Novel Name : Beware of the Red Thread

Beware of the Red Thread - Chapter 33

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‘Is this the one?’
My body is heavy as if submerged in water. A murmur was heard in the midst of being half-asleep.
‘I do not know. It seems similar.’
‘What if it’s not?’
‘Or, well, it won’t last long anyway. Surviving in Valhalla in a human body is a miracle in itself.’
It’ll die on its own. I guess so? Three unfamiliar women were looking down at me and chattering. Most of all, it seems that I have my eyes closed, but I can strangely see in front of me.
…… I wonder if I’m having a paralyzing nightmare right now. Are these girls ghosts? My spine was shivering and I tried to move my body, but I couldn’t. As I moaned and tried to lift my fingers, a red thread gleamed noticeably on my wrist.
As I reached out, even though I knew I couldn’t catch it, my eyes flashed with the sensation of being pulled over the surface of the water, and my eyes really opened.
Abel and Karein with their distorted faces looked down with surprise. Booth raised my upper body to the familiar bed.
As I don’t remember coming home at all, it must have been that Abel had brought me home after fainting in the lake. I reflexively touched my heart, but the sharp pain disappeared like a lie.
“Damn, if you were sick, you should’ve told me!”
Look at your face. Abel, who was checking my body temperature by touching my forehead, arms, neck, and other places, pierced my eyes. When I met the bright red eyes mixed with worry and anger, my anxiety began to subside quickly. I felt Karein’s expression darken, but I couldn’t get away from Abel’s arms.
“What’s wrong with you? Say it. Where does it hurt?”
“…… What happened? Yes?”
Abel and Karein rushed to ask questions, but I couldn’t answer them. I placed my hand on my chest, pounding anxiously, and blinked my blank eyes. Clearly, that sharp heartache was not a dream. The red thread entangled came to mind one after another, but their condition does not affect me. I’d rather not know if Abel’s life is in danger.
“Wazjoski, will you bring me the box?”
Wazowski, who was fidgeting around the bed, quickly brought the box. Thump, thump, Abel’s heart, which was beating stably, was still bright red and looked intact.
Then what is it? I know the sickness is less scary. The cause is unknown, and the fear is further increasing. Maybe it was time for me or Abel to die? Assuming the worst, my spine chilled.
“Because of this bastard.”
Karein, who was standing in the corner of the room with a dark face, groaned briefly. Abel jumped up and grabbed him by the neck.
“It’s because she’s overdoing it to treat you uselessly! Right?”
“No. It’s not Karein’s fault.”
This time, it wasn’t just to stop Abel, it was the truth. The risk to my healing abilities was primarily through headaches and body aches, and I never had a heart attack. In particular, I swear this is the first time that the pain is so intense that I can’t keep my consciousness like this.
Damn it. Abel, who had been shaking his neck for a long time without being able to suppress his anger, released Karein roughly as if throwing him away and grabbed the doorknob.
“Wait. I’m going to go to the pine tree.”
“…… Are you talking about Verseppo?”
I doubted my ears at the nonsensical remark. You’re going to Verseppo? To Lemda Village? Of course, it’s true that Versepoo made pain relievers, but I had a strong intuition that this had nothing to do with my healing abilities. I’m okay, I’m truly okay? This has nothing to do with ability! Guess I’m just tired! No matter how dissuading I was, Abel prepared to go out.
“Since he is a spirit, he must have some medicine.”
“Abel. I’m really fine…… ”
“I’m  not okay! Damn, what am I supposed to do if something goes wrong with you!”
Do you know how I was feeling a while ago? Abel groaned as he grabbed my shoulder. But he soon withdraws his energy.
“Are you thinking only of yourself? Don’t you think I’m worried? Huh?”
“…… You’re right. I’m sorry. I was the only one who thought about it.”
Ironically, I was relieved to hear that. Come to think of it, even if something went wrong with me, Abel will not be harmed. That was fortunate. Without realizing it, I gripped the box containing the heart.
“Don’t do anything useless and just lie down. A few hours is enough.”
“And…… I won’t let you go twice, Karein.”
Don’t touch mine. He clearly warned. Abel, who kissed me deeply on the nape of my neck, looked back at Karein with cold eyes. Even though he hates me being with Karein so much, seeing him going out to find medicine, I can see how worried he was, and a part of my chest tightened.
“…… all right.”
After a moment’s hesitation, the answer came. I’m going. Abel, who threw Wazowski into my arms, scatters black energy and disappears.
“Don’t get up. If you need anything, I will bring it.”
“Oh, no. excuse me…… ”
Are you my butler? Are you a maid? No, actually, it’s not that bad in terms of eye candy. It’s very uncomfortable. I didn’t know how it went, that the tide had been reversed in just a few hours. He dragged a chair and sat down by my bed, and looked down at me with that polite, gentle smile.
