Novel Name : Beware of the Red Thread

Beware of the Red Thread - Chapter 45

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Karein has not been seen since that day. I thought it would be awkward if he dared to meet me face to face, so it was fortunate on the one hand, but it was true that I became uneasy. Hopefully, he didn’t get fired after asking Assand to let me go.
I struggled to break my anxious thoughts and stroked Wazowski in my arms. Wazowski was noticeably weak. Whether it’s because it’s been exposed to the sun for a long time, or whether it’s because of the trauma that happened that day, it often get terrified when it sees the sunlight and falls into my arms.
If it hadn’t been for the shade of the pine trees in the room, Wazowski wouldn’t have even tried to get out of the blanket.
“Miss Lian, eat this! Kakagu fruit specialties!”
“This too!”
…… I have no space to step on. With cold eyes, I looked down at the monsters occupying every corner of my room. The Verseppo pine tree, which had been difficult to treat until a few days ago, was becoming a popular hot spot because its branches grew thicker day by day, and it was the only place where shade was allowed.
“It’s a secret that Wazowski exists.”
The fairies, who had gathered to eat refreshments, nodded vigorously. Thanks to this, Wazowski didn’t hide like before. Even though the maids, Karein, and Lucia knew, the only people in the temple who did not know about Wazowski were the priests and Assand.
It was at that time that I was stroking the wilting Wazowski day by day, wondering how I could secretly let him go.
“Miss Lian, there is a shoemaker downstairs!”
Hearing that a monster had come to match my shoes, I went downstairs with my feet still throbbing with every step I took. Finally, barefoot freedom! Now I just need to put on my shoes and leave.
There was a sharp scream, like something out of a horror movie. What’s going on?! The temple knights and maids flocked like a cloud. What’s going on? It sounded like Lucia’s voice. With Vivina’s support, I belatedly approached a place surrounded by onlookers, and I found a familiar face there.
“You, you, you are so disgusting! Why is the centipede…… Kyaak! Go away!!!”
“I’m sorry. I’m sorry.”
“…… Sir Jinen?”
Covering my eyes in the scorching sunlight, I looked carefully at the monster who was nodding his head at Lucia. A benevolent expression that contrasts with the numerous arms and a long smoking pipe in his mouth. Even with one hundred and thirty arms lacking one, it was clear that it’s Sir Jiinen of Lemda Village.
“Who the hell called the arthropod monster?! Knowing clearly that the saint is afraid of!”
“But the Master boasts of his best skills… … ”
While everyone was busy trying to appease Lucia, Sir Jinen was alone in the corner, picking up scattered tools. I wondered if Lucia would scream at him again if he pulled out multiple arms, so it was very difficult to hide all of them and pick them up using only two arms, even though there were so many arms.
In principle, personal contact with outsiders is prohibited, but no one seems to be interested in this.
“Sir Jinen!”
I quickly walked over to him, collecting the fluttering fabrics and picking them up. Yes? The look on his face as he raised his head was a mixture of surprise and joy.
“Lian! Long time no see, how have you been?”
“Yes, what have you been up to here?”
“I’m here to make shoes. They said that there is a human with very small feet and that it needs to be custom-made, so I came here to see if it was you…… There was another human.”
It’s nice to see you like this though! Jiinen, who had a long brown beard, smiled haphazardly.
“What’s going on!”
In the meantime, the priests rushed in with a loud sound of footsteps. Lucia sat down, almost crying.
“What kind of fuss is this?”
“Assand!!! Huuuk, get that centipede out right now!”
“… I’m the shoemaker you called because you needed shoes.”
Looks like you no longer need shoes? Belatedly, Lucia’s cheeks began to glow red at the cynical voice. It seemed that her mind, which had nothing to do with the fear of insects, came back.
“Tell, tell me sooner! I was surprised… Hey, sorry!”
“Haha it’s okay.”
I’m a human, so I’m not used to seeing monsters , so please forgive me if you feel bad. The onlookers nodded happily. Jiinen smiled silently, but I seemed to understand his feelings as he was constantly sucking the smoking pipe.
“Please wait. My hand is hurt.”
So, shall we start making it? While they were chatting, Assand found one of his shriveled hands. Perhaps it was laid in a heavy tool bag, his twenty-fourth arm was severely crushed.
“Lucia, heal it.”
“I, I.”
She hesitated at Asand’s words and reflexively took a step back. The smiling face turned blue again. Although it is a clearly visible bruise, it cannot be said that it is a disease that cannot be cured. She was disgusted, and the conflict is obvious, so I understand it, but on the other hand, it makes me angry.
“No. There are many good medicines these days, so if I apply the medicine, I will get well soon. Hoho, even so, I can’t be indebted to a busy saint.”
“If you leave it as it is, it will quickly get stale because of the weather.”
Impulsively, I grabbed Sir Jinen’s arm. I promised myself that I would not use my healing powers if possible, but seeing Lucia’s pretty face covered in disgust, I was moved to do it impulsively. Who made this happen?
