Novel Name : Beware of the Red Thread

Beware of the Red Thread - Chapter 41

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An outdoor mass was held after the meeting. Going outside in this weather? I looked out at the already busy front yard in amazement. It is a murderous scorching sun that even looks like a haze. I didn’t want to go out at all, but it was mandatory for anyone living in Luce, so I had to follow along.
“Sit here.”
He, here? I hesitated too much in a chair where only the high-ranking people could sit, so Karein said it was okay and dragged me to the seat next to him. Why is it that humans, along with the murmur, always draws a trembling gaze. I sit because I want to sit, so why are you staring at me? If you disagree, argue with Karein!
I must have sat for some time, feeling the hot gaze, and the bell tower towering over the Temple of Luce rang 12 times, signaling noon. The tiger priest, who had been glaring at me distastefully at the meeting earlier, coughed hum, hmmm, and picked up a loudspeaker that looked like a willow leaf.
[Saint Lucia.]
With the solemn voice, Lucia appeared on a platform that seemed to be designed to appear right between the two suns. Wow! The Luce citizens cheered her up and looked at her dazzlingly as she stood on the high podium.
Noon when the sun rises highest. Standing on the highest church in the Temple of Luce, reading the scripture, and preaching a sermon praising Solar. It was one of the things a saint did, which had appeared briefly in the original work.
With the help of the maids, the veil that covered her face was lifted away, and the citizens of Luce briefly exclaimed at her beautiful appearance. There were some people who were not Luce citizens who came to see the saint who had just woken up, so there were a lot of attendees at the Mass.
In response to the cheers with a slight smile, Lucia opened her mouth with a cheerful voice.
[We welcome all citizens who attended today as well. I will start the Mass.]
Maybe she practiced a lot, she doesn’t have a nervous expression, and her comments are very natural. Her platinum blonde hair, which looked white in the sunlight, gently fluttered in the wind. It’s hot, what’s up with the wind? Glancing at the back of the podium curiously, the maids are sweating profusely from the back and waving.
Is it like a stage effect? While holding back my laughter, I noticed that Lucia’s gaze was somewhat off. It was such a subtle discrepancy that the citizens from afar could not notice it, but I can see it very clearly because I am close to the podium.
[Solar said stay with…… the light of all light. Lighting up the whole world forever…… ]
Besides, it was strange that she was constantly glancing through the air, so when I looked behind, I saw fairies flying around with large parchments where my eyes could reach. What is that? Looking at her in an absurd way, Vivina whispered.
“The saint could not get used to it. She’s been doing this for a few days.”
Then why the hell did she ask Karein and the Hippo Priest? Did she even ask them how to preach? After watching Lucia for a moment, glancing at the stretching cheat sheet, I suppressed a yawn. The sermon was more ordinary than I thought, and it was needlessly long. Still, I think she read it line by line for 20 minutes.
[Next, there will be time to sprinkle holy water.]
I wondered if it was just over, so she sprinkled holy water, and again, the words of blessing and the praise of the Canary Choir, O Solar.
Boring aside, the problem was that it was 12 noon. That time when the sun is the strongest and the hottest! Fortunately, I was able to avoid a ripening disaster because Vivina secretly used her wings to create shade, but the citizens sitting in the front yard without any shade were almost drowning.
Isn’t that how you get heat stroke? I looked at the monsters who were sweating with pity. In particular, the salamander monster sitting in the third row had its skin cracked like Soboro bread.
“Hold on, we’re almost done.”
The situation was not so different with Wazowski. I took it out because it was at great risk of being caught by the other maids who cleaned my room from time to time, but I had to get rid of the constant red thread. It was like bringing a snowman to the sun.
I felt pity for Wazowski, who was wandering around with the red thread, and wanted to hug it openly, but if Assand and other priests saw it, it was obvious that they would ash it right away. So I reached into my bag and stroked it.
“Are you very hot?”
“Yes, a little…… ”
When the hell is this going to end! Karein, who noticed a noticeable impatience, asked worriedly. Above all, my heart started throbbing a little while ago. Right after the Mass started, the feeling of being in a steam room began to suffocate, and at one point, a sharp stabbing pain stimulated my stomach.
“Lian, are you okay?”
The worried voice that was away, became closer.
[At the end of the ceremony to welcome the new saint, I will leave a sacred handprint.]
Meanwhile, Lucia’s handprints, which had been immersed in the bright yellow water that melted pure gold, were imprinted on the wall of the podium, and everyone stood up and applauded.
At the same time, Karein grabbed my shoulder. It was hard to even move because of the bulky priest’s uniform, but even Karein grabbed my shoulder and wouldn’t let me go, so I couldn’t move.