I pretended to sleep, closed my eyes, pretended to read a book, tried to press Wazowski hard, but the strangely awkward airflow hardly disappeared. It was never awkward until yesterday. I’d rather have a conversation. Those mellow eyes! Subtle eyes! Please! I couldn’t stand it, so I spoke first.
“Karein. I’m fine, so you can go to the next room and get some rest. You don’t have to do this just because Abel told you to look after me.”
“No. This is my voluntary action. Don’t worry.”
Ah…… I quickly turned my words around.
“Hey, are you feeling okay?”
“That is exactly what I am going to say. Are you okay, Lian?”
Do you know how shocked I was when you came in collapsed? Karein’s eyes, which had been soft all along, changed for the first time. Those eyes, which were mixed with worry and anger, were more difficult to see because they were very similar to the patterns of those eyes I was familiar with.
Why do you keep looking at me like that? You should think about how to get back to Luce quickly. But Karein, who did not understand my grunts, continued to speak with serious eyes.
“I hope you don’t use your powers anymore. Even though you’re a healer, why don’t you take care of yourself?”
“I’m taking care of it. I’m taking care of it harder than anyone else.”
That is why I have survived for 5 years in this difficult place. With that single thought of returning home, in a place infested with these monsters. I was pretty proud. But, in the end, it ended up like this. When I think back on the terrible pain, my shoulders tremble.
If that’s a harbinger of Dead Flag, should I write a will sooner or later? Apparently it was going to rain, so when the background outside the window was particularly dark, I felt sad.
…… ha. my miserable life. Without realizing it, I must have let out a deep sigh that came out of my chest.
“Is that why you’re so sunken?”
“What are you worried about? You have a bad complexion.”
There was no end to the worries. If it’s just me, it’s over when I die, but when I think about it, Damian, Karein, and Leitan all die when I die. The more I thought about it, the more my head hurt. It was as if I had touched a forbidden area that I could not even take responsibility for.
Even the Karein in front of me right now. According to the original story, Karein will soon rush to get rid of the Dark Lord, but will be seriously injured and return to Luce. It’s true that he has to go back to Luce, but I don’t want Karein to get hurt again. Ah. My head throbbed again.
“It’s just complicated.”
It was literally. Complicated. I just thought it was good to know the future development and future, but it is painful to become a person who knows that. Even though I knew who was going to die and who was going to get hurt, it was hard to become a bystander.
Finally, I have this thought. If I had rather left Karein injured, he might not have returned to Luce by deterrence……
“In that case, you just have to do what you want.”
A soft voice pierced his thoughts. As I want? I was half conscious. I no longer was so obsessed with Abel’s original story and pushed him away and did as I pleased, so it got a lot better. That really might be the answer. Is it much better than me who thought about it for 5 years? As expected, he’s my favorite. Feeling like I got the answer from an unexpected place, I smiled warmly without knowing it and thanked him.
“Thank you. It was a good answer.”
“It feels good to have helped.”
He raised the corners of his lips at the same time. It was a smile full of warmth, as much as the softly curved corners of his eyes. I’ve never seen an angel before, but if there were an angel, wouldn’t they smile like that.
“…… I intend to do the same.”
It was a word that left a lasting impression. The moment I was about to ask what it meant, in the unknown intensity, the barrier of the house shook violently.
“Lian, are you in there? It’s really urgent, so I’m sorry that I suddenly came in.”
This is against my rules, but I can’t help it. Yes, the master will understand. Huft hah! Without even having time to go downstairs, with the sound of footsteps thump, thump, and a little noisy, someone bows their head toward the door.
“The Dark Lord is looking for you urgently.”
Suddenly, it was pouring rain outside.
Thanks to Sleipnir, I was able to get to the Black Castle in an instant.
Shaking off the raindrops and entering the castle gate straight away, the hallway is dark. The atmosphere that looked like something out of a horror movie gave me chills. I’ve been in and out a few times, but on a rainy day, the atmosphere is different.
“Dark Lord?”
Bang, bang- I knocked on the bluntly resounding door and the huge door opened by itself. Why does it sound like that again? As I hugged Wazowski tightly and stepped inside, bang! The door closes behind my back.
Unknowingly, I stuttered in the bloody atmosphere
“I heard you were looking for me.”
“…… Yes I was.”
A black shadow shook and took shape. For some reason, I could see the back of the Dark Lord, who was not wearing a black robe. Somehow, as he was exuding a black aura, I sensed that he was not feeling well, so I quietly waited with my mouth shut.
“Assand’s seal has been broken.”
What he said after a while was truly shocking. His tone was very blunt, and I was slow to understand and refute. Assand? That Assand, the real male protagonist of the female protagonist? The unlocked seal means that Assand has awakened. I hurriedly waved my hand.
“It’s not me, really! I was always here!”
“…… I know.”
A somewhat empty voice echoes through the spacious room. The Dark Lord, who was looking out through the huge glass, slowly turned around. He looked at me and said quietly.
“Saint Lucia has woken up.”
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