Novel Name : Beware of the Red Thread

Beware of the Red Thread - Chapter 40

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The morning meeting in Luce is attended by the guardian deity Assand, the saint, and high-ranking priests of Luce. They would share opinions about the incident in Luce and discuss the future direction, and even examine the unfortunate incident that occurred the day before.
Vivina told me not to get caught, I changed into a new priestly uniform from Vivina that kept apologizing, and tucked Wazowski into Arachne’s bag. It was because I was afraid that it would melt like ice cream while I was away.
I entered nervously, but there was no one in the conference room. It was like I was the first to arrive. Did I come too early? I was wandering around the wide hall, and a stone statue stood out in the center.
With the huge sun in the center, three women hold scissors, thread, and a water wheel in turn. These women are closer to humans than to monsters.
“Don’t touch it!”
What is it, why are you carelessly touching it! I let go of my hand at a thunderous shout. I was surprised. When I turned around, I saw a tiger monster with a stern expression staring at me. The bright yellow eyes that resemble beasts are bloody.
“A lot of needless curiosity! As expected, what a human being!”
As soon as I crouched and released my hand, the priests rushed in. Looking at the sun-shaped badge on their chest, it was clear that they were all high-ranking priests. After that, I saw Assand and Karein.
Good morning, when our eyes met, Karein smiled softly. Oh yes. She nodded her head and sat down. The meeting does not start even though the seat seems to be almost full.
It’s going to be hot, so why are they not hurrying up? In the distance, I bit my chin and stared at the stone statue. That sun must be a symbol of Solar, and what are those women?
“Three goddesses of fate working under Solar. Klotho, Lachesis, Penicilla.”
It was Assand sitting across from me. I feel like I’ve been caught, and I clench my chin and shake my hand, and I hear a soft laugh. On the other hand, Assand, who showed no disturbance in the sweltering weather from the morning, continued talking without a smile at all.
“When Klotho weaves the thread of fate, Lachesis measures the length and keeps it from twisting, and Penicilla cuts the thread of fate.”
In the quiet meeting room, only the voice of Assand with his eyes closed and arms tucked resounded.
“If any one of these three roles is wrong, the person will run out of luck or die or their life will be messed up. The only being who can control them is Solar. You are the one who has to play an important role to receive such an oracle from Solar and to become an intermediary, Saint Lucia.”
Lucia, who was about to sneak into her and sit down, flinched greatly. Somehow they didn’t start, I guess because Lucia hasn’t come.
“…… But are you late every day?”
“Hehe, I’m sorry. Yesterday I slept late because I was healing… ”
“This was not even the first time.”
I’m sorry, I must have been so tired yesterday. As soon as she wakes up, she shoves the frizzy hair and sticks out her tongue slightly.
I thought that Assand would melt away because his appearance looked more lovely than cheeky to me. The priests who were listening to the cold atmosphere rushed to open their mouths.
“You must be tired! Haha, that’s possible if you’re tired.”
“Right. How hard has the saint worked these days? Hehe, let’s not ask too much.”
“Thank you, priest-”
Still, it’s my fault for being late – you wouldn’t hate me, would you? A voice with a muffled nasal sound is really sweet. How can a person have a voice like that? Is she a born cute girl?
“Quiet. Now that everyone is gathered, the meeting begins.”
I can’t help but admire the bubbly and charming tone of the voice, but Assand cut off the conversation and started the meeting.
“Saint Lucia seems to be getting used to it, so let her interview Solar to hear the oracle.”
“Oh my, already? I’m not sure-”
“It has to be done anyway.”
The meeting seemed to be nearing the end. If that’s the case, why did they call me so early? I sat sullen, stroking Wazowski on my lap that looked like a barley sack.
“If we find out the problem, we will be able to calm Solar’s
runaway. How has the damage been so far?”
“The desert country is completely barren. Rumor has it that even the guardian deity ran away and disappeared…… Rumor has it that they entered the apocalypse.”
“Tsk, tsk.”
Are you talking about Silverwing? Hearing the sound of the priests clicking their tongue, I remembered him, who grumbled that he had to stop Solar and save the country. I don’t know if his depression has improved.
“It reminded me of Apocalypse, but there was also a monster with three heads. When he appears, the battlefield will be in chaos!”
“Not one or two have been caught in a poisonous web.”
“Their moves are questionable!”
Apocalypse, just one word, the conference hall quickly becomes noisy. Until a few days ago, people who were close like neighbors became anxious at the same time.
“Solar may attack again through the unstable gap. I’d rather turn it over and find their dens and destroy them… ”
Bang! She hits the table and jumps up. Was there a scene like this in the original? I looked at Lucia with a puzzled look. The priests also open their mouths as if they’re lost too.
