Novel Name : Beware of the Red Thread

Beware of the Red Thread - Chapter 42

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“Be quiet. You’re flapping like a fish.”
If you know, put me down! Assand looked down at me with cold eyes and said, I immediately pointed to the floor and protested.
“Because I can walk. I’ll just go on my feet…… ”
“Hey, do you want to break your other ankle too?”
“……… ”
I’m joking, he looked down at me, who quickly became calm, and raised the corners of his lips as if sneering. What a joke, if it was the Assand I’ve seen so far, he’s just going to throw me away.
That this is the main male lead, I feel sorry for Lucia. I groaned inwardly and bit my mouth shut. The only sound in the hallway was the sound of Assand’s footsteps and the creaking sword hanging from his waist.
“It was a new feeling to see the guy who always put me first, confronting me for the first time. As expected, Karein.”
Assand frowned and glanced down at me. A glare glistens across the arrogant eyes.
“…… I know for sure that your tastes are unique.”
What, what what about me? I was furious, but Assand laid me down on the ward bed—very recklessly—and walked out without an expression. Jerk! That bastard! The gratitude that I had for being my transportation for a little while was completely erased.
“Oh dear, it’s very swollen. It’s not broken, but it will hurt every time you step on it. The ligament was torn.”
Spread, spread. An elephant doctor with glasses on his nose placed a paste-like pain-relief on my ankle and bandaged it.
“Not to mention running, refrain from walking for a few days and apply ice frequently.”
As for the ice pack, I don’t even have enough ice to give to Wazowski every day…… Wazowski! My mind was blown. I threw it away in the sun, but I don’t know if it’ll be okay. I wanted to go quickly and check its well-being, so I hurriedly put on my shoes, listening to the doctor’s words about medicine and blah-blah, bandages every two days. My right foot is so swollen that my foot doesn’t go in.
“What’s yellow on your back?”
As I bowed my head to pick up my shoes, the doctor said curiously.
“It’s like a handprint…… You need to change.”
Thump, thump, thump, I hopped down the long hallway. Shall I call the maid? The doctor asked worriedly, but I refused and ran out. It wasn’t as painful as before, probably because of the pressure bandage, but it still hurts every time I step on it. It takes a long time to walk all the way to the end of the hallway.
I checked the handprints on my back with a mirror. It was almost erased by rolling on the ground, but a faint golden mark still remains, perhaps because of the white priest’s uniform.
Someone clearly pushed my back as I fell down the stairs. Of course, in the midst of a tidal wave of crowds, they may have urged me to go quickly, so maybe they accidentally touched my back. But if it happens to be Saint Lucia, I have a lot to think about.
If it was Lucia I knew originally, it was a clear mistake. However, just thinking about the expression on Lucia’s face as she bit her lip after being rejected by Karein makes my spine shiver. I hoped it was not, but did the female protagonist differ from the original story? It’s not the Lucia I used to know?
I hurriedly ran to the podium, but there was only an empty cross bag left. Did Vivina take you? Astonished, I took the crossbody bag, and something from inside fluttered. a piece of parchment
[Supply Room]
Supply room. Where is the supply room? In a hurry, I ran to the gloomy temple that was said to be used as the supply room. I limped and felt like my ligaments were going to break every time I touched it, but when I remembered the wilting Wazowski, I couldn’t stop. No no. It cannot disappear!
Bang! As I opened the supplies room, I saw the gorgeous hair reaching up to the waist. Lucia? At the same time as I furrowed my eyebrows, Wazowski, who was in her hand, caught my eye and I let out a sigh of half relief and half anxiety. It was alive.
“Is this monster yours, priest? This is a demon.”
Is this something Assand knows about? She lifts Wazowski with her two fingers and stares at me with blue eyes that seem to be reprimanding. Damn it.
“I’ll explain everything first, so just let me get rid of that red thread.”
“As expected, can you see this too?”
“…… that.”
“Don’t try to fool me, alright? Ordinary people don’t use the word red thread. Because it is invisible.”
