Novel Name : Beware of the Red Thread

Beware of the Red Thread - Chapter 34

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The female lead woke up. It’s something I’ve been waiting for for 5 years with the sole intention of going back, so I couldn’t be happy even though it was a situation I should have been happy. My feelings were strange.
“…… see.”
I was at a loss for words for a moment, then barely spoke.
“I told you it wasn’t me. You didn’t believe it.”
“I apologize for that.”
It is my mistake. The Dark Lord, who added in a dignified tone, shut his mouth again. Having nothing to say about the quick apology, I was also silent.
“……… ”
Dark Lord, who had his chin clenched and was immersed in thought, was like a real stone statue due to his pure white skin. For some reason, he was not wearing a robe, so I was able to fully appreciate his bare face, which appeared only once in the original story.
He’s so handsome. Without realizing it, I blanked out and looked at him. With wavy black hair running down his cheeks, the pale skin typical of a vampire stands out. Assand and Abel were rarely described in appearance, but he looked like a handsome man with his own decadent beauty.
Come to think of it, Saint Lucia was born with some kind of good blessing, so she has Assand, Abel, and Dark Lord… Rather than being envious, her ability to manage the male interests is great. I can’t handle a single Abel at all. Forgetting my worries and admiring her over and over again, I immediately came to my senses.
“Hey, can we leave as we promised?”
“Ask Caesar to release his powers. That hourglass.”
“Already told him.”
He was originally a silent person, but today he is unusually short-answered. Assand wakes up and is he uncomfortable with that? The moment I glanced at him up and down in amazement, I found his arm with red threads tangled in a mess.
“…… Is that a burn?”
He hid it with long sleeves, but I’ve already seen it all. Burns were evident on the forearm, which was red. I struggled as I looked at the dizzying red thread that was not covered by clothes. Just pretend you don’t know. After all, Saint Lucia will come and treat him soon.
However, if it is the original, a few days remain. Burns get worse over time…there’s a 99.9% chance of getting ill in a low sanitary environment and management condition. The healer ego and the safety first ego collided with each other.
“Can I take a look?”
‘You do whatever you want.’
I couldn’t figure out why Karein’s words passed by at this time. When I hesitated and asked, neither affirmatively nor negated at all. All I could do was stare at him with an indifferent face, until I slyly approached him and he stretched out his hand.
The Dark Lord’s body was colder than that of Abel. I felt as if I was touching a statue placed outside in winter. When I put my hand on his forearm, as expected, the burning pain is transmitted. Ugh, I wrinkled my brows and endured the burning sensation.
“How did this happen?”
“…… I did as you suggested.”
What advice? Advice to go outside? I still looked up at the expressionless face in amazement. He cursed and hated sunlight so much that I thought he would hear it with one ear, but he heard me and went outside? Outside? The Dark Lord whose name is dark from the start? It was not surprising even if the sky turned upside down.
“Well, did it have any effect?”
“at all. As you can see, only scars remain.”
…… Thanks to you, I missed the chance to hit Assand. It’s a dull tone, but it sounds like he’s reprimanding me. No, I’m just worried. I thought it might be because of the lack of sunlight that causes his gloomy personality. It was a pity that he had his head bowed and pretended to be immersed in the treatment.
When I came out of the Dark Lord’s room, raindrops that were quite thick were falling outside. Even so, when it starts to rain on the dark field, it’s terrifying.
Why is it raining like this? Standing at the entrance of the castle, staring at the raindrops, I was startled by the sudden voice.
“It’s strange. My intuition cannot be wrong.”
What are you so surprised about? When I jumped back, he slowly smiled and tilted his head. God!
“Give me a second!”
The atmosphere is already gloomy! Whether or not I was buzzing, Caesar shrugged his shoulders and raised the corners of his mouth, keeping his hair neatly curled even in the humid and wet weather.
“I heard from the Dark Lord. I’m sorry you’re not a saint.”
“I said I wasn’t in the first place.”
Caesar was among the people who brought me here while insisting that I was the saint. I was dragged in recklessly. I wrinkled my brows and stared at him, and with a sad expression on his face, he flipped over the deck of cards.
“No matter what you think about it, it’s strange. I don’t put my stake on a board I’m likely to lose.”
“… I don’t know what you’re talking about, but rather, please destroy the hourglass you put on Abel. We’re leaving now.”
“Ah, it should be.”
