Novel Name : Beware of the Red Thread

Beware of the Red Thread - Chapter 46

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Should I have gone in there? I’ll be caught in no time because of the human smell anyway. After confirming that the wagon was moving away safely, I stumbled back to the temple.
Oh, my head hurt from standing in the sun so much. It was also due to lack of sleep for several days. Even if there was shade in the room, it was as bright as broad daylight at night, so I felt like I was sleeping with the lights on, so I couldn’t get a good night’s sleep. Since I don’t have Wazowski, what am I going to hug and chat about now? Taking a deep breath, I climbed the stairs of the temple.
Rather, Assand asked me to come to his temple, but me head throbbed even more as I knew I was going to be questioned.
“…… Ah.”
“Are you okay?”
It was Karein who grabbed my shoulder as I swayed in a momentary daze. I don’t know where he’s popping up like this.
“You should get some rest.”
“It’s okay.”
“I’ll tell Assand that you can’t go.”
“No, I also have something to say. Rather, why didn’t you tell Assand, my ability?”
The hand that was hesitant about whether to put a hand on my forehead or not stopped. After a moment’s hesitation, Karein spoke up.
“I didn’t like Miss Lian’s suffering. Unlike the saint, Miss Lian feels the pain.”
As Saint Lucia said, I have imperfect powers. A look of anger flashed across his face, which had visibly darkened.
“But the saint does not know the value of her own abilities to that extent. She is always proud, without any sense of responsibility or humility.”
“Ka, Karein.”
“However, Miss Lian is more sympathetic to the patient’s pain as you receive the same pain. Did the saint say that Miss Lian’s abilities were incomplete? It seems to me that she harbors immature ideas that are not suited to her abilities.”
“You speak much more than I thought.”
…… Oh, he spoke up bravely and closed his mouth too late. When Karein gets angry, it’s really scary. I burst out a short laugh and he panics, then he smiles awkwardly as he follows. His laughter is low, but there is warmth like an angel.
“Assand, did you tell him?”
However, someone kept reminding me of the silver hair shining brightly in the sunlight, so I couldn’t laugh for a long time.
“…… Yes.”
Karein, whose expression darkened in an instant, responded late.
“As expected, he was strongly opposed to it. I am persuading him.”
Opposed? He didn’t even know my abilities before, so why? I tilted my head and almost stumbled on the next words.
“I said I would go back to the Dark Age with you.”
Unlike me, who couldn’t contain my surprise, Karein’s eyes were so calm. Are you going back to Dark Age with me? Why, why? Just before kidnapping me, I remembered the time when he asked me to run away with him, and my spine sank.
Karein. Were you such a reckless person? He was a pure love boy who always took a step back and sacrificed himself, but why did he change like this? The person I once favorited, who was standing in front of me and looking at me sadly, suddenly felt unfamiliar.
“I am not asking for much. Just… just stay by my side. Like this. You can comfort me when I’m sad, laugh with you, or just let me follow you like a shadow.”
“Kar, Karein. Wait.”
“I’m…… allowing you to be my first and my last.”
Ack, ack, ack! It was my favorite line, but I wanted to cover my ears. Why are you saying that line to me? Why? Without even responding, I only let out a suppressed moan.
The long silver hair that was fluttering loose and getting closer was so beautiful. However, it is unavoidable that Abel keeps appearing on top of that pale silver hair.
“It doesn’t matter if someone overlaps.”
Karein, reading my eyes, slowly lowered his head, but I shook my head. A glimmer of hope disappeared in his dark eyes.
“I’m sorry.”
…… Excuse me. Karein bowed his head and politely walked away. After a moment’s silence, he opened his mouth in a hoarse voice.
“In addition…… This is how it is taken away by Abel.”
“I lost my family to Abel. I’ve spent my whole life trying to get revenge, but that didn’t work, and I barely managed to get the one left, but in the end the reaper takes everything away. Even my only light.”
It sounded even more desperate because I could understand Karein’s words. Abel can’t control his anger and runs wild, and unfortunately, Karein’s entire family who lives nearby die. Only Karein, who was alone in the temple that day, barely survives, and he vows revenge, to take away what Abel had.
“Abel took everything, too, in the end I got nothing.”
It wasn’t just Karein’s family that was swept away by the stormy power. The reason Abel was exiled from Luce with such strong power was because he cursed his own power.
Abel had even killed his own father with his own hands. I closed my eyes tightly and opened it, as if the contents that were simply listed in letters were vividly unfolding in front of me like the smoke of the parchment I saw yesterday.
