Novel Name : Beware of the Red Thread

Beware of the Red Thread - Chapter 30

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Get a hold of yourself. Are you okay? I shook his shoulders, but he could hardly open his eyes. Even in the midst of losing his mind, a bright light leaked from the sword he was holding tightly.
As he lifted the pale, tired fingers and pulled out the sword, the flash of reflected light was brutal. Wazowski, who was sitting on my shoulder, was frightened away. It seemed that the demons did not attack thanks to this sword of light. Inserting the sword into the scabbard attached to his waist, he moaned and I supported him.
“I think we need to go to a safe place and get treatment. It is dangerous, he bleeds too much.”
“But this man is a celestial god. Do you know each other? Why do you trust… ”
“Yes. I know him.”
Oh, I see. Silverwing looked startled, but quickly gave up his back without asking any further questions. Lying on the broad back, Karein’s face was as pale as a corpse. I put my ear to his chest and heard the faint sound of his heart.
He wasn’t dead, but it was certain he was in danger. The red thread pierced all over his body. As first aid, a sharp pain as if pierced by a needle strikes my hand, starting from the most tangled part.
Ugh,I’m gonna die. As I panted and calmed the pain for a moment, I noticed a particularly shiny red thread flowing from Karein’s wrist. A red thread that touches my heart. When did it start? It certainly wasn’t there until we separated. Around the time I had my doubts, Silverwing shook violently.
“It’s a celestial god!”
“It is the power of light! He who has the power of light!”
Bringing Karein into the Dark Age was difficult. Perhaps they had heard the news from the demons who had fled, the demons and monsters were encamped in pitch black from the beginning. Dark Age was the mecca of races made up of all evil and darkness. Because of this, they mainly harbored a strong reaction against Luce.
“Kiruk, Kireuk! Give me that celestial bastard!”
At the appearance of the deity, the demons were more radiant than when I, a human, appeared. Even the demons strong enough to speak a language that were normally invisible came out, so even Silverwing could not ignore it. Damn it, what to do?
“Hey, hey. What the hell is it?”
It was then that I heard a voice so familiar. With a roaring sound like boom boom, and thunder, I could see the front wheels. As a signal, like the miracle of Moses, the demons split left and right.
“Get out the way, would you? Damn it, get out!”
It was Laytan who appeared with the pale yellow hair tangled in annoyance. He wrinkles his brows when he finds me lost on a big eagle.
…… what, human? Then, looking at the Silverwing carrying me and Karein lying on my lap, he raises his eyebrows full of piercings.
“You’re pretty good? Have you just changed your man?”
“No it’s not?!”
For someone that isn’t an official idiot, so that’s the only thing that came to his mind! As I tried to argue, I changed my mind when I saw the hordes of monsters that had been crushed with the momentum
“Laytan, help me.”
As he glanced behind him, Laytan, who glanced at the crowd of monsters gathered around him, tilted his head and made a pathetic expression.
“… Did you steal any money?”
“Laytan! That girl is trying to bring in a celestial bastard to the Dark Age!”
“The devil of light!”
“Please allow me to tear it apart!”
Celestial? Laytan wiggled his eyebrows at the monsters who wanted to tell them about this and looked closely at Karein. It was then that he seemed to have discovered a faintly emanating glow.
“Did you pick it up? This is crazy. Do you think the Dark Lord will stand still?”
I’m on my way to the Dark Lord, but I can’t seem to get there! I clenched my lips nervously as I watched the buzzing demons that were ready to attack without Laytan.
“He was the one who helped me. He’s hurt so much. He might die like this.”
“Whether or not.”
“Then I won’t give you any treatment when you get hurt! I will curse you to be hurt.”
“Hey, where is this intimidation?!”
Do you think I’ll be intimidated by those words? Huh? A red thread shone faintly from his fiercely pointed wrist. Since the last time he witnessed my healing powers—or was struck by Abel—Laytan has become docile to me. Oh damn it, Laytan, who was scratching his jagged hair, beckoned reluctantly.
“You’re such a troublesome girl. Hey, come on.”
“Hey, but that guy is a celestial god! Dare to bring the race of light to the Dark Age… ”
“Stop before I fry you with lightning, huh? Shit, who are you talking back to? Do you want to die?!”
I’ll hit you on your head! Along with the sound of crackling lightning bolts, swear words like thunder resound. Boom, boom! With the heavy sound behind him, Silverwing flew leisurely to the black castle.…… As expected, back up is a good thing.
The second challenge was the Dark Lord. I wanted to go home and start treatment right away, but the entire field is his territory. If I moved without his permission, he could have destroyed Karein as it was. With the help of Silverwing, we arrived safely at the Black Castle.
I didn’t know it from the outside, but as I entered the terrifyingly dark Dark Lord’s room, the radiance around Karein’s body became clearer.
“…… it is a celestial being.”
Because of this, he immediately recognized Karein’s identity. Perhaps he was trying to protect himself from the faint light, or the shadows surrounding him grew thicker.
