark Lord says we can leave?”
There is no need to be here unless we decide not to be attached to the original story. The Dark Lord said that he would let me go only if it was proved that I am not a saint, so if Lucia wakes up, Abel will be able to free himself from the powers that Caesar has placed on him. Caesar, I shook my head, remembering the harsh words I had heard him say yesterday.
“What’s the matter.”
“…… nothing, where else would you like to go?”
“As far away from Luce as possible.”
I was a little surprised by his firm remark. Luce. The holy land of Solar and the village where the female lead wakes up. After all, it was Abel who was expelled from Luce, so he was likely to have a grudge. Even so.
“Let’s go see the person called the saint once.”
“That again.”
Abel wrinkled his brow. I flinched, but I had no intention of giving up my argument. Taking off the red thread is also needed, but I wanted Abel to feel the heartbeat inside him. As I placed my hand around his heart, it was silent and the red thread tangled in my wrist shone brightly. Suddenly, a large hand clasped over it.
“Let me ask you one thing. You, there is no possibility that you are a saint.”
The hand holding my arm trembles a little. Somehow I smiled bitterly with nervous eyes and I shook my head. I’d rather be like that too.
“…… no.”
“I’m glad. That’s enough.”
Huh? Even as Abel smiled brightly, bent his eyes, I was dumbfounded. What. What are you happy about? In the midst of my stuttering, he stopped trying to hug me, and he said annoyedly.
“Can’t you get rid of that?”
“It has been annoying since yesterday.”
Abel was staring at the evil spirit in my arms. Wazowski, who had his big eyes twitching as if sleepy, flinched.
“it. A cushion substitute.”
“It’s a cushion! There’s a name called Wazowski!”
It had a round black body with wings that looked like a film, and it was created by some of the powers of the reaper. Its original use was as a watchman and bodyguard, whom Abel had assigned to protect me when he was not there, but I always carried it around, and it felt empty without it.
It’s so cute. As I tuck it’s round head and torso, it rolls its eyes and looks up at me, blinking its eyes. Aww, it’s cute! I couldn’t see Abel’s expression because I rubbed my forehead against it’s forehead. Whoop, in an instant, my arms were empty.
“…… This bastard was made to protect, so how dare?”
“Argh! What are you doing!”
“Give it to me. I’ll get rid of it!”
“No! No! If you get rid of Wazowski, I won’t look at you!”
“…… what?”
Abel, who had lost his will in an instant, dropped the child he was holding. In the meantime, Wazowski, who had escaped from his grasp, shuddered and hid behind me.
Don’t you take it? No, I will raise it! It resembled my mother’s reaction when I first picked up Bert. Abel stared at me as if he was stunned.
“You think that eyeball is more important than me?”
“Well, that’s not it.”
What’s wrong with him? Why would you get rid of it! When Abel was not around, it was Wazowski, who stuck with me and talked to me- it couldn’t speak because it had no mouth – but also served as a cushion for me and faithfully served as my assistant. Not a chance.
Wazowski, who suddenly became a punchbag, rolled its eyes anxiously behind me and broke out in a cold sweat. Go! Go and hide. It flaps its wings as if to run away from the room right away.
“Still, it’s the kid you made, why are you doing that!”
Ah, so it sounds a bit weird, but anyway. Abel shrugged his shoulders as if he had had a similar thought, and he said in a slightly softened tone.
“I made it to protect you, why would you do something like that?”
“What did I do… ”
“Shut up. From now on, when you’re with me, just focus on me.”
He stopped talking, snatched the parchment from my hand, tossed it, and put me on his lap.…… Could it be that you simply wanted to do this and made a fuss? My hand, which was suddenly empty, hangs dazedly, and when he puts it on the hand that is wrapped around his waist, he moves his fingers and clasps them.
“…… kiss me.”
When I met his eyes, Abel, who had his red eyes languidly raised, raised the corners of her lips and whispered. Again? But I was terrified and pulled my head back.
“You did it before. Again?”
“…… Hey.”
What’s wrong with this kissing ghost since yesterday? I shook my head, recalling the memory of having one healing kiss a while ago and nearly being eaten. His red eyes darken with dissatisfaction as I push the nape of my neck away from his subtle lip.
“Hey, what kind of woman are you so blunt?!”
“Then why don’t you go find a girl with a lot of charms!”
– Bang bang bang!
Yes, I’m blunt. What else do you want to add? I’m the person who’s lived my whole life hearing that the older sister is more like the youngest. I heard a knock on the front door.
“…… There is nothing I can say.”
Is it that mouth that says bad things? Avoiding Abel who was growling, saying that he would stop me from saying anything like that again, I opened the front door.
“Who is it?”
“Lian! I was surprised that you just left yesterday. / Damian said your complexion didn’t look good. Are you okay?/…… .”
The visitors were Asura, who began to pour out words as soon as the door opened, and Kali, leaning against the decoration in front of the front door and biting a pipe. I stuttered in embarrassment.
“No, that’s not it.”
“Did Abel hurt you again? Somehow, your expression was pale!”