Caesar stopped his hand playing with the cards and spread his palm. Golden particles gather over his right hand. The hourglass, which rotated once with the gesture, exploded like a balloon, pop. The golden sand powder inside scatters in the sky.
“Anyway, that’s weird. My intuition and my dice also pointed to you, and the more I think about it, the more strange it is.”
Did I finally run out of luck? As our eyes met, he vaguely curved his golden eyes. As I turned my back on the dark hallway, only two golden eyes that were curved were visible, making my spine shiver for a moment.
“…… Hmmm, anyway, I’ll just leave.”
“This is a gift.”
Take it. As I was about to turn around, shaking my head, Caesar drew a card from the deck he was holding and threw it away. Suddenly, as I opened my palms, the cards that fluttered in a golden afterimage landed gently in my hand.
What is this? When I looked closely with a frown, it was not a regular card, but a card with a picture that could only be used in tarot divination. I don’t believe this, I raised my head to retort bluntly, and my spine shivered.
“…… Cae, Caesar?”
There was no one there already. Just in time, rumble! It was only when the lightning struck when I was confused and jumped out of the gate to see it properly. It was a card with a man holding a giant sickle standing on top of a scribbled cursive.
Death. Reaper. an uncertain future.
I opened Aegis and ran to the house with it as an umbrella. Wazowski, which had been resting on my shoulder, shook its head, dripping rainwater.
There was nobody at home. Abel hadn’t returned yet, and Karein was nowhere to be seen. Did he go outside? I tilted my head and went back to my room.
What should I do now? When things happen all at once, I feel like I’m dazed again. As I watched the pouring rain while swiping Wazowski, who had started to doze off, I felt as if the barrier of the house was shaking. Abel? As I went downstairs with delight, I saw the long hair first.
“Karein. Where have you been, it’s raining a lot.”
“I was on the ground for a while. You haven’t slept yet.”
“Yes. Abel hasn’t come yet.”
Karein’s expression hardened strangely. I shouldn’t have said that. As I rolled my eyes at the awkwardness, bump bump Wazowski squirmed in my arms, giving me an excuse to look away. I looked down and it looked visibly uncomfortable.
“…… Wazowski?”
What is it? When I let go of my hand, it flies away and hides behind my shoulder. It was visibly wary of Karein.
It was a sudden change. Because it was a member of the reaper, it did not like the bed with the luminous stone that harbors the energy of light and it was even more strange as it was the first time it showed hostility to Karein openly.
Why are you doing this all of a sudden? I glanced at him carefully, but couldn’t feel anything special, so I took the particularly hateful Wazowski from a distance and sat facing Karein with a cup of tea. It was because he said that he had something to say.
Just a moment. Please listen.
It was difficult to refuse the voice that was drenched in the rain and spoke pathetically. Shaaaa, only the sound of heavy rain can be heard outside.
The atmosphere was even more gloomy, as the candles on the hanging lamps were in danger of being extinguished at any moment. With trembling hands, I put down the teacup and rolled my eyes. Even if a ghost were to come out, I wouldn’t be surprised at all.
I thought it would be fine if I hugged Wazowski, but it hated Karein so much that it hid in the distance and only peeked its eyes. I wonder why it was doing that.
“It’s dark.”
Come on, Wazowski. He’s nice isn’t it? Karein, who looked at it with a smile on his face when I sent the hand signal, opened his mouth first.
“Oh, I guess because it’s raining.”
“…..… Not just because of the rain, the Dark Age is always dark.”
The suddenly lowered tone was unfamiliar. I couldn’t see his expression properly because he had his back against the light, but I could only tell that there was agitation in his emotions because of his hard voice. Ka, Karein? Confused, I called him.
“There is no light, no hope. Only death, plague, and darkness lurk here. For that reason, it is natural that Miss Lian, who is a living person and not a race of darkness, was sick here.”
…… It’s got nothing to do with the Dark Age if I’m sick, so why are they all talking like this? I struggled to figure out where to begin, but Karein, who did not care, continued speaking with a firm voice.
“Miss Lian is not the type of person who suits this place.”
“That… is true. I’m human, and I’m not a god or a monster, and I don’t have any strong abilities.”
“It means you’re not a match for the dark. Even though you were bound to the reaper, that doesn’t mean the original light has faded.”
“…… well, Karein.”
“Miss Lian is too good to be in a place like this, like the sun.”
Me, me? It’s not. How ignorant I am…… I was about to spit it out while trying to take a sip of tea while awkwardly avoiding him staring at me.
“Why don’t you leave this place with me?”
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