Novel Name : Beware of the Red Thread

Beware of the Red Thread - Chapter 32

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“Ah, Abel! You are here!”
Why are you so late? I’ve been waiting for you! I almost rushed to Abel, who was stiff, and hugged him. It was the first time since I was born that I could have such a charming voice.
“…… What is with that bastard?”
It was a voice that was dripping with ice. I hugged his waist tight, feeling like a martyr hugging a time bomb. Please please. Karein is a patient. Whether my wish had been fulfilled, Abel just wrapped his arms around my shoulder and looked at Karein instead of rushing.
“Well, so. I met Karein by chance while walking with Silverwing, but he was injured so badly that I brought him here for treatment. He’s been looking for us all this time.”
“……… ”
“I was holding his hand for treatment! Absolutely not like that!”
Well, I was worried, but I’m glad you’re alive, aren’t I? Desperately, I turned around and blocked Karein from his gaze, explaining what I was doing.
Karein, who sat blankly with shocked eyes, was of no help at all, so it was only me who cleaned up. Abel, who had not yet rushed in, spoke with a little relief.
“Everyone hates Karein, so I’m worried that he will be harmed, so I brought him here because our house is safe… ”
“You were alone with that guy?!”
Ahh! Because of the terrifying murderous energy, pssshh, the door frame was turned into ashes as if it had melted. Oh no! No! Absolutely not! I was with Sleipnir and the demons! My eyes reddened and I desperately hugged Abel’s waist.
“Le, let’s go! Let’s go out and talk!”
My spine trembled at the shimmering red eyes, and I pushed his chest away. What hard rock is he? Of course, he didn’t even flinch, and only glared at Karein, who was behind me. If I hadn’t clasped his hands earlier, he looked like he could have summoned the Death Scythe and launched a surprise attack.
“You, you came back after a long time, and I can’t wait to be alone with you. Don’t you?!”
The red eyes finally turned towards me at the sound of the squeezing voice, almost in anger. So please, let’s go Yes? Yes? Whether it was worth the effort in its own way, the chest, which seemed to be immovable, is gradually pushed aside.
“…… just come out.”
Abel took a deep breath and wrapped his arms around my waist tightly. He was led out and I glanced back at Karein. I felt sorry for the black eyes that shook a lot when we met, but there was no time to worry about anything.
On the way, without saying a word, he dragged me to the shore of the lake. He seemed to be leading me away from the house.
Glancing at the reaper that burns his murderous energy all over his body, I carefully opened my mouth.
“…… Are you very angry?”
Staring straight ahead, he replies bluntly. At the same time, I smiled at the fact that his stride speed was well taken care of, and he gently pulled the hand that was holding me. Why? He was gently drawn in and looked down at me with piercing eyes.
“Nothing really happened.”
To be precise, Abel was right in the timing before anything happened, but for the sake of peace, she decided to close my mouth for the details. I don’t want Karein to die.
“Really. Karein is your aide. Why can’t you believe it?”
“Either way, that bastard is a man! My girlfriend was in the house with that bastard, isn’t it strange that I’m not angry?”
“What are you talking about! Sleipnir was there too, and above all, Karein is not like that!”
“…… How do you know that?”
“Karein likes someone else.”
…… who does he like? I averted my gaze at the sudden low voice. There will be, it will happen soon. The shock of seeing Karein’s mellow eye color did not go away, but as I muttered like a spell, Abel wrinkled his brow and grabbed my arm.
“Who is that?”
Ugh, staggering at the sudden recoil, he puts my chest on his chest and asks with his face close.
“…… Anyway, he’s not that kind of person. Rather, you came in after two days, and you’re still so mad?”
“Yes, you said it well. Came back after two days and my lover was playing with another jerk. Do I not look mad? Huh?!”
“Who is playing? I’m, I’m leaving you!”
Aren’t you too much? As I murmured, the red eyes widened slightly, and the corners of his mouth slowly rose. Then he grabbed me and pulled me into his arms. The murderous energy that had been wrapped around him disappeared as if it had been washed away.
“I thought I was going crazy because I miss you.”
“…… You’re not going crazy, but you are.”
“This bearish thing… !”
Abel, wiggling his eyebrows, stopped his words, sighed and took off his armor. Slowly, as I stare blankly at them floating on the shore of the lake, scattering and disappearing like black pollen, he pulls me and puts me on his lap, burying his head deep in the nape of my neck.
“…… It’s okay to be like this, I guess I’m done.”
The cold breath tickling my neck is familiar. The shadows on the shore of the lake looked like one person. The lake of the Dark Age is called the Black Lake because even the stones at the bottom are black. All black place. Dark Age.
By the lakeside, the wind blew hard, and Abel spread his wings to block the wind. Returning to his reaper form, the dark hair fluttered in the wind. Unlike my black hair, which turns brown when exposed to light, Abel’s black hair is all black as if it would come off if touched.
“I hated dark hair.”
Abel, who was staring at me fiddling with his hair, suddenly opened his mouth. Why? The red eyes looking up at me were somehow dark.
“Because all the gods have silver hair or blonde hair. When they saw me, they pointed at me as a depraved bastard. I hated it terribly when I was younger.”
