Novel Name : Beware of the Red Thread

Beware of the Red Thread - Chapter 48

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Karein. When I looked up at him, who was silently standing next to me, he looked down at me with dark eyes for a moment and then released the barrier. Because it is translucent, my blurred vision is clearly changed.
Asura, who found me, gave a brief exclamation, and at the same time, Assand, who stretched out the sword he was holding, stuttered with a look of disbelief, asked.
“…… Reaper. you came to find…… Lucia, wasn’t it?”
“Lucia? What else is that… ”
Abel, who was making an expression as if asking what kind of nonsense, met my eyes, who was caught behind Karein. The blazing red eyes fluttered open at once, and soon turned brightly.
“Found it.”
“…… Abel.”
“This kid. You dare take my girl?!”
However, when he finds Karein standing next to me, he rushes in with a terrifying force. Karein, who quickly pushed me away, drew his sword. Kagang! A close battle began with sparks, but Assand was still standing blankly with shocked eyes.
Hey, I said I was going to kill him! Laytan grumbled, but can you get it? At Caesar’s prompt, a grumbling sound accompanied by abusive language was heard.
“I won’t lose you any more. Even if I lose my family, my village, and everything, Miss Lian… ”
“I will even take away that tenacious life.”
Karein steadfastly spit out what I was going to say. His changed attitude, which was always handing over to Abel, as he only took a step back and watched, seemed to make Abel even more angry.
“You pretended to be a faithful bastard, and then you dare betray me?”
“From the beginning, I wasn’t even your dog.”
Don’t get me wrong. Karein, who exhaled coldly, was like a different person. Kwagwang! Bang! The once green entrance to Luce has become a wilderness. The scythe, which contained a strong energy that exploded from the anger, cut through the air wide. Karein bowed his head to avoid it, but it was too late.
He falls out from Abel’s kick who flew in from the opposite side. Bang! Abel put the scythe right next to Karein’s head, and grabbed Karein’s neck with one hand and began to strangle him. A black light slowly turns around the neck, which is caught by him, and he loses his vitality.
“How dare you take all of mine?”
“Already, kugh… Do you think you’re worthy to say that?”
“…… what?”
“You are the reaper who kills everything. Everything disappears where you were. Your family, Luce, the Temple of Immortality..…!”
At Karein’s almost spat-out the words, the red eyes fluttered wildly. When I left the Temple of Immortality, which was burned down, until I greeted the Skeleton Captain, I could not even look back. It was also the fact that the corners of his eyes were red in the scorching rain.
“And in the end, even Miss Lian will be made that way. God of… Death like you, do you dare to love someone?”
Every time he spoke, blood dripped from Karein’s lips. Not red blood, but black blood. The blood that was already dead. As the red thread in Karein’s heart gradually thickened and began to spread throughout his body, Abel quickly grabbed his arm.
“If you truly love Miss Lian, let her go. You’re just nibbling on Miss Lian… ”
“This kid… !”
He stopped the scythe that was raised. Let’s stop, stop. The eyes that seem to have lost their reason look down at me slowly. The face was truly contrasting, but the eyes were like a wounded beast that seemed to shed tears of blood at any moment. I put strength in my arms that hugged his waist.
“You didn’t do that on purpose.”
Unfortunately with Abel’s ability, who ran away from the shock of being taken advantage of by his father, the father and Karein’s family were swept away. The Temple of Immortality was also forced to disappear because of the coup.
“I don’t think so. I don’t think you’re gnawing at me. At all.”
It was just bad luck that the red thread continued. At first, I didn’t know how to look at the bright side and blamed Abel, but now I don’t blame anyone. Rather, I felt more comfortable thinking that it was just my fate.
Let’s stop. Reaching out my hand, I carefully grabbed his arm that raised the death scythe, and he slowly grabbed it and came down. The scattered energy has softened a bit.
“Let’s go, Abel.”
“…… ”
“It’s because Karein is worried about me. He said he wanted to heal me.”
Of course, the method was very wrong, but I didn’t want to see anyone die because of me. Most of all, I was afraid that Abel would kill someone and regret it later.
“I want to go back and rest, …… with you.”
…… Damn it. Abel, who spat out the abusive language, threw Karein away as if tossing it. Kugh, the gods rushed to Karein, who spit out blood, supporting him and glaring at Abel. Karein has so many people on his side even without me, but Abel is not.
“…… Where are you looking?”
The cold hands lifted my chin and met my eyes. The scorching energy seemed to have disappeared, but the red eyes that I met after a short while felt somehow unfamiliar. From Abel’s point of view, it would be a day or two, but to me, a week was a long time.
“What are you doing?”
Standing awkwardly facing each other in a strange sense of alienation, he grabs my arm and pulls me into his arms. The cold armor touched my cheek.
“You have to come and hug me. What are you looking at blankly? You’re still the bearish girl anyway.”
“No, I… ”
“What made you so thin? Are you hungry? Did these bastards torture you?”
No, I just couldn’t sleep because of the sun. Despite my excuses, Abel grabbed my cheek and glanced with a serious face, and then he finally started scouring my whole body.
“Why are your feet like this again?”
She pushed me. I wanted to tell him right away, but I held it back because I thought he might kill the real Lucia. In Abel’s state now, he might.
“Ah, this is because I rolled down the stairs… ”
“You’re weak, so whenever …… Damn it. Let’s go.”
Abel hugged me lightly. Ahh! Thanks to him, I became a princess in his arms in front of dozens of eyes.
“Wa, wait! I can walk! Put it down!”
“Shut up.”
“I’m embarrassed, I’m really embarrassed!”
“…… Then I can put you down and kill that bastard Karein empty-handed.”
“It’s nice to be held!”
Abel’s laughter was heard with satisfaction as I hugged his neck tightly at his sincere words. Damn it.
“…… What the hell is this?”
Assand looked very confused. That’s right. He thought the one they came for was Lucia, Solar’s spokesperson and priest. No, they didn’t seem to have a chance of winning in the first place, so it was normal for them to run away.
However, somehow, Abel was too strong, and an earthquake of 8.4 or more was blowing in Assand’s pupil, who had witnessed everything in broad daylight under the bright sunlight. It seemed better for us to run away quickly before he came to his senses.
“Let’s go!/Lian, I’m glad you’re safe./…… ”
Asura opened the space like a zipper. Whoa, run away! The gods rushed, but Kuakwang! They couldn’t dare to approach due to Laytan’s lightning strike.
Abel shut his mouth and he hugged me tight and passed through the subspace, followed by Caesar clapping the dice. Goodbye, you bastards! He closes the space until all the immature demigod, who squealed and blew his lightning until the end, came in.
Asura passed through the space and closed it tightly, his left side shouted briefly. “Why, what?” Laytan, who was messing around with his jagged yellow hair, glanced around.
A particularly small woman walked out from the midst of the strong physique.
“My name is Saint Lucia.”
“What, why did that woman follow you?/Saint Lucia. Why did you follow me?/……… ”
When did you get mixed up? I didn’t know? Ignoring the absurd clunking of his left side, Lucia said with a smile, carefully curving her blue eyes.
“Take me too, please.”
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