Novel Name : Beware of the Red Thread

Beware of the Red Thread - Chapter 38

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“Does time pass differently?”
Does that make sense? I was so surprised that I dropped a teaspoon at Vivina’s words.
“I heard that time slows down in the Dark Age,” she said. A day in the underground is like three days in Luce.”
Somehow, I had just woken up, but I was busy. I thought of Saint Lucia, who I had not seen her nose since yesterday.
Considering the time it took until Dark Lord heard the news, it seemed that the original story had actually started for quite some time. As long as Karein and Assand couldn’t help either, I’d rather have Abel come, but she was embarrassed by the unexpected difficulty.
“Have you been in the Dark Age until now, Miss Lian?”
Vivina asked, slicing the crunchy fruit. She seems very good at slicing apple-like fruits with her two hands and pouring tea with her other two hands. Yes, her eyes widened as I nodded my head.
“Oh my God, in that rough place…… Sir Karein managed to come back alive, did he save him?”
“It’s the opposite. I was kidnapped.”
“Yes? By whom? What’s your relationship with Sir Karein? Perhaps… ”
“I have a lover.”
After working with Lucia for a few days, she asks the same question without a mistake. Do, do you have a lover? For the second time, she continued her words as she looked at me tremblingly astonished.
“But Karein brought me here. Now, honestly, I’m more worried about Karein’s health.”
“…… That’s ridiculous. He’s not like that, my god… !”
I thought so too! Until the moment I was kidnapped, I never thought he was that kind of person, but she has changed. When did he become a thoughtless man like this? The more I think, the stiffer the back of my neck becomes.
“Abel might kill Karein.”
“…… Abel? Where did I hear that a lot… ?”
Abel, Abel. Vivian’s continuous muttering and eyes suddenly turned to Wazowski, who was enjoying a cold pack on its forehead on my lap, and “No way!” Vivina jumped up and ran into my face as if she was grabbing me by the collar.
“Abel the reaper?!”
“Yes. right.”
Oh my god! When I abruptly affirms, she lets out a squeaky scream and walks over, she spits out her words like a flood.
“I think Sir Karein deserves to kidnap you! I’d rather have that crazy guy’s nose stuck! Do you know how bad the rumors are? A ruthless, emotionless, cruel monster that even the gods fear!”
“…… Not necessarily. Would you like to meet him?”
“No! I still have a lot of work I want to do!”
I don’t want to die yet, Nuh-uh. She said it was too scary and grabbed my hand and cried all the time, but it felt so strange. Among ordinary monsters, Abel seems terrifying. In my eyes, it’s just normal
Luce was only daylight all day. With two sizzling suns, it was as bright during the night as daytime. It’s called too much. Photosynthesis is also photosynthesis. Rather, the dark dark age was a hundred times better.
It feels like being exposed to the scorching heat of the desert all day. I realized why the monsters here were all wearing long-sleeved priest robes and wooden clogs. The stinging of the skin was worse than the heat.
“It’s too hot.”
My body droops like a sloth. As far as I am concerned, Wazowski flailed almost like a snowman in the sun. It is common to have to remove the red thread that sticks red even after a couple of hours.
“Are you okay? It will be even more so when you come from the Dark Age.”
It was like that when I first came to Luce. Vivina, who replaced the ice pack on Wazowski’s forehead and brought me ice-cold tropical juice, hesitated for a moment, then she said.
“… In fact, I can’t even sleep well.”
Why? Don’t butterflies really like light? I thought as I placed my hand on my hot head. It’s too hot, and my mind is hazy.
“Because I am a moth mixed race, I have a habit of getting excited when I see the light. It’s so hard to take the inhibitors.”
“Is everyone like that?”
“Yes. Even though many of the guards are nocturnal, they are just holding out. It’s hard to find a job like this.”
It’s an honor to work in Luce, so Vivina laughed, but she didn’t seem to be smiling at all.
At this rate,  I went to a priest named Hippo, who looked like a hippo, and asked if I could put up curtains in my room. He looked at me with a disrespectful look and said,
“Blinding the light is what only shameful criminals do. You really don’t know!”
Just like the Dark Age bastards, those ugly races! I gave up the curtain after hearing only a one-man speech about the Dark Age’s evil guy. Too hot, too bright I can’t even sleep, let alone eat.
It’s obviously a much more luxurious life than when we were in the Dark Age, so why are we having a harder time?
I thought blankly as I fanned the poor demon, who was about to faint. Inside the bright and sparkling Luce, we were scorched like dark poison plants.
“This will block the light to some extent.”
Vivina made a wide-brimmed straw hat for poor Wazowski. Like a shy bride, when she put on the hat, it rolled it’s big eyes and liked it very much. With a hat twice the size of it’s torso, from a distance it looked like only a straw hat was floating.
I went for a walk with the excited-looking Wajoski. It’s the same whether it’s hot and bright inside or outside, so it’s better to go out and find shade.
No curtains! The hippo priest, who had been arguing with me, gave me a fan maid instead, but in this hot weather, the maids were sweating profusely and it was more inconvenient to carry a fan the size of my height, so I took it all away.
Instead, I carried Aegis. If Balkan had seen it, I would have been hit in the head a hundred times more, saying, ‘You dare to use my masterpiece for something like that?!’ Vivina was terrified.
“Give me, I’d rather hold it!”
“I can’t because this is a weapon that only I can use.”
“Okay, then I’ll bring the lead! I was told to serve you sincerely, but if Assand finds out, I would be in big trouble!”
If he likes me that much, why was he half-threatening me! Then he should have said good-bye in the first place and sent me away! Assand’s image had already sunk to the ground, and the rebellious spirit had risen.
“I do not care. If he says something, say I did it.”
“But… ”
Even if he says anything about this, I will fight Assand. Tell him to fight me. Of course I will lose with a very high probability.
“But is the saint busy? It is difficult to meet.”
“Ah, these days, the temple is open and she must be busy taking care of visitors.”
The first meeting went by in a hurry, and I was going to have a proper conversation about my future steps with the red thread, but she was so busy that it was hard to see her nose.
“Please! Please help me just once!”
What was she doing at this time in the original? As I was squeezing my head, I heard a muffled voice from the front of the temple.
“Sorry. I don’t think it’s something I can heal. I’m really sorry.”
“Please, I’m from far away! Saint, please take a look once… !”
Saint Lucia, who was in a lot of trouble, and a ladybug-like monster were lying in front of them beggingly. The guards standing next to her screamed fiercely.
“Saint Lucia says no!”
“…… I guess I was rejected again.”
Is the baby sick? As I stared at the sack the ladybug was holding, Vivina whispered in my ear. I frowned.
“Yes. It’s a publicly heard rumor, but the saint sometimes refuses to treat certain races. The word is that it is a disease that is difficult to treat in words, but …… ”
If she had known that I also had one more pair of arms, I would have been kicked out sooner. Saint Lucia turns around with the hem of her long sleeves fluttering, and behind her, the maids follow her hurriedly, as she pouts her lips.
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