“That doesn’t mean that the price of sin is lessened, I’m not asking you to understand, but it’s just…… I don’t want you to think that just because it’s dark, there’s no shade.”
Don’t leave me, human. Please. I still can’t forget Abel’s muttering in my arms with a dying voice. Karein looked at me with eyes that looked like they were about to cry.
“How, how did you forgive Abel? Unwillingly, the reaper that intervened in your life.”
Come to think of it, the first meeting was also very bad. He dragged me around as he wanted, he said I was his first aid kit, and he kept me next to him, and he followed me saying he liked me. But how did I forgive and accept Abel? To continue my life? Did I get attached? Or.
“Lord Assand is looking for you.”
I couldn’t answer in the end. Leaving behind Karein, who was standing still and vacantly, I followed the maid on Assand’s side. As I said I was going to pick up a new uniform, the maid hurriedly walked away, and Lucia followed slowly around the corner.
“You pretended not to, and you even lured Karein.”
You look like a real fox. She was indignant like a child who had been stripped of the candy she was about to peel off the shell and put in her mouth. I was already very tired, both mentally and physically, so I didn’t have the energy to deal with her sensitively.
“I have no intention of accepting Karein. It’s not too late, so even now……”
“You mean you don’t want to accept him after making him like you? Huh, I guess there’s more to see? Are you going to set up a reverse harem somewhere?”
“I’m overwhelmed with just one, so take them all. Take it all.”
One?!! Have you already secured someone? Really shameless. How can you not even blink? It’s a typical fox, really! Lucia growled. It seems that she overheard the conversation, her face turned red, and she followed me vigorously. My head was pounding.
“Let’s see, it’s all going to be the same in the original story anyway!”
“…… You’ll regret it if you swear by the original story. Because I did.”
“That remains to be seen, who will regret it.”
Originally, I really liked those words at one time, but now my heart sinks when I hear them. I feel like I’m stuck again when I let go of something I’ve barely been attached to. How to convince Lucia, grabbing my throbbing head, I entered the temple of Assand.
“What did you say to Karein?”
It seems to be the same when people get sharper for not knowing they are the male lead or the female lead. As soon as I entered, Assand roared at me.
“Have you ever used mind control? Or brainwashing?”
“…… What do you mean?”
“Don’t pretend you don’t know. He said he would go back to the Dark Age when you said you would follow Abel, whom he hated so much. Tell me. Did you tempt Karein to go to the Dark Age?”
“Who seduced who! I don’t have the talent for that, but Karein…… ”
“I don’t understand. What on earth made that obedient bastard become so reckless? Tell me.”
That’s the part I want to know. I do not know either. I mean, it’s beyond my ability. Having an eye fight with Assand’s open eyes, Kwarreung! And the Temple of Luce shook violently.
“What’s going on?”
Assand got up abruptly and disappeared in a flash, flashing like a reflection in a mirror. What? I rushed to follow behind him, and the entrance to Luce was in a mess. The statues have been smashed, and the lush vegetation has become a field and is open.
Even from afar, the heavenly beings with their white wings spread all at once, holding up their spears of light and looking out for something. Suddenly, Assand, armed with golden armor, pulled out a huge sword and spoke.
“Come in. Lucia, it looks like they’re here for you.”
Lucia, who jumped out at the same time, gave an answer, but she looked back at me. I stared intently at the entrance to Luce. With strange anticipation, the red thread on my wrist is pulled taut. Maybe, Abel? It was at the moment when I was about to follow Assand, who intuitively strode forward.
“Miss Lian!”
Karein grabbed my arm as I was about to run. Let me go, please, I tried to shake it off, but Karein shook his head.
“If you run like this, you will get caught up. Lord Assand will not let you go first.”
“… … ”
“I don’t want Miss Lian to get hurt. Please allow me to protect you.”
I bit my lip and looked at the back of the head of the beings who were all blocking our way. They’ll all be Karein’s men anyway, so I won’t be able to get over there with my bare body and I’ll be caught.
Okay, I gave up and entered the barrier that he made, and I could feel Lucia staring at me, and I moved one step at a time with the pretext of watching. In the distance, I could see the white crowd of Assand facing each other, and the four men standing opposite them.
“How fearless, Reaper. Where are you coming from here? How dare…… ”
“Shut your mouth.”
With the sound of chewing and spitting, the rushing energy is dispersed. Among them stood Abel with his huge black wings spread out.
“If you return mine, I will go back.”
The blood-red eyes that were burning bright red were so terrifying that they seemed to swallow everything at any moment.
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