Novel Name : Beware of the Red Thread

Beware of the Red Thread - Chapter 36

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I woke up with a throbbing headache. As if I drank a lot of coffee and slept, my body ached and my head felt heavy.
“…… Abel?”
Why is it so hot? Rubbing my eyelids that felt only heavy, I jumped up my upper body in the ray of light flickering on the ceiling.
All around is bright. Sunlight pours in from a window without curtains. It was an unfamiliar landscape, quite different from the usual Dark Age.
Where else are you? I even remember losing my consciousness with strong pain in the forest. And, the one I saw just before fainting…… In an instant, my heart pounded strongly.
Again? I was nervous while holding my hand, but at the voice I heard, I turned around.
“Oh, you’re awake.”
At the door where the sunlight falls, a woman in a sky blue dress that matches the soprano’s cheerful voice is standing. Oh my God. I opened my mouth wide involuntarily, forgetting the pain.
Bright blonde hair resembling the sunlight with waves. With a slender body as if it had never seen water on its hands, blue eyes resembling the sky that evoked a protective instinct.
She is the only woman in this place that is full of monsters. Even though I am clearly looking at her visually, the sentences that describe her in type come to mind.
“Are you alright? Eat this.”
The female lead, this is Saint Lucia. Just before my fainting, she is a beautiful figure that is overshadowed in my faint sight. Just like what I read in the book! I recalled the thought I would have for a celebrity, and set aside the strange feelings I had for Abel for a moment and opened my mouth with pleasure.
“However…… Excuse me, but who are you?”
However, the moment I met the smiling face of the woman, I shut my mouth like a seashell.
“You were with Sir Karein…… If you don’t mind, may I ask what’s the relationship between you two?”
I’m smiling, but that’s not smiling. I swallowed a gulp. It seemed as if she was trying to hide it, but her vigilance in the beautifully curved eyes is clear.
Well, he’s been hugging me bloody since the first time we met, so it’s kind of weird looking. For the past 5 years, the only thing I’ve gained from hanging out with monsters is that it won’t be weird if they devour me at any time. She was suspicious of Karein and me’s relationship.
“Moreover… ”
Ahh. I could barely hold back my screams. Lucia had been staring intently at my heart and my wrist from before. I must have been covered with a brilliant red thread. I hope I’m not misunderstood. Unexpectedly, I felt stripped and hurriedly opened my mouth.
“I have absolutely nothing to do with Karein. We just owed something, so we helped each other out.”
“…… ”
“First of all, he has a lover.”
“Oh yeah?”
Her voice rises by one tone, and her hard expression is slowly released. I’m sorry if I ever asked a presumptuous question – she adds in a sweet voice and puts out her hand.
“The introduction is late. My name is Lucia, the saint of Solar. I have only recently become a saint, so I have a lot of inexperiences. I look forward to your kind cooperation.”
Come to think of it, it must have been a while since she came over here. Then she is still unfamiliar and is wary of everything. No matter how good-natured she is, how can she adjust in a day? I was too, so I held her hand with a smile of deep understanding.
“I’m Lian, and I’m a healer from the Temple of Remda.”
“Ah, somehow my abilities didn’t work! So it must have been why!”
“…… Yes?”
Asking back in a puzzled voice, Lucia raised her chin slightly and gave a proud smile.
“My healing powers didn’t work for the priest. I’ve never had anything like this before. If you are a priest with divine powers, you may be like that.”
Healing power doesn’t work? I stiffened as I smiled. I knew that my healing ability didn’t work on my body, but it would be different if it didn’t work for Lucia’s ability, even without risk. So, does that mean she can’t even get rid of the red thread entangled in me?
Priest? Why are you? Where are you sick? I barely turned to Lucia, who was looking at my expression, stiff.
“No. Then, is Karein okay?”
“He is already resting after treatment. He was so badly hurt that he couldn’t even wake up. I think he was hurt more because he was protecting the priest.”
“…… ”
“Oh, I didn’t mean to reprimand you. I’m sorry if I sounded bad.”
Of course, it’s not wrong, but he brought the cause himself. Why did he kidnap me and make this uproar? Thinking of Karein, I once again had a headache. I had a lot to ask him. What the hell did he bring me here? Of course it was nice to meet Lucia, but what good is it if I don’t have Abel.
Recalling the heart box I had left at home, a red thread tangled around her heart suddenly caught my eye. Still, it looked like the red thread was connected with Assand. Thank God. The moment I was deeply relieved I heard a knock.
“Yes, come in.”