Her way of speaking changed drastically. What kind of nonsense all of a sudden? At my surprise, Lucia groaned and I gave strength to my hand. I may be able to adjust my powers from time to time, and even touching the hand won’t remove Wazowski’s red thread. I gazed restlessly at the helpless movement, that I half-missed Lucia’s words.
“And you, you read Korean.”
Supplies room. As she spit it out, I fumbled and unfolded the crumpled piece of paper I was holding, and felt as if I had been hit in the back of the head. It is composed of vowels and consonants of hangul, not hieroglyphs that look like the Chinese characters used here. Oh my God. I didn’t even know it was in Korean because I read it without realizing it.
“Are you from Earth, Korea too?”
“…… Five years ago.”
What? A shock passed through Lucia’s eyes. After all, I wanted to tell you all about it.
“I read a book with the same content as in this world five years ago, followed the red thread and fell here.”
But I wanted to go home and waited for you to sort it all out, but I accidentally got involved with Abel. After that, strangely enough, I took the original story route and came all the way here. I explained to her thoroughly and frankly and summarized the story in five years. By the way, I have no intention of meddling in your business and I have no intention of touching your male interests.
“Until now, I had no choice but to live, and since you appeared, I have no intention of getting involved in the original story. I’ll help you if you want. Instead, if you listen to my request… ”
“How funny. Are you going to help me? Don’t you know you have been disturbing me so far?”
“…… There is a misunderstanding, but in Karein’s case, it’s already beyond control.”
“Somehow, I thought it was going to be different from the original story. Assand isn’t interested in me either, and Karein is a total dimwit…… Somehow, it was because you intervened!”
You made a mess of everything, you even overturned my sear, and now you’re all caught up, so you’re helping me?! Lucia, who was getting more and more exasperated, suddenly screamed. At the same time, as if cut by a sharp knife, my heart throbbed. Damn, it started again.
“I never crossed the line, I told you.”
Incidentally, I was starting to get a headache from not knowing where to start. Why is she so hot blooded?
“Please cut off the red thread woven with Abel.”
“…… Abel? Oh, are you talking about the male interest who dies first?”
As if her anger had subsided a little, her voice that became soft again, was very annoying. The male interest that dies first. If you think about the original story, it’s not really wrong, but I’m getting angry for nothing.
“Are you tied up with the man who was destined to die anyway?”
So when that man dies, you die too, right? I’ve said it before, but what have you heard? This woman. Pressing my throbbing chest, Lucia raised the corners of her lips as she shook her head.
“Well, fine. I’ll see what you’re doing and think about it.”
Her pink lips that matched her white skin tone rose up, just like a cat smiling.
“Instead! Don’t get involved in the original story any more. I don’t even need help, so please don’t interfere with my work. Got it?”
“……… ”
“Got it! Answer!”
“Yes, so please return Wazowski as soon as possible.”
Huh, Lucia smirked and hurriedly threw Wazowski away. Is that girl crazy?! Lucia snorted as I embraced the sliding Wazowski, forgetting that my ankle was sore. She pretends to be good and does it all by herself.
“It seems like you want to be territorial because you came first. After all, I am the owner of this world. You know that?”
Did you read the book? Lucia looked down at me as I sat down to hold the Wazowski and bowed my head. Bright platinum blonde hang down on either side of her immaculate face, and sunlight pours in behind her back. Just like when we first met, she added with a soft smile.
Step, step, as I sat blankly listening to the sound of footsteps moving away, tears flowed down my cheeks. I’ve been watching too many dramas. Biting my lips, I cured Wazowski.
I should have cried like a heroine in a tragedy, but I only laugh in vain. The woman I had been waiting for for five years turns out to be such a crazy woman. damn it. I wanted to pluck my hair out if there was a real God.
Just try to erase the red thread anyway. After fixing the number one position of the person who I wanted to grab the hair from Assand to Lucia, I got up holding Wazowski.
“Let’s go.”
Wazowski, fully rejuvenated, rolled its eyes and snuggled into my arms. Its cool touch reminded me of someone, and I liked it very much.
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