“I see that the brilliance is dim, so it is some kind of corrupt person. Still, Luce won’t let him in.”
According to the original story, Karein should have come to persuade the Dark Lord to ‘spy’ on his own, but he is now completely unconscious and supported by Silverwing. So that role was mine. Judging by the momentum of the Dark Lord now, he was ready to kill Karein.
“He is Abel’s servant. He’s hurt so much, let him stay until the treatment is over… ”
“…… dispose.”
“Oh no! Please! I’ll take good care of him!”
Forgetting my initial fears, I hurriedly ran and grabbed the long robe that stretched to the bottom of the stairs. Responsibility took precedence over fear. When I escaped from the temple, if it wasn’t for Karein, I would have died. Even if he will die someday, not now. Out of guilt, I’ll die first.
“…… The reaper’s woman saying to not kill the celestial god? It’s ironic. Are you really a saint?”
“Because I’m not a saint.”
I’m just asking you until he feels better. Yes? He is my life saver. As I beg over and over again, the gloomy eyes look down at me indifferently.
“Well, if you were a true saint, there would be no way you could be with the reaper.”
“… why?”
“A saint who serves the sun of life and a demigod with the power of the underworld. Do you think these two really get along? They will gnaw at each other and eventually one of the two will perish.”
It was an uninspired voice, but it pierced my chest with a particularly sharp edge. I don’t know if I’m going to ruin him, but I knew for sure that Abel and I had a relationship that would end someday. It felt as if someone was strangling my throat and barely opened my mouth.
“I said it. I am not a saint.”
“Is it?”
The Dark Lord, who had been staring at my expression that had darkened in an instant, opened his mouth indifferently.
“…… I’ll give you five days. After that, get him out of this land.”
“Thank you very much. Silverwing.”
As soon as the ‘Immigration Control’ finished safely, the good Silverwing delivered Karein safely to the bed as if it wasn’t enough to take us home.
“Are you sure I don’t need more help? It just doesn’t feel right to go.”
“It’s okay. It’s hard being here.”
I can see that his complexion has faded. It was clear that it was difficult for Silverwing to exist as it was a place where the power of death reached its maximum. Nevertheless, Silverwing, who said he would help out, was sent out to take care of his body a little more, and started treatment in earnest.
“Can you get me a first aid kit? Guys, can you give me some water in the basin?”
Wazowski and it’s friends were bubbly and diligent in their errands. The bloody white wings and long silver hair are almost indistinguishable from their original color. The wound was so severe that I took a pain reliever several times and treated him, but strangely, even if the red thread was removed, it would grow, and after a short period of time even if it was removed, twenty-two threads would appear. Since there was no such thing before, I quickly wrapped herbs and bandages around the injured area.
The straight lips were as pale as a corpse. His heartbeat has become clearer, and the red thread embedded in his heart has become much thinner, so why can’t he wake up? Restless from anxiety, I wiped his forehead with a cold wet towel and wiped his cheek. What the hell happened?
‘I’ll stop them. Run away and hide as far as you can. I’ll go see you.’
At that time, when I was running away from the temple, he sent me first to defeat the crowds of demons, and the last thing I saw was the body form. He didn’t show up even after a while had passed, so I thought he had gone straight to Luce. Don’t tell me, he’s been looking for us all this time?
Bang bang!
Someone knocked on the door. Abel? Of course, Abel would have no reason to knock on the door, but I couldn’t help but think of that name first. When I went downstairs and opened the door, the first thing I saw was a burning black mane and a mouth chewing sugar cubes.
“Sorry for being late. I came here because I felt a familiar divine power. Is it Karein?”
“…… Yes. It must have been that he separated from us and continued to follow us.”
He was in the last outfit I saw him in, and he had no time to hide his appearance, I seemed to know how difficult it was. My heart throbbed as I remembered the handsome face covered in blood. How did my favorite become like that? What happened? Huhu.
“Oops, this is narrow.”
Sleipnir, who patted his six legs on the carpet at the entrance, bowed his head and barely entered the front door.
“Hmm, Karein is Karein, but I’m actually here because I was worried about you.”
“The master. You know, If only you and Karein were left in this house, with that frizzy hair… ”
“Wazowski, what’s wrong?”
When I looked back at the urgent touch to the back of my hand, I saw Wazowski quickly blinking it’s big eyes, pointing towards the stairs. I instinctively ran upstairs. As I hurriedly opened the door, I was dazzled by the flashing glow.
There was Karein, who was vigilant by pulling out the sword, and Wazowski’s friends, who were shivering in the corner of the room. I called him with half joy and half anxiety.
“……… Miss Lian?”
Ding, Karein, who dropped the sword, widened his eyes. He walked staggeringly with shaky eyes, and hugged me tightly.
“I am glad that you are safe. Really…”
…… That’s a relief. I was genuinely bewildered by the faintly wet voice I heard in my ear.
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