Abel, who was silent for a moment, told me my story. Abel was a god, and was born from the experimental spirit of his father. God has a vessel set from birth, but humans are different. So they impregnate a human woman and offer a thousand souls during the gestation.
However, in the process, Solar’s wrath causes Abel to have his heart removed, and his human mother cannot overcome the energy and gives birth to Abel, and dies as soon as she gives birth. After that, he followed his father to Luce, but the gods rejected him as a corrupt person.
“My father wanted to leave a great legacy. He wanted to use me to be a real god.”
Realizing that even his only father, whom he trusted, thinks of him as a tool, Abel runs into a rage and sweeps away Luce, and is exiled, and is promoted to a reaper. It was a story I already knew, but hearing it directly from the party was different. Come to think of it, Abel had never been loved during the entire story. For Lucia, she only ‘pretended to love’ to deal with him.
‘Don’t go. Do not leave me.’
I remember the words he said when he held me when I nursed Abel for the first time, and placed a hand on his throbbing chest.
“…… But now that I like black hair, it doesn’t matter.”
To be precise, your black hair. He gently grabbed my stiff cheek and kissed the hair that was running down my forehead lightly. Abel raised the corners of his lips as he tucked my disheveled hair behind my ear. I reached out my hand and brushed the slightly longer bangs, smiling at the same time.
“I like both whether you have black or silver hair.”
Both are handsome. After all, the cherry on top of the hair seems to be the face. While laughing playfully, I suddenly thought of Karein. Long black hair, even longer than mine.
The appearance of Karein means that he will return to Luce soon. It means that Saint Lucia will appear soon. I stared intently at the red thread entangled in my wrist.
When Karein appeared, it felt as if the original story was readily approaching. I decided not to stick to the original, but being able to guess the future is poisonous. I had a lot of random thoughts.
It is hard to tell what kind of variable that Saint Lucia will act. Abel serves as an important catalyst between Lucia and the male lead, Assand. If it’s the original, Abel and the female lead would get close, and seeing it will make Assand become jealous and make him realize his own heart.
I looked at Abel, who was fiddling with my hair with a confused heart. If the original setting works and Abel falls in love with Saint Lucia, I will have to let him go. No, I’d rather ……
“What else are you thinking about with that expression on your face?”
“You always put on that face whenever you think about something useless. Why, what else?”
Abel knew me better than I expected. You know, Abel. I hesitated and asked, placing my hand where his heart should be.
“What if, suddenly, you saw a woman and you heart raced like crazy. So what are you going to do?”
“…… like this.”
“No, not me!”
I mean, I’m serious, barely avoiding the face that was coming in without warning, and coughing heavily.
“A woman other than me. Yes, for example, you saw Kali, and your heart is pounding and you feel like you’re falling in love!”
“I, I am crazy about you?! Why would I love that crazy woman … ”
“No! The point is not that…… Anyway, if something like that happens, don’t bother hiding it and tell me.”
As I spoke, my mouth was bitter. Damn! It’s better to prepare my mind in advance than to get hit in the head in the future. Just thinking about it makes my stomach ache and my blood pressure rises, but I can’t control people’s minds as they please.
“…… Why?”
My face, which was getting hardened by the runaway imagination, suddenly sting and I inadvertently raised my head, and flinched violently. Abel was staring at me with the face of a man that had just climbed up from hell.
“Don’t tell me. Are you referring to that bastard Karein?”
“… … Huh?”
“Does your heart race when you see Karein? Are you…. Falling in love? For real!”
“What?! Nope!”
As expected, killing that bastard is the answer. As Abel was about to jump up, I was terrified and tried to catch him, but then I grabbed his wrist and pulled him back. Because he was too close, a cool breath hit my nose. The deep red eyes reveal an uncomfortable feeling.
“Then why do you keep talking nonsense?”
“……… ”
“There is no such thing.”
“…… know. Still, I don’t know what’s going on, so I assumed that.”
“I’m not a man. I’m a god. There’s no such thing as chance.”
…… Aren’t you a demigod? As I couldn’t spit it out of my mouth and only made a shaky expression on my face, Abel lightly flicked my forehead.
“Are you thinking it’s weird again? this… ”
Ahh. I flinched as he tried to flick his finger again, closing my eyes tight, and the cool lips touched my forehead. He grabs my chin, and then makes eye contact.
“Don’t keep thinking about it, think about how you can love me more.”
“If you have time to think while looking at other bastards, look at me.”
Abel spread his wings. Two faint moonlights gently illuminate us like spotlights.
Answer me, come on. I nod my head as if possessed by the low voice that was urging me, and then he raises the corners of his mouth. It was the moment when Abel, who smiled brightly in the moonlight, tilted his head again and tried to kiss me.
“…… !”
Gasp, panting, grabbing my chest and I collapsed. If I hadn’t been held by Abel, I might have fallen into the lake. I was in excruciating pain, as if someone had squeezed my heart to burst.
“Damn it, Lian!”
At the last sight of the red thread entangled in my wrist bulging and thickening, I seem to have lost my consciousness.
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