Novel Name : Beware of the Red Thread

Beware of the Red Thread - Chapter 29

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“Silverwing is hurt?”
As Abel leaves and I am left alone, the sleepy Nightmare raises a report in a drooping voice.
“Yes, but he can’t tell me where the pain is. Can you take a look?”
At that time, obviously, all the trauma had been cured. I went straight to his house. Silverwing’s house was located in the far south of the Dark Age, where the only light leaked in.
As we entered through the garden, which was all sandy, there were hawks and eagles flying from the entrance. I stepped inside to avoid getting a dropping over my head, and opened my mouth wide.
With high ceilings, strong lighting that makes you sweat, and the opaque glass interior, it was like a huge greenhouse. In the middle of it, on a perch as thick as my body, a huge eagle, incomparable to the birds I had just seen, was asleep with its head bowed. The tip of the folded wing sparkles in silver.
“ …..… Silverwing?”
He lifted his head, which had been hanging down at my call. When I met the eagle’s sand-colored eyes, he flew down and transformed into a human figure like a shrinking balloon. He looked very depressed.
“Where are you uncomfortable?”
“… Saint… ”
“I think I can help. Do you have any pain?”
“I don’t know. I just have no appetite and don’t want to do anything. I. Just.”
Silverwing stuttered and shook his head. He wanted to explain something, but it didn’t seem to work. There seems to be no problem externally, but only the heart’s thread is very thick. What’s wrong with him? I gave up listening to the explanation and looked at him carefully.
Scanning his flaky wings and body one after another, I found the sand-colored eyes that had sunk into the dark, and eventually found a singularity.
“Are you, by any chance, depressed?”
Silverwing shook his shoulder slightly. The turban, characteristic of Egyptian attire, swayed slightly in his hair. Until a few days ago, his eyes looked like sparkling sand like Abel’s.
“…… In fact, Damian and I were injured that day because of me.”
He paused, opened his mouth a few times, and then opened it with difficulty.
“I was flying with him, and suddenly the intense sunlight hit me, blinded me, and I lost my focus. It was a light so intense that I, a native of the desert, couldn’t bear it.”
It’s never happened before, and I still don’t know what the hell it was. Was it Solar’s wrath? Silverwing shook his head wildly, as if from a nightmare. He blinks one after another to see even when his eyes still hurt.
“Then the Dark Lord ordered me not to go out for a while.”
Ah. I then realized the problem. Silverwing is the guardian deity of the desert country. However, when Solar’s power becomes so strong that it becomes unbearable even in the desert, the drought becomes so severe that he joins the Apocalypse to weaken Solar’s power.
When he had lived in such a bright country, stuck in this gloomy Dark Age, he had no appetite and just felt lethargic.
“It’s like depression due to lack of sunlight. If you go outside and get some sun, you’ll be fine. Let’s go.”
“But, the Dark Lord… ”
“You can just go out. You’ll be fine, I won’t say anything.”
“…… I can’t do anything against the rules. The guardian deity who protects the vast land of the martyrs must always be honest and upright.”
No matter how many times I tried to persuade him, Silverwing said he couldn’t do anything against orders. That said, he’s a villain in name, but he keeps the rules very well. I sighed as I watched Silverwing’s gloomily scratching the floor with his toes.
“…… Sunlight?”
“Yes. I think Silverwing will go into depression.”
Tap, tap, tap, the Dark Lord, who was sitting with his back in the darkened space, tapping the chair with his fingers, lifted his head. I was about to run straight to the Black Castle for the poor Silverwing, who seemed to lose all his hair if left alone.
“Does it make sense to go outside to heal an illness when you say there are no external wounds?”
Tell him to take good care of his body. As a vampire, the Dark Lord, who could not see sunlight by nature, could not understand the diagnosis of depression due to lack of sunlight. With the dark red eyes that subsided, Wazowski in my arms trembled and put its head in my arms.
“That’s part of the treatment.”