“…… I got you. I won’t let you say anything like that again with your lips.”
Ack! Ack! As I rushed to shut my mouth, Abel hugged me tightly as if he had been waiting for it.
“…… Oh my gosh.”
Abel, who smiled as if he was a predator who succeeded in hunting, and Asura, who alternately looked at me like a moth wrapped around a sticky spatula, whispered.
“…… They did it, they did it./They did./Did it.”
“What are you doing?!”
As I stared at the three faces, each with a happy expression, Kali, who was smoking a pipe next to him, grabbed her stomach and smiled. Hey, won’t you turn it off? Abel, who had offset the cigarette ashes flying towards me, wrinkled his brow.
That guy with a missing screw in his head is a god of death. Haa. Kali, who wiped the tears from her eyes, didn’t stop smiling, and said.
“No matter how much you think about it, he is crazy.”
“I know, right.”
“Shut up. What are you guys doing? Don’t interrupt me and get out.”
Can’t you see I’m busy? Abel’s attitude changed and he growled wildly. No, I don’t mind him being mad, can you please put your lips away from my ear? I mean, it hurts my ears.
“Ugh, those cockroaches!/There is an urgent fight on the ground. Abel. Please join us./……… ”
“Shut up. Why don’t you get off right now?”
“Wait a minute. Wait a minute. Asura, what’s wrong?”
My one arm hugged him and the other hand restrained Abel, who was about to pull out the scythe he had just brought out, when I asked, the middle kindly answered.
“Recently, monsters from the Luce’s side have been invading the realm frequently, causing conflict. We want to make sure it is firmly established before it becomes more powerful.”
“Let’s take it easy and go in. Come here, Lian.”
“It doesn’t take as long as it used to. Abel. Two days is enough… ”
“Two days?! Are you crazy? Even if it’s two hours, I’m not sure if I should go or not, but I won’t!”
Asura and Abel growled and started arguing, looking at Asura and Abel in dismay, something cold suddenly touched my right arm. Ahh! As I turned around in surprise, Kali, who had her arms crossed suddenly, whispered softly to me.
“Saint? I know it’s the best time, but we can’t do without Abel today.”
Silverwing and Damian are missing, so power is lacking, so I’ll ask you for a favor. When I met her eyes, she frowned and closed her dark red eyes and smiled. Because I am not a saint, she keeps saying that I am a saint. I shook my head, staring blankly at the dot-like frown on the tip of her nose.
“I understand what you mean, but I can’t convince Abel when he does that.”
He can’t even hear me with his ears. I looked at Asura and Abel, who was still growling, with cold eyes. It was as if his eyes had turned around to protect his bowl of food, like a wild dog who had starved for three days.
“I don’t think so. I think he will listen to the saint. Do you remember the last time you met that guy and me in front of the castle? Well, it was a failure anyway.”
In front of the castle…… it seems like she was talking about a few days ago during the Cold War. So, in a hurry, I dragged Laytan, and the red thread clings to him. I don’t know, but it’s probably not a failure. Because I knew better than anyone what was the emotion that made me emotional.
“If you had folded your arms back then, Lian, you would have known your feelings sooner. right? But he said you wouldn’t. He doesn’t want to do anything to make him more hated. Well, he’s such a savage bastard.”
Perhaps Kali caught my expression in that gap, and when our eyes met, Kali smiled subtly and finished her speech.
“Anyway, ‘honey, go’- try it once. It’s simple, so just go ahead and he’ll fall for it.”
Ho, ho, honey? My locked thoughts shattered and I doubted my ears. What honey? Money? Do you want me to put that chessy comment that I’ve used only as a personal pronoun when introducing myself? I had startled eyes, but Kali smiled at me and patted me on the back.
“It will be just fine.”
I was accidentally pushed in front of Abel to intervene.
“You don’t want me to go out either, do you? Say something.”
“……Just go quickly.”
With eyes full of betrayal, he hesitated and looked back at Kali. Come, come, beckoning him, pulling him closer and whispering in his ear.
“G, go … Ho,honey.”
Ahh, uhh. His face went red as he stuttered like a  fool. Abel, who had an awkward expression at the same time, covered his face with his head bowed. Are you sick, Abel? Asura, who was standing in front of him without knowing what to say, made a puzzled expression.
“…… If you mess with other bastards while I’m not around, he’ll die. Of course the kid.”
He whispered as he touched the red marks left on my collarbone with his long fingers, and while bowing his head, he pulled me tight and hugged me.
“Oh my gosh. It’s like paranoia. I feel sorry for Lia./ Anyone who sees it will think we separated a family./…… That’s a good time.”
Asura grunted, but Abel, who let me go, turned his head and started walking. A gust of wind blew around, revealing the back with the black hair and wings spread. Everyone stares at him in a bewildered way at the sudden change of attitude. But he got ahead and lost temper.
“What are you doing, aren’t you going?!”
…… It’s something I’ve felt before, because Abel’s skin is pale, so when he’s shy, even his ears turn red.
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