“Go to the ward. Miss Lian, you look very uncomfortable.”
“No. It’s not like that. I think I just got a little bit hot.”
“Your complexion is really bad.”
Let’s go. No, because it’s fine. Even if I go, they can’t fix this throbbing pain. We were arguing with each other, but as if the mass was over just in time, the crowd was pouring in and we were pushed to the side of the stairs.
“It is dangerous. Miss Lian, I will support you.”
“It’s okay.”
He treated me like a patient who can’t go down any stairs. I’m not that much. I was very nervous, so Karein followed me and asked me to hold him, but I coolly refused. And I regretted it three seconds later.
Why is it so high! One of the stairs, which was purely tailored to the size of the monster, became three times the height of the normal stairs. When I went up, I went straight to the central temple, so I didn’t know it, but it was this high. It was time to go down precariously, step by step, moaning with the feeling of descending. Someone tapped my back and pushed me.
In an instant, the far-off ground approaches. At least 3m in height. A broken limb, or worse, a concussion. With resignation, I made a self-diagnosis and closed my eyes tightly.
“…… Are you okay?”
But I was very fine. The place where my forehead was smashed was not on the stone floor, but on a hard chest. As soon as I raised my head in embarrassment, the black eyes I met were gently curved.
Be careful, he smiled and released the arm that was holding me around my waist. His long silver hair, which was always neat, was covered in dirt. His face was very pale. It was as if he had just shoved his back into the stone floor to hold me safely.
“Your ankle is swollen. Do not move.”
I was startled and tried to get up to get out of the way, but was stopped at once. Is, is it broken? Belatedly, when I touched it , my right ankle began to swell rapidly.
“Oh my God, Sir Karein!”
The priests rushed in and tried to support him, but Karein, who lightly restrained them with a hand gesture, clenched his teeth and stood up.
“I’m going to the ward.”
“Of course! I’ll get you right away… ”
“Not me, Miss Lian comes first.”
The atmosphere quickly turned cold. No, you were hurt more than me! I’m fine! At the sight that was focused on me all at once, I groaned and screamed, but Karein was stubborn.
“Let’s go.”
“No, Karein came before me…… ”
“Lucia. Treat it.”
With a calm voice, the spectators split left and right, and a beautiful man and a beautiful woman appeared. Oh my, it’s swollen a lot! Lucia approached me hastily and put her hand on my ankle. Of course, it doesn’t work, and after touching it a few times, she shakes her head with eyes that are about to cry.
“There is no cure.”
“I don’t know either. So far, there has not been a single person who has not been able to work with my abilities…… It doesn’t work only with the priest.”
Did you hear? It’s never happened that the saint’s power doesn’t work! Isn’t she the dark race? She must have been cursed! In between the hustle and bustle of voices, a sad voice adds.
“I think it would be better to just call the medical team, Assand?”
“The medical team is busy managing the ward. I can’t afford to look at even the smallest wounds like this. You have to go by yourself.”
“I’ll do it.”
“Don’t be stubborn with that body, Karein. Priest, support the human and take her to the ward.”
“No. I don’t believe in others. I know everything about ignoring and looking down on Miss Lian as a human being.”
All the priests who were passing me by with their glances flinched all at once. I don’t want to be supported by you either. With an astringent expression on his face, Karein, who got up, staggering with a noticeably pale face, shot sharply.
“I will use this opportunity to say for sure.”
I didn’t know it because I only saw his smiling face, but his face mixed with anger is so cold that it’s hard to believe that he is a celestial deity who is protected by light.
“Insulting Miss Lian means insulting me in the future, and I will never tolerate it. Please note that.”
…… I’d rather have my head cut off. I put my head on my palm. What are you going to do with such misleading lines in a public place like this!
Oh, my God, Sir Karein with a human! It was a time when the urge to bang my head on the stone floor and lose my mind gradually grew stronger and stronger while listening to the roaring voices.
“Spitting out such threats with your body. You can’t catch even a single Dark Age evil spirit like that. Did I teach you that?”
Assand, who shot coldly, suddenly lifted me up. Why, why are you here again? I looked down at Karein who didn’t even raise an eyebrow in spite of my struggling reaction.
“If that’s what you think, then I’ll take the human. Go and heal yourself.”
“Lord Assand.”
“Maybe you don’t believe me either.”
“…… it’s not.”
So be it. Assand responded with a cynical voice and began to move forward. No, Wazowski! Suddenly, like a bag of rice, I started being transported. I reached out for a crossbody bag that was lying on the floor, but Assand was very powerful.
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