It’s ok, just leave it alone! Sir Jiinen tried to dissuade me, but I clenched my teeth and touched the crushed wound. If he left it alone in this hot weather, he may have to cut off his arm. The pain felt like a pain in my stomach because I hadn’t experienced it in a while.
“I can feel the power of Solar. Did you also have healing powers?”
As the scars that had been darkened and bursting with red blood in an instant disappeared, Assand’s eyes widened in surprise.
Didn’t you know, I thought he knew because Karein said it. I looked up at Asand curiously at the unexpected words, and suddenly my eyes met with Karein, who was standing behind him. He looks at me with a bitter expression on his face.
“Are you using the same abilities as the saint?”
“It’s similar, but instead I have a risk. Pain is transmitted in the same way.”
I can definitely feel the power of Solar, but what happened? Before starting a full-fledged suspicion, Assand’s expression hardened a bit when I was honest with him. “The pain transmitted?” In a moment of silence, Lucia suddenly intervened.
“Then it’s an imperfect ability, isn’t it? What a pity.”
I’m not saying it’s wrong, but she’s really blunt. I looked at Lucia with trembling eyes, and our eyes met. She smiles as she raises her chin with a triumphant face. But soon Assand’s words hardened her face.
“Come to my temple in the afternoon.”
“It’s uncomfortable. Can you make my feet more comfortable?”
It’s already the seventh rejection. It’s a good thing that Jinen’s hands are fast and the work speed is fast. If it was a general shoe craftsman, it would take several days for each shoe, but it seems easy to make. I had the urge to say something.
“If the heels are high, it will naturally be uncomfortable. I can make it into a platform instead.”
“The curved calf line doesn’t fit well. Oh, then, put the front in it.”
“Front…… ?”
“The toe heels, at the front. You’re a shoemaker, don’t you know such a word?”
“Hoho, that’s an unfamiliar word. I’ve never made women’s shoes with heels unless it’s a swamp or sandy monster where their feet fall.”
He seemed to have turned off his questions as to why she was wearing heels on the flat ground, but Lucia didn’t seem to understand. I would rather have Jinen get angry, but he’s so kind, that’s not going to be the case.
“Okay, that’s it.”
“This is a little better.”
She looks into the mirror with satisfaction, wearing shoes that could be used as a weapon. Her ankles wouldn’t survive. It doesn’t really matter since she’ll only walk on marble floors anyway, but it’s a killer heel that makes it difficult to even walk on flat ground. I mourned her feet as I watched the back of her running away, excitedly. Her ankles will suffer.
“Now, it will be easier to walk like this.”
It’s not pretty, but he’s added ankle braces so I won’t get hurt. Sir Jinen quickly made the shoes to fit my injured feet. Thanks to him, I was able to break free of my bandaged feet.
“Thank you. How can I pay you?”
“Yes, Assand has already paid it all. And it’s not good enough for you to make it for free.”
Jiinen smiled as he waved his healed arm. The momentary pain of being crushed by the rock was terrifying, but seeing his healthy arm makes me proud.
“All this time, I thought you were unique because you were human, but I guess I was wrong.”
It seems that you are unique among humans. Jiinen, who was picking up the rejected shoes from Lucia, bit his smoking pipe and laughed emptyly.
As soon as Sir Jinen made the shoes, I was ready to go. I told him to stay longer, but it was clear that he didn’t get any favors because Lucia showed an open dislike to him. Even the party who came out to see him off was only me, Vivina, and some of Lucia’s maids. That’s why it didn’t appear in the original story.
“Be careful on your way back. And maybe…… Could you please grant me one request?”
I whispered more quietly when Lucia’s maids turned around one by one like they noticed, and he gladly nodded his head.
“Sure. What is it?”
“Please take him out of Luce.”
“Hey, isn’t it the evil spirit of the reaper?”
I thought about how to explain it, but Sir Jinen did not ask any more questions and accepted Wazowski and the bag containing the note. Sir Jinen cleverly tucked Wazowski’s bag into the huge suitcase. Wazowski could be seen rolling its eyes anxiously in the dark heap of luggage, but it was far better than being here, not knowing when it might be able to get out.
“Wazowski, please.”
Blink blink! I stroked Wazowksi’s wiggling eyes as if answering with its big eyes, and shook hands with Sir Jinen. I was so concerned about Lucia’s treatment to him that I shook hands more meticulously with one hundred thirty-one hands.
“Sir Jinen, I’m not afraid at all. At first I was a little surprised because you were unfamiliar, but now it’s not at all…… ”
“It’s okay. it’s okay, I know.”
“No matter what anyone says, Sir Jinen’s shoes are the best, you know? It’s as good as N*ke or Ad*das!”
“Hoho, I don’t know what you mean, but I know what a compliment is! Now, these are your shoes.”
Oh, that’s fine – I refused, but Sir Jinen said that he had made it, offered a couple more pairs of new sneakers, and got into the cart led by the centipedes.
There was a checkpoint at the entrance to Luce, but the checkpoint seemed to end more roughly than expected because of the heavy luggage and the sensitive behavior of the centipedes. Ttareung Ttareung, the wagon made its way out of Luce safely.
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