“There are no physical wounds, but he has an illness? You’re talking nonsense.”
“You don’t know anything! What a terrible illness depression is!”
A very serious mental illness that can lead to low motivation, loss of will to live, and even suicidal thoughts. Depression is the number one mental illness that everyone in the modern world has, either shallow or deep!- Even if I explained, it was almost impossible for him to understand, so I swallowed the words in a gulp and carefully picked out the words.
“… The illness of the mind is more terrifying than of the body. It’s a wound that rots from the inside, so it’s even harder to heal because others can’t see it properly except myself.”
The pale fingers that had been tapping the chair stopped. I’m nervous about the sudden silence…… I see. He rests his chin on thinking about something for a moment, then nods his head with a somewhat bitter expression.
“… I get it. Allowed.”
Silverwing. I did it! Surprisingly, the moment I turned around with the gentle permission, his face, as pale as a blank sheet, stood out as he had never seen the sun since he was born.
“Silverwing is Silverwing, how about you go out and bask in the light?”
“……… ”
“Hey, those cats don’t like sunbathing for nothing. Would the sun make you feel much better?”
“……… ”
Well, that’s it, bye. I added gibberish and useless words to the staring gaze, and hurriedly left the black room.
‘I also wanted to see the light.’
When I saw the pale face under the robe, I remembered the lines he left just before his death, and it was because of that my heart became heavy for nothing. As long as I don’t stick to the original story anymore, it’s okay to give me this kind of advice.
Upon leaving the Dark Age, Silverwing looked very excited.
“Are you okay? Hold on tight so you don’t fall!”
Hahaha! It was a refreshing laugh and the tone of his voice was different. You’re too fast! It’s high! I groaned and grabbed the scarf around the nape of his neck. I was now riding atop a golden eagle.
Crossing the Black Lake, climbing up the rocky mountain and cliff path, the light begins to come in. The ground came up in an instant. It felt like it wasn’t too far, probably because of Asura’s space movement, but when I got out, I didn’t know this area at all.
Perhaps because of the noonday sunlight, Silverwing’s wings, which had fully regained his energy, flapped very quickly. In an instant, the landscape below changes rapidly. As I got used to it and looked down and enjoyed the cold wind that touched my cheek, I suddenly thought of Abel.
Come to think of it, Abel also has wings, but he never gave me a ride. Oh, I only rode it once when he got mad at the temple and took me into the room. It couldn’t even be said that he rode it.
Later, I’ll have to ask him for a proper ride. We went through forests, through rivers, and occasionally through a few villages with pleasant thoughts. How many minutes did we fly?
“…… Wazowski?”
Wazowski in my arms visibly withered. The round body becomes flabby like a deflated balloon, and the wings hang down. Because it belonged to the reaper family, it was difficult to expose it to the light for too long. There was a moment when I wondered to stop and go back now.
– Kireukkireuk!
I witnessed a horde of black demons roaming the vicinity of the forest, so that the sky was covered in black. What? The moment I wrinkled my brow,
As we entered a certain area, a red thread suddenly appeared around my heart. Laytan? Or is it Damian?
“Wait a minute. Can you come down a little bit?”
“Oh, as much as you like.”
Silverwing straightened his wings and headed towards the woods. It was difficult for him to enter the forest because of his large wings, but the closer he got, the darker my red thread became. The stench of bloody blood permeates.
If the scent of blood is so thick from this distance. I clenched his scarf in ominousness. When it was impossible to enter under the forest due to the abundance of demons, Silverwing flapped its wings and blew a gust of wind.
“I command in the name of Silverwing. Get away!”
Kireukkireuk, the demons who flinched at the bright light reflected on Silverwing’s wings retreated. Eventually, the person in the middle was revealed. He leaned against a tree and looked miserable, and he was so bloody that I couldn’t even recognize his original skin color.
…… Oh my God. Before Silverwing could land properly, I jumped off and ran towards him.
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