“That, so…… I mean… Because all life is precious… That shouldn’t be… ”
Lucia, who had stood up curiously, stuttered her words while hiding her cheeks that were belatedly red. It must have been an impulsive act.
“They are villains!”
“But, at least once in a while, wouldn’t it be good to hear their voices as well… ? Because I can change their minds… !”
“Oh, I think the saint has a good heart. Indeed!”
Clap clap! The priests smiled happily and applauded. Is she finally going back to the original? I also applauded in relief. Lucia blushed and sat down. The one who did not applaud was Assand and Karein.
“Lord Assand. Now, we will investigate the unfortunate incident that occurred yesterday.”
After discussing other matters a few more times, a priest got up and beckoned to me. Stand up? Oh yes. When I stand up with Wazowski under my feet, all eyes are focused on me. He waved a pine cone and pointed fiercely at me.
“The priest made a huge tree grow in the backyard of the central temple. Thanks to this, the entire wall of the central temple is filled with shade!”
“Rather than full, only in my room.”
“This is clearly an act of blaspheming the Temple of Solar!”
You’re right, it’s full of shade, but it only covers the windows in my room! Due to the nature of the pine tree, there are almost no twigs, so the shade of the pine tree only reaches up to my window! But my words don’t matter anymore.
As Sir Karein’s benefactor, she was served with utmost respect, but shouldn’t he be investigated for unforgivable things? Well of course! They agree with each other and nod their heads. Quiet, it was only when Assand raised his hand that the conference room became quiet.
“Why did you do that, human?”
Even if it’s absurd, I’d rather be honest and die. I said with a resigned look at his cold eyes.
“One of my friends is a spirit, and I planted the seed he gave me and it grew like that overnight.”
“Since you can cast such a spell overnight, you may be one with the Dark Spirit. We need to do a thorough investigation.”
The spirit of darkness? Ridiculous. He’s shy and hard to see, but Verseppo’s face, which is smiling brightly with a green bud hanging on it, is getting farther and farther away.
“I will cut down the cursed tree that we don’t know where it has rolled down… !”
“That’s a pine tree! No, what a nice tree… ”
“Noisy! What do you know about human subjects?”
Versephone, thank you for your kindness, but I think it ends like this, ugh. Raising my shaky head, Karein stood up from his seat.
“I have seen that tree, but it doesn’t seem to have a big impact on other temples. It grows very straight and upright, but it only shades Miss Lian’s window, but it doesn’t affect other rooms, so I don’t think there’s a big problem.”
“Don’t you know Sir Karein? The act of blocking the light in Luce… ”
“Lian is a human, not a race of light. It’s different from those of us who have lived in Luce for decades, so I don’t think it’s right to set the same standards.”
“But, but we don’t know where the tree…… !”
“The pine tree symbolizes longevity and fidelity, and is one of the most historic seeds among conifers that, once rooted, do not falter. After some time passes, it can also be used as wood, so there is no need to cut it right away.”
Karein calmly finished speaking, the priests exchanged their eyes. Karein is Assand’s most cherished aide and commander of the Knights of Luce. There was nothing good to be hated by him.
“Well, hmm! If Sir Karein said so!”
“Yes, that’s right! How could all races be the same! Hahaha, isn’t it?”
You didn’t even listen to me with your ears. Those people. In any case, the words of cutting down a pine tree were lost with Karein’s words.
Assand also dismissed the meeting with a single word, “I don’t think it would be too much of a problem,” and the meeting ended. The priests looked very dissatisfied, but instead, they seemed to protect their pride by threatening me that the wood would be Luce’s property.
“You worked hard, Miss Lian.”
While I was waiting for all the priests to leave, Karein approached me. When our eyes meet, we smile softly like a habit. I was in a situation where I received proper help, so I smiled along awkwardly.
“No, Karein did the hard work. Thank you.”
“no. If you feel uncomfortable, please tell me. I’m sorry I couldn’t figure it out sooner.”
“No, I’m more…… ”
I’m more, no, it’s me, we quarreled and smiled awkwardly. Since I received proper help from Karein, I couldn’t keep nagging and it was difficult.
“Sir Karein! …… Oh, the priest was there too?”
As we left the meeting room side by side, we met Lucia.
“Can you help me before Mass begins? I haven’t read the text yet, so I’m confused about the reading.”
“Uh, then I’ll go down first!”
The two of you, please do well. Swallowing the words, trying not to appear to ever run away, hastening my steps, Karein’s voice was heard very well.
“Priest Hippo will know better about the reading. He is the one who wrote it.”
“Yes? However…… ”
“Haha! Sir Karein is too! It’s true, saint, what’s so hard about that?”
“Miss Lian, let’s go together!”
Karein ran with his long silver hair fluttering. It was like a scene from a pictorial. If it weren’t for Lucia, who had her lips clenched at the back.
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