A monster presumed to be the handmaiden entered with Lucia’s voice. Fluttering the shimmering, thin wings, it was a butterfly-like fairy.
“You are awake! I will also inform Assand. I didn’t know much about humans, so I used some medicinal herbs, but are you okay?”
“She is okay. What about Sir Karein?”
I couldn’t take my eyes off the fairy-like small and cute appearance, but I felt that my arms were empty. Wazowski. And Abel. Is Abel okay? When I think of it naturally, her heart throbs. Seeing that the red thread on my wrist was intact, his life was not in danger, but I was worried about everything.
“Fortunately, he has woken up. There, but… … If you don’t mind, could you come with me? Karein is looking for… ”
“Really? Of course I should go.”
“No. Well, not the saint… ”
The fairy shifted her gaze to me, who was sitting blindly with fidgety eyes.
“Yes, if you don’t come… he’d come by himself… ”
“ …… ”
Saint Lucia, who stood up as if it was natural and me, who was sitting idly, was in a dizzying situation. Lucia’s cheeks began to heat up quickly. I hurriedly tried to fix it.
“Oh, no. I think it would be better for the saint who has healing powers to go. I’m not feeling well, so later… ”
“As soon as he woke up, I barely stopped him from coming himself. Please. He is so stubborn that we are in trouble.”
Let’s go, yes, let’s go. Annoyed at seeing the other fairy, who looked like of a higher rank, who followed after her nodding her head, I jumped up.
As I walked down the long hallway, I realized later why the maids looked at me, who was only a human here. Come to think of it, Karein is of the royal family in Luce. Since Assand is in the position of a guardian deity comparable to that of an emperor in Luce, and since he is such a man’s right arm, he would be at the level of a knight, even if he was not royalty, so it seemed natural for me to visit him.
“This is it.”
So, even though my legs are fine, the fairies grabbed my arm, and I almost floated, and I was taken to a deep room. I had to go to treatment anyway, so I had to go with him. It was also because I did not want to leave any room for unnecessary misunderstanding, but above all, it was the look that they desperately wanted to follow me.
A large room with a high chandelier reflecting the sun’s rays from the entrance was spacious enough to play soccer. It’s all made of marble. It will be expensive. While admiring the sculpture, one fairy picked up the curtain.
On the ornate bed with the sun image carved on the backrest, Karein, with near-white hair, was lying. Judging by the fussing of the fairies around them, it was obvious that they had been forcing him to lie down.
“Miss Lian!”
As soon as our eyes met, Karein jumped up. No, no! The maids were terrified and repulsed, but after all of them, he strode towards me.
“I am glad that you are safe. really… … ”
“You must not get up! You haven’t recovered yet!”
“I couldn’t protect Miss Lian because I lacked so much. Please forgive me.”
Oh no. Don’t get down on your knees. Arrgh! I screamed silently, but it was too late. Karein knelt in front of me, and bowed his head as if he were guilty of treason. Oh my, Sir Karein! Hearing the chirping of the fairies, I desperately grabbed his arm.
“Oh, no, Karein, I’m fine, so please get up. Yes?”
Oh God! I’m getting weird! Raising the corners of my convulsive mouth, I grabbed his arm. Actually, it wasn’t good at all. Why is it like that! Why did you kidnap me! Why? I wanted to grab his collar and shake it, but I couldn’t do it because there were too many eyes to see.
Where are you staying? I won’t let you go. I was able to calm and appease him, barely moving him to bed.
“Miss Lian. I… ”
“First of all, get all the treatment. You got hurt so much because of me.”
We’ll talk about the rest later. When I spoke at a reasonable distance so that we were neither too cold nor as friendly as usual, Karein’s expression, recognizing the subtle difference, darkened.
“…… I will.”
“Please take good care of Karein.”
“Oh, of course.”
Lucia, who was standing in the corner of the room, quickly smiled and took a step closer. Tired enough not to notice her expression, I staggered out of the room.
The shock was too severe. How did a man who only watched from afar, who couldn’t even touch the female lead in a faint love story, turned into such a stubborn, obsessive man? My fingertips were trembling.
There was no one to trust. Even if it’s the old Karein, he wouldn’t be able to send me back even if I persuaded him with the thought that he had kidnapped me.
“Human, human!”
So who should I ask? The highest person here…… Just when I tied my hair and held it, a fairy I saw in the room earlier flew over to me.
Do you have time right now? Oh yes, when asked, I suddenly nodded my head.
“Guardian Assand wants to see you.”
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